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  1. Leg training without machines

    I train legs without machines too. I do miss using a leg press but I find that the Barbell Hack Squat is a pretty good alternative for hitting quads. 6 sets of heavy squats is still a decent leg work out (as long as you are progressing) but you need to do at least one posterior chain movement (rdl/sldl) imo as squatting largely neglects your hamstrings.
  2. Best of luck to you mate Try and keep us updated. Would be interesting to see how you get on.
  3. How long did you stay off for if you don’t mind me asking and how bad was it?? If the general consensus is that the crash is inevitable, I might as well start cruising again. No point putting myself through it to go back on again in a couple of months anyway. I always assumed that you’d crash a couple of weeks after coming off, turns out I’m not a medical marvel after all lol. Goes to show lads who panic about missing the odd jab for a holiday etc have nothing to worry about either.
  4. Cheers for replies. You took me up wrong, I don’t expect anybody to be able to tell me if I’m recovered lol. It was just a general question. I’ve no intention of coming off long term so if it’s inevitable I’m gonna feel s**t soon then I’ll just start pinning again, if it’s possible to not feel s**t then there doesn’t seem much point cruising between cycles for me. That’s why I was asking. Also if Test circulates for 6 weeks, does that not contradict the advice to start PCT 2-3 weeks after cycle for lads that do it?? And no, @stuey99, not been inside lol. Although it does sound a bit retarded how I put it haha. I was gonna start cruising 2 weeks after my cycle but ran out of syringes so it was another week by the time I sorted them, realised I still felt alright and just haven’t bothered yet, hence the question here.
  5. Hi guys. Firstly, I know the obvious answer is to get bloods but I can’t afford them atm and I’m not expecting a definitive answer. As above, been on for 3 years, done 5 cycles and used half a ml of test a week in between. My last cycle was 10 weeks of 750mg test a week. For one reason and another I’ve now unintentionally gone 5 weeks without pinning since I finished that cycle and I feel completely fine - no different than I feel on half a ml a week. Mood is fine, strength reasonable, still got sexual function and libido is ok. If it’s relevant - I’ve always controlled estrogen with adex but other than a multivit, I’ve never used any other ancillary or supplement. Is it possible that some people don’t experience the shut down that most people describe? Or is it likely that I’m still functioning off some test left from my last cycle?
  6. He’s not the messiah!

    Undoubtedly the most gifted and talented British boxer ever. He just wasn’t motivated enough to reach his potential. That coupled with the fact that he isn’t very likeable makes people forget just how good he was.
  7. Bloods Advice

    Last time I had bloods the range for E2 was 41 - 159 so you are upper end of normal. I doubt that’s the issue and I certainly wouldn’t be messing about with an ai off cycle but that’s just my opinion. I know, it isn’t what you want to hear but I really don’t see anything in those results of concern but you know your body better than anyone. Tbh if you are off cycle now, I would just go to the doctor and tell them your symptoms, and see what they make of your bloods. You don’t have to mention steroid use and there shouldn’t be anything that would give it away in your results now.
  8. Bloods Advice

    You’d get better help if you posted up the ranges for each result mate. I don’t think anything looks out of the ordinary though. A lot of problems with libido/ed can be mental - convincing yourself that you have a problem and worrying about it creates a vicious circle. Viagra/cialis can help to break it.
  9. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I’ve mostly just accepted everything so far but is hard to see how they can justify opening pubs and not gyms. I find it even harder to see how anyone can justify anything opening while kids are still sat at home missing out on an education, and no one seems to care. Got a daughter in reception who’s been going back in 2 days a week for the last 3 weeks - there’s only 6 kids because the rest of the parents didn’t “feel it was safe”. Yet all I see is crowds queuing to get in primark, packed beaches and parks, people gathering to protest, traffic jams for maccies and people screaming for the pub. Wtf is up with people???
  10. Summer House Mix 2020

    Class mate. I remember you from the Pleasure Rooms I miss those days ha.
  11. Cutting cycle issues

    @Devil Excellent advice thank you. I’m annoyed with myself really for wasting a month when I was well able to eat less and just held back. Daft in hindsight! I took 2 days off training and diet and feel really good for it. I resumed yesterday at 2500 calories and upped cardio slightly. I will report back next week with progress. Thanks again to you and @Bensif
  12. Cutting cycle issues

    Thanks for taking the time for such an informative reply. I will take today and tomorrow off and see where I get. I had considered cortisol as sleep and family life have been pretty poor recently but thought it might be a bit of a cop out! I’ll also make the suggested changes to my diet. Can I just ask - and I’m not arguing, just keen to learn - why are my food choices so poor? My diet is one thing I thought I did well. @ElChapo is a big proponent of high carb, low fat diets and I’ve always felt I do better on them. However, I’m obviously going wrong somewhere so I’m definitely open to change. Thanks again, and I’ll definitely report back.
  13. Cutting cycle issues

    It’s the logical answer, I know. But I needed 4200 to maintain a couple of months ago, seems a big drop. I was starting to think I might have dropped too much?
  14. Cutting cycle issues

    Hi. Can’t post pic due to work sorry. Current diet which varies little: Meal 1 - 100g oats, 500ml skimmed milk, 25g whey, banana. Meal 2 - 200g brown rice, 100g sardines, 50g reduced fat cheese, 100g salad. Meal 3 - 250g chicken breast, 500g sweet potato, 100g kale Meal 4 - 25g whey, 4 weetabix, 500ml skimmed milk, 250g quark 2800 calories 50 c 35 p 15 f I train Upper/Lower/Rest/Upper/Lower/Rest 3 x6-8 on the compounds with some accessory work. I have maintained strength. Cardio is fasted 45 mins Liss x4 then 4 days of waking to work and back 1.5 miles each way (I work 4 on 4 off) Definitely holding water, 7-8lbs difference between am and pm weighing. Bowel movements are regular but a lot smaller and drier the last couple of weeks despite 5l+ water intake. No refeed for 2 weeks now as I was thinking they might be slowing progress. Thanks for your time.
  15. Apologies in advance for the long post! So I finished a 350mg test/250mg npp bulking cycle in December at 15st 4lb. I immediately lost 7lb and 5kg off my compound lifts. I then cruised on 150mg test and maintained 14st 11lb and all my lifts on 4200 calories until February. I then started cutting while still cruising at 3900 calories and lost 5lb of presumably water in the first week and another 4lb over the rest of the month to get to 14st 2lb. In March I dropped to 3700 calories while still cruising and dropped another 4lb. I then had a week’s diet break and finished up at 13st 10lb. In April I started a cycle of 300mg test/400mg primo. I dropped calories to 3500 for 2 weeks and then 3300 for another 2 weeks and got to 13st 8lb in the 3rd week of April. Now is my issue. Despite increasing cardio and dropping calories twice - I’m now at 2800 - I haven’t lost anymore weight. I introduced Winstrol 3 weeks ago at 50mg daily so at first I thought it could have been some extra glycogen retention but it has now been 4 weeks since I’ve lost weight and I don’t feel like I’m getting leaner either. I am meticulous with counting calories and I’ve maintained all my lifts so I really don’t know where I’m going wrong. Considering dropping calories again but I’m after some advice before I do. Any help appreciated!