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  1. Battle to the End

    Weird week. I feel like I’m on something, when I’m not. I’ve hit 3 PBs this week, Rack Pulls, Squats and DB Bench. Feeling really good with the training at the moment and it’s a healthy distraction from the crap I’ve got going on at work! Squats, 120KG, I’ve got that weight now. Still way off of the 140KG target I had for March. Played it safe with the 2 reps and I’m thinking about going to Failure next week to see where I’m really at with squats, reckon I could get 5 at 120KG. Racks I just did 4 reps as I knew I’d done 3 reps at 220KG before. But didn’t want to over push my back just yet! DB Bench I’m just happy I’m pushing on finally. Got some catching up to do. All in all, can’t complain. Diet has been solid, did have 2 cheat meals this week but I’m not overly fussed by that, I’ve stayed disciplined and yeah, onto next week. Push Session 17/02/20 DB Bench: Warm Ups + 36KGx6x2 40KGx8 (Failed 9th Rep) DB Incline: 26KGx10x3 Machine Flies: 65KGx10 60KGx10 55KGx10 DB Press: 20KGx8x3 DB Lat Raises/Tricep Pulldown/Tricep Overhead Triple Superset 8KG/30KG/12.5KG x12 Each x3 (90 Second Rests) Pull Session 20/02/20 Rack Pull: Warm Ups + 200KGx6x2 210KGx6 220KGx4 (PB) BB Rows: 100KGx6 80KGx12x2 Lat Pulldowns: 70KGx12 x10 x7 DB Rear Delts Chest Supported: 10KGx10x4 Bicep Machine Curls: 12x3 Leg Session 22/02/20 Squats: Warm Ups + 100KGx5 110KGx5 120KGx2 (PB) RDLs: 90KGx8x3 Leg Extensions/Hamstring Curls Superset 65KG/55KG x12 Each x3 (60 Second Breaks) Calves (Smith): 50KGx15 140KGx6x2 50KGxFailure Push Session 23/02/20 DB Bench: Warm Ups 36KGx6 42KGx4 (PB) + 4 (Assisted) 30KGx10 DB Incline: 28KGx10x3 Machine Flies: 60KGx10x3 DB Lat Raises/Tricep Pulldown/Tricep Overhead Triple Superset 8KG/30KG/12.5KG x12 Each x3 (90 Second Rests) Military Press: 40KGx8x3
  2. Battle to the End

    Update. Had a dodgy Deadlift middle of December, went to 170KG. 4th rep my Legs checked out completely, I knew it was a terrible rep and in hindsight should’ve dropped the rep but my Back took over. Felt a double muscle click in my lower back and spent 3 weeks out. I went back lightly, doing 2 sessions a week. Last two weeks I’ve been back to 4 sessions PPL. Doubled up on Legs this week. This week I went back to Squats. I haven’t gone back to Deadlifts yet. I’ve been sticking with Rack Pulls and will do until I can get my Squat up. Just think there’s no point me Deadlifting with my Legs so far behind my Back. I’ve still been recording workouts but I’ll just put up this weeks sessions as I was slowly getting back into things. Chest has been making good progress since I ditched BB for DB. Feeling more positive about Chest now than I ever have to be honest. Leg Session 10/02/20 Squats: Warm Ups: 100KGx5x2 110KGx7 RDLs: 80KGx10x3 Calves (Smith): 50KGx15 140KGx6x2 50KGxFailure Leg Extensions/Hamstring Curls Superset 60KG/50KG x12 Each x5 (60 Second Breaks) Pull Session 12/02/20 Rack Pulls: Warm Ups + 200KGx6x3 Lat Pulldown: 70KGx12x2 x10 DB Chest Supported Rows: 26KGx10x3 DB Chest Supported Delts: 10KGx12x3 Preacher Curls: 30KGx12 40KGx4 30KGx10 Push Session 14/02/20 DB Bench: Warm Ups + 36KGx6x2 42KGx5 (PB) DB Incline: 26KGx10x3 (60 Second Rests) Flies: 16KGx12x3 (Painful - Needs to go) Military Press: 40KGx10x3 DB Lat Raises/Tricep Pulldown/Tricep Overhead Triple Superset 8KG/30KG/12.5KG x12 Each x3 (90 Second Rests) Leg Session 15/02/20 Squats: Warm Ups + 100KGx5x2 110KGx8 RDLs: 90KGx8x3 (Wrist Straps) Calves (Smith): 50KGx15 140KGx6x2 50KGxFailure Leg Extensions/Hamstring Curls Superset 62.5KG/55KG x12 Each x3 (60 Second Breaks)
  3. Power to the PPL

