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  1. Blessing and a curse mate. It comes on quick, but then it stops quick. Can't you see that it's not all champagne and roses.
  2. I saw a guy in a gym I trained at recently and he's the size I want to be. I told him I want to get to his size he said he's on a lot of steroids and told me he's taking 5 times what I'm taking. This is what I fear most. Honestly, if I have to take that much to be his size then for me the extra muscle is not worth it, I'd rather have my health.
  3. I've got pre-cycle pics. This is what I'm talking about though, it's underwhelming. I know how my body works from my time training naturally and I tend to build muscle very rapidly, then slow down after a period of time, then crash to a halt. If I was gonna have a dramatic response to 450mg of testosterone I should be seeing changes in the mirror everywhere by now. My arms started growing after week 1 and with just 3 arm days they were half an inch bigger. The week just gone I had 1 arm day and 2 back/bi days and there's no change. And to think I'd hoped I could reach my goal on no more than 500mg per week. Either 1) I don't respond well to testosterone, 2) I don't respond well to AAS in general, or 3) steroids are s*** and everyone is taking a s*** ton to get big.
  4. Hey guys, I'm in week 5 of my first cycle, using 450mg of Pharmacom testosterone enanthate per week. I was at my genetic ceiling when I started, having gained 33lbs of muscle in almost 3 years of training naturally. So far on cycle I've gained half an inch of muscle on my arms - from end of week 1 to now - and maybe a little on my back and shoulders. The only reason I can say maybe is because even though my arms have certainly gotten bigger - I measure them - my proportions from the front and side look the same, which from my experience means the other muscles are growing too. Don't visibly seem to have made any gains in the chest yet. I train properly. I eat 5000-6000 calories. Please do not talk to me about training and nutrition I did pretty good naturally and yes I certainly have made gains on cycle, just not as much as I would've expected so far. Let me also say though, it could be possible that I have body dysmorphia and just can't see my gains in the mirror anymore, my work jumper feels like it is getting tighter. Originally I was going to do 200mg of testosterone for my first cycle, then I did 300mg for 3 weeks using some s**t gear. Now, since I got gear I can trust from Pharmacom - code verified on their site - I've been doing 450mg per week out of fear that 300mg won't be enough. The point of my post is, if I can't make dramatic gains on 450mg per week of testosterone, are steroids really as good as everyone thinks? Experienced guys were telling me on my first cycle I could expect to gain 20 lbs of muscle, but right now I certainly don't look like I'm on track to gaining 20lbs, I'm terrified the arm gains will stop altogether. I don't gain fat when I build muscle, don't believe me if you want that's fine, but I did expect to at least gain the famous water weight that testosterone should stimulate, that has not happened. Half an inch of muscle on my arms, that's all I know conclusively at the moment. I know I've only done 4 weeks so far and I'm speaking more out of fear than rationality, but if I can't make dramatic gains on 450mg, then I will go up to 600mg. But if it requires me to be on a gram of gear a week just to look slightly above a Jeremy Buendia or Andre Ferguson. Are steroids really that good? I have good genetics for bodybuilding I've been told, but could it be that I don't react that well to testosterone? Is it the case that different people react better to different drugs? I've heard Lee Priest say he never used testosterone, he used Deca and that worked better for him. I'm not looking to be Phil Heath sized, I want to look like a Ulisses or Simeon Panda. How much gear do you think that requires?
  5. Thanks mate. I'm looking to get some Alpha Pharma, Triumph, Sphinx or Dimensions Testosterone for once my Onyx Pharma stuff is finished - or if I find out it's fake. Only issue is - for example for Alpha Pharma - there's like 3 different websites that call themselves "Alpha Pharma" and for a noob like me it's hard to know what site is the real manufacturer or at least a reliable reseller.
  6. Remember, I have gained muscle during my cycle, but only old muscle that was rebuilt. So surely even if my diet was a little off and it was real I should start seeing at least a tiny bit of new muscle. I've seen nothing yet. So if I don't see anything by end of week 4, I can safely assume it's fake. I definitely am at my genetic ceiling. Believe you me I've eaten more, increased the weight, trained with different people (including an IFBB pro) and not been able to get any bigger in the last 6 months. Hence the reason I've decided it's time for AAS.
  7. I'm over 6ft and in my mid 20s. I started off at 88kg and am 102kg right now. I'm probably very close to my ceiling if not there as the last 6 months of training I haven't really gained any size. I'm not looking to be open division big just some more size to eventually get to the level of like a Ullyses or Panda. For now I wanna see where I can get on just 250-300mg test per week. Only reason I did 450mg the last 2 weeks is in the hope that it will make it kick in faster. I heard Calum von Moger doesn't gain fat, his coach said that in Generation Iron 2. Never seen Simeon Panda not lean in all his progression.
  8. Assume my training, nutrition, recovery etc are on point, then tell me what you think.
  9. In almost 3 years of training naturally and having built 30 lbs of muscle I've never gained fat, once. I'm lean year round. Some people just have those genetics. There's been days where I've eaten pastries on top of my 4500/5000 calories.
  10. Thanks but like can you give me time stamps of when you started gaining water weight, when you started gaining strength and when you started gaining muscle? E.g. week 3, 4, 5 etc By the way guys assume my training, nutrition and recovery are spot on (they are).
  11. Onyx Pharmaceuticals from Belgium. I didn't say at the start because I want people to make a judgement based on what I've described rather than what they've heard about a particular brand. Day after the 3rd shot I benched 100kg for 15 reps, most I'd done before in one go - as a natural - was 12. But since the 15 I only manage 13 in one go every time. I don't gain fat no matter how much I eat so the scale never changes fast for me, I don't even look at the scale. I see my gains in the mirror. So far all I've gained is muscle memory gains because prior to starting my cycle I undertrained for 2 weeks then didn't train for a week. Nonetheless, I am eating in a caloric surplus, but not gaining any new muscle so far.
  12. Hi Guys, I started my first cycle on testosterone enanthate 3 weeks ago. In week one I did 300mg, week two 450mg and week three 450mg. In week two - the day after my 3rd shot - I felt an upsurge in energy despite poor sleep the night before, and experienced a slight strength increase in the gym. It also felt like my sex drive went up. However, approaching the end of week three and having done 6 shots, I feel no better than I did after the 3rd shot, no more strength increase, no better mood or energy, in fact I arguably feel a little worse. In addition, I haven't started to see any muscle gain yet. I'm starting to worry that the stuff I got is fake. Surely the day after my 6th shot my blood level should be high enough to feel amazing and start seeing gains. Am I expecting muscle gain too soon? How long does it take to start seeing muscle gains on a test only cycle? What other benefits should I expect to feel and when? I'd greatly appreciate some answers because I'm starting to feel dejected. IMPORTANT: I train 5 times per week and eat in a caloric surplus all the time. I do not gain fat no matter how much I eat so any new weight will be muscle or water weight. Please just assume that my training, nutrition and recovery are on point when answering my questions. Thanks guys. UPDATE: The lab is Onyx Pharmaceuticals from Belgium. Anyone had experience with this lab?