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  1. @El Chapo hope all is well sir in view of the current climate do you have any experience/knowledge of PQQ I’m thinking of implementing it at 20mg ED or even just after a taxing session ie legs or heavy push/pull, looks on the surface from what I’ve read to be a good addition in terms of assisting with antioxidant & inflammation. Cheers
  2. Deca, Equi + Mast

    About time somebody spoke some sense on this, partly due to the fact that most people overcompensate for poor diet and training by taking 500-600mg of test for a first cycle, when in reality 250-300mg is plenty and allows you to gradually increase with each cycle. The amount of people 2-3 cycles in who are now taking 1-2g of gear including test up at 750mg + is frightening, especially given the lack of results.
  3. Diagnose My Apple Tree

    Corona apples
  4. SARMS - your fav?

    http://giybf.com/ Loads of info on here.
  5. Fallen out with a total bellend.

    Cute how you’re still pretending to be straight x
  6. The Male power struggle!

    Most people are in the gym/on steroids because they are insecure and want to appear bigger and stronger to the outside the world, so it’s a quite good place to make the point!
  7. Childhood wank material

    Wanking - Dog Weekly Cars - E30 M3 is the only older motor I’d go out my way for, the rest are just romanticised s**t boxes in reality.
  8. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    I’d already be wearing the suit I suppose
  9. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    Cable ties, gimp suit, rope and a packet of digestives
  10. Cutting Cycle Review

    This must be where your adult nappy went @js77
  11. You should have come and said hello mate x
  12. Worst job you ever had?

    You’re so angry hun, need a release?
  13. Who’s into motorbikes then?

    The only thing I ride is pretty gym boys x
  14. Thanks for letting me know this bro, I was just about to start 3g of tren on Monday but I wash all the pots in this house and I don’t want to use up all of my pumps for the day.
  15. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    @js77 a nice toy for you here mate x