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  1. Resting heart rate

    yea that is on the high side mate, i think normal is 60-90 the lower the better. Very fit people/athletes can be under 50, got mine down to 55 whilst being on just by adding 3 x 30 mins hiit cardio a week & dropping down from 16% bf to 12%. So add in a bit of cardio and drop some fat should make a big difference but there seems to be a lot of variables in HR such as stress etc.
  2. Is it the oil or the syringes?

    Try putting the syringe with the the oil drawn in a cup of boiling hot water for a couple of minutes before you inject as well, makes it smoother. I pin prop & test no ester both of which are usually harsher than enth same as you in delts with slin pin and have no issues but i always heat it first.
  3. Omron M2 i use, can get hold of one for about £25. Amazon the best place to get them but Argos if not. If you have decent sized arms like 18inch+ get a bigger cuff too.
  4. Longevity

    Use test only, keep blasts at around 500mg. don't stay on blast longer than 12 weeks. Blood pressure machine - keep it in good range, keep an eye on cholesterol & HCT level (donate blood), get full panel bloods once a year & an ECG if your really wanting to be safe. Eat a good balanced diet, take supplements - vit d, curcumin, fish oils & good multi vit. Lots of cardio. If someone can do that (most people cant & start pushing doses and compounds once they dabble in test) I actually cant see it being detrimental at all. Your never guna be a mass monster doing that but you should have a very good physique & its certainly a lot healthier than the average human being who eats s**t, drinks s**t & sits on there arse all day However when you start adding in orals, tren/deca etc staying on months on end & on grams of gear etc they are the things that are detrimental....
  5. Yep g2go blood test to confirm. There test oils always been spot on.
  6. was still training but at a lighter weight on anything that involved shoulder movement, i think i took the first week off completely just to give the peptides a bit of time to kick in. i was pinning the BPC straight into the shoulder, don't no if that makes any difference, TB subq into stomach.
  7. Take BPC 157 & TB500. My RC was bothering me for ages and i was having to nurse it training. 4 weeks of the above had it feeling good after months of discomfort.
  8. You tried putting the syringe with the oil in, in a cup of boiling water for 3-4 mins before you inject? always find it smooths it out especially prop/high concentrations etc
  9. yes last few months thankfully still get occasional burnt taste/smell though, I had a friend who had it similar time he was crippled with it in bed for two weeks raging temperature, for me it was very very mild i was still training in the garden, prob the testosterone helped
  10. yes but was only on 400mg of testosterone. Had worse hangovers to be honest in terms of how i felt, it passed within a day or two however everything tasted wooden/burnt for about 5 months after & all aftershave/cleaning products smelt burnt, proper weird. Tossed out so much food and drink because i thought it was off before i finally realised lol
  11. I usually save the GH for being off but sometimes on a bulk i will take it cos it helps keep fat gain down. I've just always done clomid in evening nolva in morning (no reason behind it) but I've never had any issues mentally or sleep with either doing it that way, if your having disrupted sleep maybe try taking them both in the am & GH before bed it really helps with sleep.
  12. Usually take 2.5iu a day find it helps keeps the muscles fuller, mood a bit better and sleep well. I think its quite overlooked for PCT and also helps with recovery, i think nolva has been proved to lower your own HGH as well. My PCT is - clomid (night) 50/50/25 Nolva (morning) 20/20/10
  13. Just out of interest as I usually do 3 months on, 3 week PCT and 5 weeks off so 8 weeks off then back on. In winter i will stay off 3 months. I no you are spoose to do longer off but i always recover well (bloods to prove) and PCT isn't soul destroying for me like it seems for some.I never run 19 nors though. From the research & medical people i've listened to they all seem to say time on is a key element for damaging recovery, its seems anytime where your body is producing its own test is better than being on for an extended period off time completely shut down. What makes you say healthier physically/mentally to stay on? one reason i come off as well is to lower HCT. i am interested to know how much harder recovery would be doing a 3month blast 2 month cruise 3 month blast & then come off vs what i'm doing now.
  14. Yea fair mate, i paid for the nurse to come to my house & do it once thru medichecks, think it was about £40 on top of the test, if your doing that or going to a clinic probably worth getting a more expansive test though like TRT covers a lot more than just testosterone.
  15. Get on some HGH to bridge the gap, always find it helps. I think being off is 80% mental, try to find some enjoyment and challenge in maintaining as much of what you built on whilst off. No matter how long you do off its better than having your system completely shut down for long periods of time. Thats what i tell myself after 8 weeks off as im preparing to go back on anyway