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  1. Afternoon all, At just under 4 weeks weeks of first cycle (pre holiday cut) of TestC 250mg p/w (just increased to 300mg) and 50mg Anavar ED. Unfortunately had to drop the VAR 3 days ago as just got sick of the stomach bloating/pain and acid reflux. Tried @swole troll suggested Kefir, degistive enzymes, ACV and they helped with the reflux but the stomach issues remained. Real shame as was really loving the pumps, hardness, vascularity and strength. I looked at injectable VAR as a possible way around these symptoms - but seems very hard to source legit stuff. Would injectable Winstrol be a decent alternative to avoid the stomach issues? - my supplier has 50mg/ml Pharmacom. And if yes, would dosage should i be looking at for a first cycle? For context been on TRT for several years at approx 100mg p/w + 100iu HCG ED.
  2. Anavar bloat/acid reflux

    Started with 10mg Pharmacom and then switched to 50mg ROHM - they both had the same sides. Always took them with food and was taking additional Omega 3 capsules to counteract Var's assault on HDL. For context been on my current diet for about 4 years with no bloat/acid etc. Some of the artificial sweeteners can cause me problems such as Malitol so will avoid those. Started cut some weeks before cycle - only difference was less cals (ofc) and higher protein percentage - same foods just different ratios. For me I have no doubt VAR started the problems which are slowly clearing up.
  3. Anavar bloat/acid reflux

    [email protected] , I was using sugarfree caffeine drinks at start of cycle but then omitted them to see if it helped - it didn't unfortunately. It was a sobering experience for me to get quite so ill on what is considered by many 'to be a safer' oral. Either it wasn't genuine, i just can't take 17's or perhaps I am intolerant to one of the binders as you suggest. Regardless it's definitely caused some damage which seems to be slowly mending... It's a lesson learned and I'll stick to good ole T juice in the future!!
  4. I have used TestCyp and TestE for TRT and a cycle and I prefer Cyp purely as it seems to come with a less viscose base, which warms easier and I can use a thinner pin to inject. I've noticed the private TRT docs also seem to recommend Cyp for the above reason.
  5. Anavar bloat/acid reflux

    @Bensif Interesting. Will defo get bloods done Monday am to see liver levels then. I hope it was real - started with Pharmacom 10mg (code verified) and then switched to Rohm 50mg. Started taking TUDCA & NAC a week ago when the gastric pain really got bad (should have started with cycle really). No medications and can't remember last time I took a painkiller - probably several years. Have ordered the Betain as have heard good things.
  6. Anavar bloat/acid reflux

    Hey @swole troll, I guess they just don't agree with me - c'est la vie - the TestC cycle is great anyway - lost over 5% BF and gained almost 7lbs muscle - so delighted with that on my first cycle - in a cut too. Liver issues seems a longshot i agree. was a fairly heavy drinker in my 40's but been off the sauce completely for almost 4 years and my liver levels are always good on my regular TRT blood tests. will post and tag if any concerns - thanks.. @Bensif Definitely noticed slow down of bowel movements and some constipation on the VAR cycle. Eased over the last couple days but then started when i took some again yesterday - have a feeling it will now get back to normal as I'm off the VAR completely - for good!
  7. Anavar bloat/acid reflux

    Hey @swole troll, Appreciate you taking the time to reply... Been on the cut for about 6 weeks, gastric problems really only began a short while into the cycle. At first it was the acid reflux but ACV initially fixed that but then the bloating and gastric pain kicked in. Cut out a few things to see if they were the cause like sugar free energy drinks, malitol, euthrytol, Cruciferous Vegetables, onions, wheat etc. but no improvement. Kefir did help with the acid reflux when it came back. Stopped taking the VAR 4 days ago and bloating/pain virtually disappeared- took 25mg this morning and it came back with a vengeance after lunch and for the rest of the day. 1850cals atm and its pretty clean. Lots of fresh fruit, yoghurt, kefir, lots of veg (no starchy veg) and salad, rice and of course lots of protein (chicken, turkey, steak, fish, protein shakes). It's fairly bland and boring and thankfully only for 2 more weeks :-) Without being alarmist could the gastric issues be a sign of liver damage? I know its unlikely on VAR but.... Planned to get my TRT plus check done at 5 weeks to make sure my levels were all good (have years of TRT baseline to compare) but thought i may bring it forward just to doublecheck liver values.
  8. Studies have shown a potential risk between OSA and testosterone at TRT levels let alone at cycle levels. Personally I tested positive for borderline moderate OSA several years back and it worsened to severe with the TRT. But modern CPAP machines are amazing - climate control, humidifiers and with the non invasive pillow or nasal masks it's not a chore using one anymore. I tried every possible apnea/snoring treatment from sprays, mouthguards to SmartNora - looked at surgery too but success rate is low and has hellish recovery. Although there is a surgeon in Switzerland who claims high success rates but sure its very very expensive. Nothing worked for me except CPAP, and no snoring so wife is delighted.
  9. s**t anavar

