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  1. How horrific is the PCT period

    Run HCG at 500-750iu split over two injections weekly during the cycle and why you are waiting for the test to clear your system before you start PCT (3 weeks for test e) Do not run HCG on PCT its counter productive to what you are trying to achieve.
  2. How horrific is the PCT period

    Depends on what your running & for how long. If only test for 10-12 weeks with HCG & a good pct, its a breeze in my experience. If your running tren/test/mast etc smashing the doses & for a long time then your be in for a rough ride. Loosing the fullness & training to cling on to what you have rather than seeing the weekly gains on juice is the worst part of coming off for me. The rest is mental, just prepare your mind and it will be fine.
  3. just make sure your source is trusted, that is as important as picking the brand. Hyge or Genx are both good.
  4. yes mate can start altogether or start the hgh now and see how your body reacts, start with 1iu a day for a week and taper up after that. I use genxtropin atm but have used hyge before they are good.
  5. Rohm & Hyge are good as long as you have trustworthy source. Stick with them. I find 2-3iu a day is good for keeping fat off, good sleep and well being. Also lighter on the wallet n zero sides. Pretty weak muscle builder unless run at big doses along with anabolics though not worth cost/side effects at high doses imo. You will feel n see the benefits of proper HGH in weeks. I would keep running the HGH during and after pct too, i find it helps maintain a bit of size n fullness once you come off and gets you through the misery that PCT is lol.
  6. legit brand of HCG

    Another vote for Bayer Ovidac, always been g2go and comes in a vial which i find handy as most others are designed for single use. I avoid Pregnyl for the same reasons listed above.
  7. Mild Cycles PCT

    Yes, 250mg a week although a low dose for 12 weeks would of shut you down. At your age are you not tempted with TRT rather than the roller coaster of cycling? PCT = Clomid: 50/50/25/25 Nolva: 20/20/10/10. If you haven't been using HCG throughout then use some before you come off to get everything going as well, 500iu x2 per week (only why external test is in your system) make sure you let the test clear out your system before you start pct.
  8. Side effects with hcg

    Where did you pin the HCG n with what needle? Pinned 1000iu at a time before subq & felt nothing & never had pip off it. Sometimes you have to up your AI bcos it converts to E like test other than that you shouldn't feel any different other than having bigger bollocks..... Try not to bite every time someone calls you out, you have to remember a lot of the lads on here that are giving you advice are knowledgeable and experienced. The amount of ppl that ask questions they should know the answers too before messing about with powerful hormones probably wears thin sometimes. Don't take it personally. At least you are trying to learn but sometimes its best to have the knowledge before you start.
  9. What are your goals & stats mate - bf%/height etc? I would stick to a simple test 500mg a week for 12 weeks if i was you if your wanting to bulk, if cutting 350mg is ample. If you been away for 6 years you will grow like a weed with that (if you want to bulk) if you don't your diet and training is off. Sides will be absolutely minimal, estrogen easy to control & very smooth recovery. Why do you want to mess about with tren at all and certainly that high that early? Get the most you can out the least amount possible. Give yourself somewhere to go in future where do you go from 1.4g n tren on your first go for over 5 years? Your body and heart will thank you for it, i no its boring advice but the amount of health issues alot of boards see on people that run high doses especially tren in particular is no fukin joke. PCT 3 weeks after last jab if long ester: Clomid 50/50/50/25 & Nolva: 20/20/20/10 HCG 500-750iu per week on cycle split in two doses. Always recovered me v well. Cant advise on aromasin as i use adex. Good luck brother.
  10. *help* balls and PCT

    Did you use Cenzo PCT meds or just Cenzo Test? Get pharma grade PCT meds ALWAYS. not worth fu**ing about with ugl for that imo. Did you use HCG? How long have you run PCT for so far? needs to be 4 weeks. Sometimes its just a waiting game. Dont sweat it to much. If in doubt do bloodwork only way to tell exactly whats goin on.
  11. Anyone do short cycles like 4-6 weekers then come off? Seen a few other boards rave about it -recovery is smooth, your barely shut down so less tax on the body, gains obviously not as big as a longer cycle but its quality retainable muscle easier to keep & less pct drugs. I'm not talking about anything to exotic or too harsh just test n maybe an oral. The main reason it interests me is im finding it harder n harder to stay off for 3-4 months at a time these days but don't want to BnC, so month on month off would suit me more. Any one done similar or waste of time?
  12. Help with hcg pleaseee

    I use 1ml and have no issues, definitely no need to go above 2ml.
  13. Around 10 weeks post last pct tab. My Cholesterol even before i used steroids was the same, i just cant seem to get the HDL to budge.
  14. Thanks @El Chapo I am not on anything at the moment those cholesterol results are my natural readings which is why i really want to get my HDL up. I never go over 500mg of test and always stay away from 19nors, occasionally will use var at 30mg a day but i know that is notorious for killing HDL so may avoid that in future too. Fitness is good, BP is good and 12% bf so i cant really do much more to get it going so will look into some more supplements, steady state cardio & red wine.