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  1. Pharmacom / ROHM

    Bang on mate.
  2. My contact in china who manufactures raws directly that i use for hgh/hcg is still not shipping out under any circumstances but one of the others is but only for trusted long term customers so f**k knows. I think it be a while until people feel the effects but i would be surprised if labs don't use it as an excuse to put up prices of current batches. As usual the end user will get royally shafted but it could all end up being noise.
  3. Pharmacom / ROHM

    Well said mate other than your price point. I no exactly what cost what hence why i can get pharmacom test for a good price but some of there mixes are fukin extortionate tbh. Its a good lab that does what it should like many others that are a bit cheaper but they've never let me down so i will continue to use. I wouldn't use it at most of the prices i see and hear it being sold for tbf.
  4. I think probably that is a big part of it. A lot of it is in the mind because your expecting the 'crash' also walking around with 5-10x the amount of test a normal person does is bound to feel different coming off, the loss of glycogen n water in the muscle n looking smaller is also s**t! Tbh i dont run any harsh compounds or overly long cycles but i only find week 1-2 of PCT a bit tough after that its not too bad. Couldn't imagine coming off a very long cycle or using anything harsh like tren though, bet that is horrendous tbf.
  5. Pharmacom / ROHM

    I use pharmacom test e 300 regularly and have stocked up too. What batch no is the one you are using, i'll check it with any of mine as i find there oils very smooth. Did the code check out on there website? Only time i've heard or had PIP with pharmacom is the test 500 cos its a high concentration. Rohm oils are good also if your looking to switch. @Dannylets You must of used there gear to have such a definitive opinion surely....... Its not expensive if you know where to go either. Reason its respected is it does what it says on the tin just like any other lab with a good rep.
  6. Hack for cheap bloodwork

    Nice one mate, just ordered lipids, CRP & ferritin for £11. Shame they don't test for any hormones other than free test though, have to stick with medichecks for those.
  7. just to add i meant my hormonal markers take 6 weeks post pct to return to normal as i cycle. If you B n C obviously hormonal will return to your cruise dose straight away. I only get lipids tested if running an oral which isn't that often due there ability wreak havoc with cholesterol etc.
  8. Maaate first of dont take this response harshly but 28% bf running a cycle like that!! 350mg test a week and cut for 12 weeks...... got no business or no need touching anything else until your sub 15% at most. if you have 6 years training & numerous cycles running multiple compounds like that under your belt what have you been doing? you should be in very good shape. Get your diet and training in check first, gear is the icing on the cake not the foundation.
  9. Mine return to around normal levels about 6 weeks after pct. I only ever run test at max of 500mg a week & occasionally some var never stay on longer than 12 weeks, so nothing harsh. I imagine if your running tren/long cycles it will be a long recovery time. I think the more cycles you do it takes a little bit more out of you each time though tbh.
  10. Hpta shut down

    You need to get blood work to see exactly what your hormones are doing then you can assess from there. Usually HCG followed by clomid and/or nolva to help hpta if your still shut down this long after cycle.
  11. Used Pharmacom test p before was nice and smooth and did what it was spoose too, little more expensive than the others though. From what ive heard you wont go wrong with any of them labs.
  12. Which lab to use?

    I used a recentish batch of SIS test prop & enth, from memory i think manufacturing date was late 2018, it was g2go had blood test to confirm. As others have said i haven't seen anyone really run into problems with any of there oils mainly there orals that get a bad rap.
  13. Ignore me, i read 100kg & dumbells & relative ease n went off on a tangent!
  14. Ah right yes makes sense!!! i read it as DB's cos he initially said dumbbells. Thought i was loosin the plot - 100kg Dumbbells with relative ease!! lol As you say 50kg dumbbells is harder than 100kg barbell. the lads pressing 100kg on BB are probably near 40's DB.
  15. HGH muscle pains

    6iu of pharma grade GH is a big dose. Maybe drop to 3-4iu you will still get all the benefits and save on the sides and save some money too.