    Going well mate. Heading towards 2 stone lighter now then since you started this log. Good stuff. You have a goal weight in mind or you just keeping it going day by day?
  4. Musclefood prep pots

    Didn’t they have a Watchdog investigation resulting in massive recalls? Used them once or twice a long long time ago. Cook my own now. Just take all the Snacks to work, eat big Morning and Evenings. Hasn’t made any difference to me, I don’t store more fat eating heavier either side of snacks.
  5. Brexit and Lost gains

    I do understand the confusion of the left wing. They go around calling over 18 million people c**ts, racists, self obsessed, haters of all disabilities, who are thick, idiotic and ignorant, who hate the NHS, homeless people and public services!! yet get crushed at an election! Why did people not get on board with those lovely lovey people? Wonder if any of them ever sat the f**k back and thought that there are millions and millions of people working day in day out to provide for their families, and they go through the shear stress of doing that every day. Let alone have them dream of apparently ending all austerity and saving the world, universe and whatever else and what was a borderline fantasy. But apparently according to the left it’s these c**ts who are all of the above! It’s these people who are destroying the UK. Some of the poorest areas in Britain voted Tory! When will they learn. Cameron brought over every celebrity he could to tell the Public to stay in the EU and leaving would be chaos and the end! Nobody listened, oddly enough people don’t like being told by pampered; millionaire celebrities what they should be doing. The hell do People want Hugh Grant, Coogan, Lily Allen and company telling them what they should be doing. Hypocrisy from the left is astounding. No party represented my beliefs at this election as the Centre ground has been eliminated.
  6. I find it more concerning that people think Labour are the solution! As for the Welfare post, my sister-in-law at the time left the Jobcentre having been told not to get PT work because she’d be worse off financially. That is the joke of a situation we ended up in last time Labour gave it a shot, albeit they weren’t extreme socialists last time around. And no, I’m not a Tory, but in a Country where 70% or so of the voting population blindly vote Labour or Tory, there’s no point issuing a vote elsewhere. I just find Labour supporters shove their opinions down peoples throats a lot more than Tory voters.
  7. Joshua is a disgrace

    This is how I would see it happen. Which is annoying as I really dislike Wilder. No way that fight would go the distance. Joshua’s combinations are what really do damage, can imagine Wilder launching windmills just looking to land one big shot, which is probably all he’d need. As you say it’s all about money now and AJ will not be fighting Wilder or Fury. In fact I doubt any of those 3 will ever meet again. The fact they can make millions avoiding each other kills it. Maybe they’ll face of as a ‘last hurrah’. Still think Fury Wilder only happened because Fury probably took a smaller cut to get back in the limelight. Did details of the money split for that fight get released? I might be wrong.
  8. Battle to the End

    A frustrating day leg. Still couldn’t get 5 reps of 110KG! Think it’s time to mix it up with Squats. Might do 100KG for 3x5 this weekend. Then try 105KG for 3x5 and see if that can push some progression out. Squats: Warm Ups + 80KGx5 90KGx5 100KGx5 110KGx3 RDLs: 90KGx8 x6x2 Calf Raises (Smith): 50KGx15 100KGx10 140KGx8 50KGxFailure Hamstring Curls: 60KGx12x2 x10 Leg Extensions: 80KGx12x2 x10
  9. Road to aesthetics

