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  1. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    So what, It has still crushed economies, will cost thousands their jobs and the deaths of peoples family members & friends, it’s not a weird competition or some sort ‘I knew this and knew that’ gets spouted about far too much behind keyboards in this day and age.
  2. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    Yea they have crazy volume and bass
  3. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    Skullcandy Crushers are crazy if you want crazy bass, give them a listen at HMV or similar and see what you think.
  4. Sage advise Gyms close again

    It will be localised and rightly so in those particular areas, everything including gyms should and will be closed. The harsh reality is that gyms don’t contribute to the economy to the same level as pubs and restaurants do, so people need to take the rose tinted glasses off with them.
  5. It’s WPF anyway.
  6. Tbol or Anavar

    For a first cycle of it 100mg is not needed alongside test, 50 is a good starting point. 100mg for experienced users then fair enough , but not in this case.
  7. Tbol or Anavar

    Why use anything yet, you’re basically training like a mid distance runner surely you’d be better waiting until you’re at least doing mild strength work. In answer to your question though from what I’ve seen and read Anavar good to go 8-10 weeks 50mg ED if your first run of it, 100mg is over kill.
  8. Conspiracy theories

    Here we go again.. should change this forum to ‘ukconspiracy’ Make a bit of money, love your family and die like we all do, that’s the only theory that really matters.
  9. Just tell him to eat sand & cement for 6 weeks with 4g of tren. Should get him nice and dry.
  10. anyone seen @rbduk ?

    Last seen fleeing the gym in a slim fit shirt and trousers
  11. Gold

    Yet another broken promise...
  12. Gold

    Do I look like a fu**ing ltd company owner, I want a big ring so I can smack posh, capitalist turds all over the pub after 4 pints of lager.
  13. Gold

    I thought it was currently low just working on a rough case per gram basis, In that case maybe best not to bother. Cheers for the heads up mate.
  14. Gold

    Evening to all genders and the gender fluids. Just wondering if anybody on here has an eye for gold from a purchasing perspective, I was keeping my eyes on things pre corona but haven’t been of late. Looking to purchase a fairly hefty ring, to wear sparingly in the short term and then eventually sell it, if I was to wander in to a fairly small pawnbrokers (there’s a well respected one closeby) what rate per gram should be aiming to get? I’m not looking to make a lot of money and to be honest if I have it a couple of years and break even as who knows what’ll happen! Then I won’t be fussed. Any help will be appreciated. LT
  15. Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    Not really as they are all absurdly priced as well. Supplements are just that, most people should be utlising their money correcting diets with whole foods instead of spunking away hundreds on powders, bars and other s**t fancily packaged as protein this and that.