    @stuey99 TestC 250mg p/w (just increased fom my TRT dose (97.5mg) for the cycle) and 100ui HCG ED
  10. s**t anavar

    @stuey99 Haha, half this forum seems split between loving Anavar and 'Anavar is a birds steroid'.. I may opt for something stronger in the future but for a first cycle (at the age of 50) Anavar seemed a sensible choice - especially on a pre holiday cut..
  11. s**t anavar

    @stuey99 If the best is yet to come then I'll really happy :-) I'm sure placebo is part of it, although the pumps are visibily real and the PB's don't lie. Was originally going to run it for 6 weeks but thinking will now do 8 weeks - and have a blood test and if everythings good run it for max 10 weeks. Too long?
  12. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    @Sustanation Hey buddy, wondering if you tried the Betane and if it helped? I've doubled down on the cider vinegar (3 times a day) and also added acidic foods like pickled onions (sorry wife!) and gotta say the reflux has gone completely. Credit to a @swole troll post where he discusses that most acid reflux could actually be caused by the body not actually producing enough acid to break down meals.
  13. s**t anavar

    @Harry24 Exactly 3 weeks into my first cycle - with 250mg TestC p/w, and Pharmacom/Rohm Anavar 50mg ED. Can't believe how much stronger its making me with new PB's at every session. The pumps are great and I've burnt a fair amount of fat as well (in a cut). Both the pharmacom and Rohm give me a pump about an hour after taking the split dose - which seems to be the norm - so if you're not getting that I guess its bunk gear..
  14. Antibiotic Acne Cream

    @Djibril Gonna chuck my tuppence worth in here. Recently started a mini cycle with TestC and Anavar (been on TRT for several years) and I got a bad breakout on back/shoulders/chest - skin felt ultra oily and full of sebum.. Was looking at going down the pharma route and then stumbled upon some doctor studies that showed great success with Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid and L-Carnitine. Was dubious tbh but though I'd give a go and the treatment is side-effect free. Within a week the acne had significantly cleared up and skin feels back to normal. 10 days now and no new pimples. One of the studies: http://truemedmd.com/2014/03/b5-pantethine-l-carnitine-acne/
  15. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    Started my cycle with Pharmacom Anavar and i was getting acid reflux as well. Found taking it on a full stomach with protein shake and a teaspoon of organic cider vinegar (prior to the meal) fixed it..
  16. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    Appreciate it - @Clubber Lang "Get out of my face! I don't need no has-beens in my corner. And you better wipe that look off your face before I knock it off. You wanna jump, JUMP! Come on! Come on, Creed! Come on!"
  17. Rhom anavar-Legit?

    Hey guys, Just got my Rohm Anavar in. Packaging looks identical to yours but my pills are a browny grey (image looks lighter than they actually are). Source seems legit (first time I've used), have tons of good reviews and their service and comms were top-notch. But just wanted to check with u chaps.
  18. Daily TestC + HCG always Sub-q. Honestly once you get the hang of it no issues whatsover. Can't remember the last time I had any lumps or PIP. 27G for the test and 29g for the HCG. Not to teach someone to suck eggs but... pinch fat, push in needle and then let go of the fat - that way the Test won't run out. Agree with Vinny that anything over 0.4ml is defo problematic and can cause lumps.
  19. Anavar