    Good luck mate. Interesting read as our lifts are very similar. Will be following.
  10. Battle to the End

    I took a week out to let my shoulder rest. Saw the osteopath and other than tightness and knots there’s no issue so I’ll get a sports massage next week to loosen me up. Back into it with Push and then Pull. I’ll do Legs Monday and then hit Legs again next weekend. Week off has done me some good. Haven’t had a week off since May, think I needed it. Push Day 5/12/19 DB Bench: Warm Ups + 36KGx6 38KGx6 40KGsx5 (PB) DB Incline: 28KGx10x2 x8 Superset Lat Raises: 10KGx12x2 x10 Tricep Pulldown: 30KGx14 x8 20KGx30 DB Press: 20KGx15 22KGx10x2 Machine Flies: 65KGx12 x10x2 DB Skullcrushers: 12KGx10 x6 Pull Day 6/12/19 Deadlifts: 90KGx5 120KGx5 150KGx5 160KGx4 165KGx1 Rear Delts (Chest Supported): 10KGx12x3 BB Rows: 70KGx12 80KGx10 x8 Lat Pulldown: 65KGx10x2 x8 Bicep Curl: 16KGx8x2
  11. AJ v Ruiz who wins?

    That’s how I’d expect Fury to beat AJ. Can’t see how AJ could ever take Fury on points and I can’t see AJ knocking Fury out. Don’t think Fury will ever take a hit harder than the 12th against Wilder. Still have no idea how he managed to get up and stay up. Fury probably does carry less power as you say, all about movement and taking aside the fact he was stitched up against Wilder I can’t see a single HW fighter in that Top 10 capable of beating Fury on points.
  12. PCA First Timers 27 Sept 2020

    Yes mate!! Beast, smashed it.
  13. Battle to the End

    Shoulder pain is really bad. Cannot see the Osteopath until next Tuesday now. Did Push today though, because I’m smart like that. Then did 40KG dumbbells for the first time, because I’m smart like that! Pain is like toothache at the moment, full and constant. Hoping it’s nothing serious but may need a couple of weeks out. Push Session 27/11/19 DB Bench: Warm Ups + 36KGx6x2 38KGx6 40KGx4 DB Incline: 28KGsx10x2 x8 DB Press: Warm Up + 22KGx8x3 Superset: DB Lat Raises: 10KGx12x3 Tricep Pulldowns: Maxx8x2 20KGx32 Machine Flies (Weirdest Machine ever in my gym): 60KGx12x2 70KGx6 (30 Second Rests)
  14. Battle to the End

    Belted up this morning for the 155KG. Couldn’t go for that final rep, battled realy hard for the 4th on that 3rd set. A PB at that weight so I’m happy with that. Turned up 10 minutes late though so had to do the rest of the session with 30 second breaks in between. Not my kind of session lol! Pull Session 25/11/19 Deadlifts: 80KGx5 110KGx5 140KGx2 155KGx5x2 x4 (PB) BB Rows: 80KGx12 x10 x9 (30 Second Rests) Lat Pulldowns: 60KGx12 65KGx12 x8 (30 Second Rests) Rear Delts Chest Supported: 8KGx12x4 (30 Second Rests) Incline DB Curls: 14KGx10 x8x2 (30 Second Rests)
  15. Battle to the End

    Finished out the week with a Push session. Been a great week on the diet, zero booze and haven’t put a foot wrong first week back in a surplus. Happy with that. Have a good weekend all. Push Session 23/11/19 DB Bench: Warm Ups + 36KGx6x2 38KGx6 DB Incline: 30KGx10x2 x8 DB Press: Warm Ups + 24KGx8x3 DB Lat Raises: 12KGx10x3 DB Pullover: 32KGx10x2 x8 Tricep Pulldown: Max x8x2 - Reduced to Failure - x42