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  1. Does coffee break a fast?

    There's zero chance I could fast until lunch without a coffee. Even if it did break my fast I'd still have it.
  2. The impact of alcohol and training.

    I usually have 2 beers on a Friday night. Can't get wasted anymore, I get the worst hangovers. Will that make much difference to strength/muscle mass? I have to admit I have never been able to get a 6-pack but don't know if that's the beer or not enough intensity.
  3. Mate I don't know if this is placebo or not but I started taking 25mg of zinc every day. Took a week to kick in but my wife didn't know what hit her. Are you tired as well? I was knackered all the time, even after a good 8 hour sleep. I never thought a supp like that could make such a big difference but I really recommend it.
  4. Fasting before full blood work

    Getting mine done tomorrow actually. Checking bloods and urine. I thought I had to fast but I trained heavy yesterday (36 hours before). Is that a problem? Doc didn't say anything about that
  5. 5k run where to start ?

    I did this last year. I hate running but got roped into it. I'm not fat but just lift and row at the gym. Started off with a 1km run twice a week...that helped to get into it a bit. Muscles were stiff as hell for the first month or so but it got better with time. Then I started doing some hill sprints.. 25 metres 5 times, once a week. Those bastards are the worst. After 2 months of that setup I was ready to go. The sprints are the devil when your doing them but they really helped me to open up the lungs and get to that 5k distance quicker.
  6. Bicep Injections

    Why would anyone ever want this? What ever happened to being proud of what you built?