    My wife has had great success with Ostarine (mk-2866) - helped her keep (and slightly gain muscle) on pre-holiday cuts and she did a couple of mild bulking cycles and it did wonders for her glutes and quads. Apart from the odd pimple she experienced no sides and her endurance and strength increased. She experimented with a few labs and was happiest with Umbrella Labs (UK). She did initially research trying anavar but she's pre-menopausal and was concerned about trying anything that could potentially cause hormonal imbalances. Just my two cents worth on her behalf :-)
  20. Had an email from Dr Stevens this morning announcing the very positive results he's had switching his patients from Test E to Test Cypionate. The pinning is easier because of the lower viscosity of the oil base and Cypionate doesn't have the preservative Chlorobutinol - which can cause irritation at injection site. I'm only 3 weeks in but very happy with Test C.
  21. Hey Sean, From what I've been told by Dr Stevens, mentally you start to feel better quite quickly (potentially a placebo effect though) - it can take longer for physical symptoms to improve. But of course it would depend on your dose, severity of the symptoms and of course whether low T was actually causing your symptoms. I'm in my 3rd week of Test C (25mg 3-4 times per week alternating) and HCG daily and my mental outlook, mood and confidence started improving by the 2nd week. In my 3rd week my energy levels are improving and getting morning wood again! whoo! Still a long way to go and it can take many months or more but you've started the journey so relax and stay positive... Regarding the HCG / Test protocol - it is considered the gold standard of treatment in the US and by enlightened specialists in the UK. Dr Stevens is a firm believer in the combination due to the positive results he has seen. But of course YMMV. I disagree with Aqualungs comments - treatment should be the most effective possible and more frequent pinning has been shown to be more effective than weekly to 3 weekly doses. Smaller doses into fat (for slower absorption) more frequently closer mimics natural Test production hence the potential for less chance of mood spikes and side effects. If you've really suffered the terrible symptoms then a tiny scratch every day/ every other day is more than worth the trouble. On that note I know that moves are in the works to allow TRT treatments to be administered through Insulin pens - which would really be a breakthrough. Best wishes with your treatment Sean.
  22. trt recomendations

    I second the recommendation for Dr Stevens, fantastic Doctor and superb service all around.
  23. Hey chaps, Had my bloods done on 13th March before starting an Ostarine / Stenabolic cutting cycle - test came back at 19.0 nmol/L (49 years old, 3 years of 5 day split weigh training, 20.5% BF). Ordered Osta Elite from JW Supplements (after seeing recommendations and reviews on this forum) and started with 12.5mg per day. After a few days I started getting tightness in my chest and feeling some anxiety (and generally just not myself). So discontinued the Osta Elite and began wondering if I'd been sold bunk or pro hormones etc.! Decided to bite the bullet and ordered Ostarine from Umbrella Labs which seem to be the premier source for SARMS (and beloved of Swole Troll). Did another 3-4 days of the Umbrella Ostarine and got the same symptoms so decided to stop taking them completely - figured maybe I just had some weird reaction to this SARM. As an aside my wife has been taking 12.5mg of the JW Supplements and then the Umbrella Labs Ostarine since the 14th March and has had no SA's at all and is re-comping extremely well. Since stopping the Ostarine I've felt much more fatigued than usual and mood levels not great. So decided to get my bloods re-done and the results came back today at 4.58 nmol/L - which has knocked me sideways. I know that Ostarine is suppressive but at 12.5mg for less than a week - surely that's just not possible? The cut has being going well - very clean diet in a slight caloric deficit - currently down to 17% BF. Have had no issues with the Stenabolic and definitely improves gym performance although hasn't helped me with general energy levels/sleep etc but that could be down to Test levels. I guess the upside is that I can now ask my Doc (private) about TRT!!!
  24. Hi chaps, I'm a newb so be gentle; Summer is coming and taking a very long sunshine break this year from June. Been actively training (natural) for about 2.5 years and have made steady but not spectacular gains. Want to take things to the next level and get ready for the summer. Currently 186lbs, approx 20% BF and want to get the BF down. I train hard and monitor my diet and macros carefully and generally have no issues with steady weight loss - but looking for something that will help me keep the muscle on the cut. And if possible give me some small gains. I'm also 49 and my last blood work had my T levels in the normal range (21.2 nmol/L) - but what is normal? My research seems to suggest that Anavar is one of the safest orals with the fewest side effects? Do i have to stack with other AS's? And if so what would be the safest? I realise there is no such thing as safe - but I'm willing to trade off lesser results for lesser SE's. It seems a 6 week cycle is the way to go? What PCT would you guys then recommend? What labs would you recommend for the Anavar? Guidance much appreciated..