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  1. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    Big mike with his womb broom has my favourite physique personally.
  2. It’s all bunk, doubt you’ll get legit stuff in this day and age, better off saving the money for Christmas presents.
  3. Lockdown plan

    Funny this thread was made as I’m thinking of doing a dbol and tren cycle to preserve my muscle mass until lockdown is over, I’ll run a CPT after so my test levels go back up.
  4. Forced to stop cycle

    Such as not wearing a mask in a public place.
  5. Forced to stop cycle

    Just common courtesy isn’t it, put a mask on and get on with your day like a grown adult whether it’s to do with your idea of the transmission of the virus or otherwise. Pretty sure you should be wearing one on a train platform anyway as you’d have to no doubt put it on when entering the train? I’ll say it again though as you seem to have skirted over it, telling an elderly lady to F off isn’t cool in any circumstances, if you think otherwise then like I say that’s a you problem.
  6. Forced to stop cycle

    Might effect other people though, so to be honest you should have been wearing one, telling anybody especially an elderly lady to f off says more about you than her to be honest. Whether you agree or not, it’s common courtesy and not exactly a massive hassle to pop one on.
  7. Subq the oil will leak and sit there which is what is causing it to be so bad, pin it normally and you should at the very least notice reduced PIP
  8. Tren gyno?

    Just just ignore good advice, leave it another 7 weeks and then you can come on here again and ask for advice when things have gotten 10 times worse.
  9. @El Chapo hope all is well sir in view of the current climate do you have any experience/knowledge of PQQ I’m thinking of implementing it at 20mg ED or even just after a taxing session ie legs or heavy push/pull, looks on the surface from what I’ve read to be a good addition in terms of assisting with antioxidant & inflammation. Cheers
  10. Diagnose My Apple Tree

    Corona apples
  11. SARMS - your fav?

    http://giybf.com/ Loads of info on here.
  12. Fallen out with a total bellend.

    Cute how you’re still pretending to be straight x