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  1. Anyone used galenika test e

    Mine was from that source and was not legit. Anyway I received the support of the owner for the evidence I offered. It is a gambling.
  2. Anyone used galenika test e

    I had some Galenika testosterone, definitely fake, confirmed from the blood work. They are clever and there is some testosterone in it so if you test it you get as real. Also you can feel some little chance and thinking that it is legit but it is not. When I changed the testosterone to a different UGL the blood level increased 5x where it is supposed to be. The source accepted to ship me different product based on the evidence I offer him. Hightly not raccomended. Maybe you can get some good Galenika, but definitely it does not worth the risk. It is a gambling up to you, like 70% probability of fake, 30% probability of legit.
  3. I have some others data others than the previously: testosterone 10.17 ng/ml (super under dosed gear) - E2 54.0 pg/ml (bunk AI, and fat ~20%) testosterone 35.38 ng/ml (315 mg / week ) - E2 55.0 pg/ml (ended the pharma AI and that seems severe underdosed. Lean ~10%) So in fact I have tried the high estrogen before (and after) find the correct dosages and I can say I prefer do not stay on that range. I am prone to acne if estrogen increase and water retention (more when I was fat). I think I have some puberty gyno and I am not able to say if it get worse on high estrogen but I had felt some puffiness and sensitivity. So definitely I prefer keep them lower. Also when I was at 16 pg/ml that was less than wanted because of the underdosed testosterone I felt normal and better than when high.
  4. If I don't have to shoot for arbitrary number how can I pursue the hormone balance without a metric? Can you give some guidelines? I'm interested about the DHT compound things on this view about hormone balance. Can you add something about it? If you have seen that I need up to 3 mg arimidex for just 300 mg test and equally you think that 1 mg letrozole would be far too much, I will listen to your advice and start low and then see that the blood work say. Well yes, I have funds to buy that I need but I like to be efficient where I can.
  5. Thank you for your accurate answer. I always take blood test because I want to know exactly what I'm doing and made opportune correction. I want to try letrozole because seems I aromatase heavily and need a lot of AI. Even if I will mistake the dosages, that will help me find the correct dosages with blood work. I have the following data (arimidex pharma grade): testosterone 6.28 ng/ml (bunk gear, maybe equal to 60 mg / week) - E2 16.8 pg/ml (1.5 mg arimidex / week) testosterone 35.38 ng/ml (315 mg / week mix long esters) - E2 37.4 pg/ml (1.5 mg arimidex / week) testosterone 35.38 ng/ml (same cycle) - E2 30.2 pg/ml (2.5 mg arimidex / week) I was shooting for a range between 20-30 pg/ml. Based on that I was supposing I need about 1 mg arimidex for 100 mg testosterone. Based on your last sentence I imagine you do not agree on that and you prefer let the estrogen be high but controlled enough to do not have sides effect. (I felt fine on all the above). Next cycle I want to use 420 test and when I will have found the correct AI add 180 tren. I was thinking about 4mg arimidex needed and so equivalently 5mg letrozole (2 tabs). You sure will consider this huge but also I wrote what my reasoning is. I am open to discussion. EDIT: This just to write down a reasoning but of course better start with half of that and see. I wrote this to give you and idea about how much do i aromatise and let you help me better.
  6. Estrogen high and low

    I can't help you because I have not enough experience but I'm interested about this topic and the answer you can get. Anyway of course the only way to know you E2 level is blood work and it is the best way you can know for sure what the problem is and how to act. The Boldenone seems to act as AI and maybe the ratio 1:1 with testosterone is enough to make your E2 low.
  7. Thanks, I found it: He compares as following: letro 2.5mg (1 tab)adex 2mg (2 tabs)arom 50mg (2 tabs) I will start from there and see. The following doubt is: If my estrogens are well covered with the correct dosage of AI, will I find some differences using Arimidex or Letroxole (if E2 is the same level)?
  8. Hi forum, I'm interested about a comparison between Arimidex and Letrozole. Arimidex came in 1 mg tablet and Letrozole tablet are 2,5 mg. Are those dose equivalent? Just assume I need 3 mg Arimidex for a cycle, do I need 7,5 mg of Letrozole for the same cycle or less? Do you have some your personal data?
  9. I'm using 300 mg testosterone long ester a week. I will be on holidays for two weeks. I'm not sure what option may be better: 1- just do nothing, let the testosterone taper down and then go back when I will be back. 2- make a 600 mg testosterone injection the day before I start on the top of my weekly dosage. I wonder if that second option may cause sides effect like acne or mood swing based on hormonal swing. That is my fear. I have not experience with high dose.
  10. Yes testosterone metabolite are present for a long time and with a specific test them are detected. I'm interested about the T/E ratio that is the weakest form of testing. From my understanding, something about 5 times the half live may be enough to pass the T/E ratio (not guaranteed, but I'm taking risk, just trying minimize them). From google for the testosterone propionate they said 2 weeks but I think that so much long time would impact performance.
  11. Hi there, I'm thinking about switching from Mega Test (mix long esters) to testosterone propionate for 8 weeks and drop it one week before a strength competition. May this be enough to pass an eventual (much improbable) urine T/E test? And second, will I feel fine the competition day one week after the last fast acting testosterone injection or I will feel like s**t?
  12. What is your position about frontloading (testosterone)? I am aware that the "kick in" is about the gene expression and frontloading is not going to change that. But get higher serum level faster I think may have some influences. (I'm particullary interested about strength). Some other road of thinking are opposed to that because you do not experiment the "taper up" that brake the homeostasis they said. But I'm also aware that there is no down regulation so I think this may be bullshit and have higher serum level is better.
  13. Dimension Labs

    I'm running their Mega Test 350 mg and It is absolute legit, confirmed from the blood work with a testosterone level beyond my expectation. I'm also using their T3 but i'm not really able to say nothing if it is legit or not. Soon I will start using their Aromasin and I will blood test.
  14. How do you compare 700 mg Test C + 350 mg Winstrol VS 300 mg Test C + 300 mg Tren E + 300 mg Mast E during a bulk with 300-500 kcal surplus starting with a single digit body fat?
  15. What do you think about Synephrine? Should it stacked with Green Tea have a similar effect of Yohimbine? If not how do you compare them?