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  1. shoulder pain

    so iv studied the area of where it hurts and closest place i can find is the end of the infraspinatus, like closest to my spine side. if thats any better of a idea. i duno what could be as i could still use my arm it just killed at time using but they said it was torn muscle but never went back. thinking the usual it would go but seems to still bother me especially if i do shoulder press
  2. shoulder pain

    so basically i fell and landed on my chest just over a year ago, i became in loads of pain and could hardly lift my arm as i was in serious pain and put up with it for about a week and went to doctors which they told me i torn a muscle in my shoulder. they never told me exactly what id done but my guesses was it was my rotator cuff. i was in pain for while, probably about six months. i recently started trying to get back into training after it being so long and i was bench pressing and it started twanging ever so slightly. just wondering if anyone could give me any advice... i was recommended to try peptided IGF1 LR3 im not to clued up on peptides so yeah iv not really tried but any advice would be great thanks
  3. creatine monohydrate

    so basically im just looking to get back into training again but going to try do everything natural and the right way of doing so. so my studies show that monohydrate is basically your gold standard of all creatine's. so basically i am just looking for advice and personal preferences. my personal choice of supplements would be scitec but it looks bit priced as for servings and not to clued up on other brands as iv always used the same brand. i am just looking for something which gives a good results and is not going to be way over priced for what it is because it is only creatine after all. so any advice and help would be much appreciated thanks Peter
  4. Hi I from wales

    Hi I’m Peter, I’m 24 and from wales originally, currently in Manchester! iv been going gym for about 3/4 years and not been much in past six months, so any motivation would be grateful
  5. Best Orals

    In my personal opinion, my experiences of dbol have been excellent, you want try new sources,