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  1. Shoulder injury (soft tissue injury)

    **** happens bro. I got a fractured wrist at the moment and can only train a limited Leg workout. But you ain’t gonna get the advice or the answer you want on this forum. I did a quick post in the Injury Forum when I knew something was wrong with my wrist, but come on, how many Doctors are on here ffs. Zero! Need to walk yourself into A&E if it doesn’t heal unless you got Private Healthcare.
  2. What look are you aiming for.

    Guess I’m alone then, but none of the above. I gym solely for the strength, I’m not fussed about the look. One day, if I ever stop I injuring myself I might get closer to that Powerlifting Comp.
  3. Guess the film from one line

    Google won’t help with this one. “It’s a pig, okay”
  4. Ah interesting, so this goes back to my original point and is exactly what I’ve been doing since day dot. So I should keep doing it exactly as I have been and ignore overall session volume?
  5. Thanks Swole. Was probably a big Rookie mistake by me, but I’d always been so focused on individual sets and reps that I’d been neglecting to look at the overall session in terms of Volume. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.
  6. Just wondered, as I’m unable to find much online to suggest people bother. Basically at the minute I’m running a very basic Leg Day as I’m training with a Broken Wrist, so I’m just trying to keep myself interested and progressing. Yesterday I managed a PB on the Leg Press, but really struggled with fatigue once I hit the Leg Extensions. Really struggled. Left me a bit deflated until I calculated my Total Training Volume and noted I’d lifted more volume this session than any of my previous sessions despite flagging on Leg Extensions and a bit on Hamstring Curls. Is it worth tracking Volume? Or is a waste of time and better to stick with sets and reps to monitor growth? Interested to know how others track linear progression etc.
  7. Using POF

    Fk me, dating was easy as! Just use Tinder!! All you gotta to is Left Swipe the following: - 1 Photo only - Head shots only - Filtered photos only That’s removes nearly all catfish accounts, those hiding sacks of potatoes and those not camera friendly without filters. Then chat, and if they don’t follow you on Instagram and maybe FB so you can make sure they look like they say they do, pie them and move on. If they do look the same, sweet! Meet and ...... I can’t understand the struggles of people with dating. My biggest problem was one lining them as talking to 6-7 women at once at times and living life was hard as fk. Turns out 1 liners don’t go down too well. Also date night was Tuesday so I had limited time to even go on dates.
  8. What’s you 3 faves and 3 worst exercises

    Love: Deadlifts RDLs Skull Crushers Hate: BB or DB Bench DB Flies Bicep Curls
  9. Knee Wraps Leg Press

    Hi mate, Do you have a link for this please? I’ve found a few things and just want to make sure I’m looking at the right thing.
  10. When doing PPL I usually do sets of 3-5 for Back and Legs, 5-6 for Chest and 8 for Shoulders when doing Compound Movements.
  11. Knee Wraps Leg Press

    Hi mate, long long time. Hope you’ve been well and are going strong? Didn’t realise you were still about bro. Went to message you a couple of months back and realised when my phone broke I lost all my WhatsApp chats. Didn’t do a back up! Hoping it won’t be too long. I reckon I did it training but Doc seems certain this fracture typically occurs from a fall or banging my wrist into something. I remember doing neither but he seemed convinced that must be the cause. Cheers for the advice mate, appreciate it, I’ll have a look into those now. Reason I asked is popped down the gym the other day to see a mate and he put the Knee Wraps on for me and bang, did a PB on the Leg Press. Really easily as well. Thought what the hell, should’ve used these ages ago.
  12. Hi, Probably a stupid question, but if you don’t ask you don’t know. I’m currently out injured with a fractured wrist and I want to carry on doing Legs, well the limited movements I can do Wrist free. Probably just be Leg Press, Leg Extensions and Hamstring Curls and some kind of Calf Movement (gym has no Calf Machine)!!!! For the Leg Press as I won’t be using any wrist support is it worth using Knee Wraps to increase the weight I can push on the Leg Press? Or when it comes to this is it a case of if you can’t push the weight without Knee Wraps, don’t do it? When I train I train for strength not BB.
  13. Lol! Yet I used to chug down the booze UNTIL I started taking Powders and Creatine. Barely touched a drop or felt the need since! Judging by the quality of the article I’m guessing as well as schools reopening, work experience has also started back up.
  14. What have I done?

    Okay, found out. I had to have an X-Ray today as the pain was getting worse. 6 hours in A&E and told I’ve suffered a Triquetral Fracture so game over for now just as I was getting back! Gave me the option of Reduction or Surgery, went with Reduction first off, hurt like hell! Just trying to avoid Surgery if possible.