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  1. Mtren is clear and not the usual tren colour if that's why you're asking? it confuses a lot of people as they expect it to be the same.
  2. Not sure what that last post was even supposed to mean, worryingly at the time of writing it made some sort of sense - it was an early start that's my excuse.
  3. Philippe bulk for my first show in 2020/2021

    To be fair dude, you don't look bad with short hair at all. it certainly suits some better than others.
  4. Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    He’s okay in small doses and you can’t not give him credit for his achievements in strongman, but he’s turning in to a bit of cringeball and some of the stuff he comes out with is laughable.
  5. Who says you can’t? You can inject 0.5ml pretty much anywhere without issue, to answer your original question 29 insulins will be fine to use in delts, chest, calves, triceps, biceps if you’re relatively lean and even the larger lower body muscles no problem.
  6. @Fadi will be your man on this one, great knowledge of Olympic Lifting amongst many other things.
  7. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    I'd opt for an older 220cdi Mercedes either C or E class depending on how big you want to go, not a biggest fan of the looks but one thing is for sure with a good service history the engines are good for 4-500k with parts cheap and easy to find, a friend of mine works for UPS and a lot of their trucks regularly see 500k plus.
  8. Good to know, will listen and work on that basis. Not disputing per se, but just wondered on what grounds 100mg is too much? Thank you Sir.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply and appreciate what you're saying in regards to mg of course that can't be argued, I was just working on the basis of the 'go to amounts' for each compound - hypothetically speaking I wouldn't do 700mg of test prop but I would do 100mg Anavar for 6 weeks, didn't think it was a bad way to lose my natty card.
  10. @swole troll How would you rate 100mg ED for 6 weeks in comparison to say 8 weeks of 400mg Test Prop, if looking primarily for strength and breaking compound plateaus. Thanks LT
  11. What do you think of this car?

    Big, useless lumps of turd like 99% of American cars and also the majority of anything else American really.
  12. old daily driver

    Depends on what your first car is? if you have something that is fairly cheap to run already then it's not worth the hassle of extra tax, MOT, insurance and such like. Obviously caveats to that for example if you have something saloon based that is fairly expensive to run but you wanted a convertible or coupe for the summer, it's worthwhile for happiness but again probably not going to do anything for you financially. My friend had a V8 M3 loves a spirited drive and rarely saw more than 10mpg so got himself an old Alfa Romeo diesel for longer journeys and supermarket/shopping trips, which made sense financially but that's quite extreme of course.
  13. old daily driver

    I bet the 18 year old girls are leaving snail trails all over it...
  14. First time tren user

    Some research in to your cycles before you cause yourself harm..
  15. Stick with the NPP & Test Prop - drop the HGH & Halo and lose some weight as 115kg at 6ft with that BF isn't an ideal place to be starting using steroids.