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  1. Thanks for pointing it out, all makes sense now.
  2. Not calling anybody an idiot, it’s just the same old crap and it’s tedious.
  3. Absolutely, but it’s boring coming on to a forum looking for a bit of light reading and fun and seeing the same old thread, written in fifteen different ways and the same old people arguing about COVID with the same pointless arguments.
  4. How many more of these threads are going to appear, it’s getting a bit tedious now. Gyms will open when they open and the same old arguments about COVID also very tedious.
  5. LGBT Community 'Suffering' in Lockdown

    Never understand why people get wound up by things like this, live and let live.
  6. Brown for blokes Red for birds and kids
  7. Protein works, WTF?

    Ah yes in my post where it specifically says that whey protein isn’t fast digesting, or indeed a food and also that it doesn’t contribute to thermic effect, oh wait it doesn’t? So maybe next time read things with context.
  8. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    I think they should be paid more and not have their pay frozen. I COULD as COULD everybody else argue the semantics of society as well as the downfalls of society and the education system as a whole, but I wasn’t going that deep, just suggesting again that in MY opinion all workers of that nature deserve more whether it be public or private sector (I didn’t specify this and not sure why you’re using it as a base for debate) Just like it’s MY opinion that Police officers for example shouldn’t be risking their lives for £350 per week and firefighters even less, again YOU COULD ARGUE that they choose to do it and they get a good pension (which a lot of them don’t any more as the structure has been changed) but then you would missing the point I’m trying to make.
  9. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    They don’t need recognition which is the point I’m making, nor do any of them ask for it however they need better employment contracts and pay for the work they do and that goes for emergency service workers as well.
  10. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    I didn’t mention just nurses did I? But no surprise to see you pop up with an ‘unpopular opinion’ and talk about government this and that I’m talking about the NHS as a whole and all those that help it function, from porters, cleaners right up to surgeons they all don’t get the respect they deserve, even before all this took hold it’s just highlighted even more so that they deserve better from both a personal and overall funding perspective.
  11. Any of you out clapping tonight? Not me.

    I’m sure they’d prefer their pay to be not be frozen yet again, as opposed to kids banging pots and pans together for them. It’s criminal how poorly they get treated here as it is, so hopefully one of the few good things to come out of this virus is a bit of proper appreciation from the government for their continued efforts.
  12. Boxing bag gains?

    It’s all Anthony Joshua does and he’s pretty hench.
  13. I bet you’ve worked your way through a couple of stag dos x
  14. Protein works, WTF?