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  1. Sis?

    a blood test wont tell you how its dosed???? Thats exactly what it does, you get the blood test result that tells you how much testosterone is in your bloodstream & medichecks at that time told you exactly how much is in your system as well not cut off after a certain level like some.. .... obviously things like timing/ester conversion make a difference but fuk me were talking about a bottle of test You be better off brewing your own by sound of it. Any good lab has test results of there gear being tested available anyway inc SIS the above is just a sure fire way to double check.
  2. Yes anabolics defo increase sensitivity & orgasms i notice, fukin hate coming off for that reason mainly lol Some ppl use Dapoxetine which is a short acting SSRI for PE. Caber is used to lower prolactin, doesnt help directly with the premature ejaculation as far as im aware it just means you can go again quicker once you shoot your load be careful with it tho strong stuff... You can get numbing creams etc but defeats the object a bit dont it lol
  3. Night Sweats

    Its a tricky one as its your first and your at the start so you dont know how you aromatise yet, on my first cycle i took 0.25mg twice a week from week 2 on 450mg a week and then got blood test week 7 to check and it was good dose for me, some lads need none of 800mg a week some need 1mg of adex eod on 400mg, hard to know. 300mg isnt a huge dose & im an advocate to have estrogen running higher when your testosterone is. Bloods only way to be sure really. maybe throw in v low dose for now & keep eye on sides - sore joints, out of whack libido, nipple sensitivity, moodiness etc
  4. I would agree Rohm, Nexus, Dimensions & SG are good labs in general haven't used there Var tho, i've not had any experience of the others. I would add in Pharmcom too, i've run there Var before even 20mg a day was noticeable fuk knows how people run 100mg a day there s**t must be underdosed, prob the most expensive but was v good to be fair to them.
  5. Should I add clen?

    Yea i would keep it low dose and nice feel good compounds like test/mast/gh, You might need to up ur test to 300/300 with mast if you notice any low estrogen side effects, im not convinced its a potent anti E as some say but some lads i no cant run it higher than test, spots are an issue for me with mast too i have to scrub my body twice a day. I wouldnt touch tren unless your competing, unreal at what it does but pure fukin poison lol I wouldnt start on 4iu GH unless you've run it before, start at 2iu you can take it all in one go in the am or pm whatever suits you most, ive honestly never noticed an ounce of difference splitting the doses of GH or taking it in a oner, 2-3iu a day produces good fat loss.
  6. Sis?

    Yes pinned the oil and then had bloods taken to make sure it is what it says it is n is dosed accurately. What else do you need/want to test? break it down and find every chemical in it.... would cost more than the gear doing that...
  7. Night Sweats

    Reputable lab so be surprised if its that. if its your first cycle mate less is more just why you get use to it all and how your body reacts so i would drop it down to 50mg. If it carries on and its not temp related get a blood test and find out whats going on, test/tbol should not be making you drench the bed, it makes you sweat more in gym etc i find but not what your describing that is usually trenbolone and for your sake i hope its not tren in your bottle lol Be v surprised if its E2 unless your Tbol is Dbol, are you using adex for E2 control for the testosterone?
  8. Should I add clen?

    Yea 300mg of mast will do the trick at your level of BF defo.
  9. Night Sweats

    You sure your test isnt tren lol night time sweating like drenching the bed is a tren side effect usually never heard of it off test specially that low, Tbol usually a well tolerated drug as well. What lab you using?
  10. Should I add clen?

    Another vote for adding in low dose GH & Mast P at your current condition. Gen X is good HGH i use it and your correct its 10iu vials. Do 2iu each morning and see how you get on, you notice the results from HGH pretty much in the first couple of weeks or so - fat loss, improved sleep, muscles should start to round out a bit on a cut. Just pin it an hour after or before food, always worked well for me. I pin it am but doesn't make much difference am/pm or splitting up doses in my experience.
  11. Sis?

    Medichecks mate, tested two different vials i used and both came back dosed well. On pharmaqo test p atm havent tested it but feels spot on. There orals i prob wouldnt touch but all the oils ive used of theirs have been good.
  12. If you are giving advise like this. you have no clue... OP oral only cycles are so so in my experience, you shut yourself down for limited gains but we've all been there at the start nervous about injections but once you do a couple like most things it becomes second nature. Try insulin pins for injections if you dont like the though of big needles, they are tiny and you cant even feel them go in, can pop it straight in delt and see what you are doing the whole time. If you really cant stomach injecting then D'bol 30mg a day will give ok results but watch its conversion to estrogen it can be hard to manage especially when your inexperienced. Take NAC/LIV 52 for liver support if your concerned about that. Testosterone is superior in every way though. Good luck.
  13. Sis?

    Any one know if Rohm is any good??? OP SIS testosterone is G2go, i have tested plenty of bottles of it, they are now Pharmaqo not pharmacom. Pharmacom are a good lab as well but expensive.
  14. Definitely agree on second point, get pharma grade pct/AI meds mate, that is the one thing you cant afford to have as bunk & for the price they really arent much different to alot of the underground lab stuff & i have heard issues with not just SIS but alot of the UGL's on PCT stuff.
  15. HGH long term use

    You can get a test on medichecks i think but its quite expensive and you have to go clinic or nurse to your house to draw the blood but its the only way to be sure really. There are some threads on here with good trusted generics, i use Gen-x tropin highly rate it, lots on here use hyge's too & well rated. Sure way for me to know without testing is makes me sleep deeper and I get pins n needles in my hands but this isnt fool proof & i trust the source i get it from.