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    Mrmotivator reacted to lewdylewd in Heroes? ūü§Ē   
    If people take a job working for the emergency services why expect a bonus for dealing with an emergency.
    Like a girl I know joined the police, a few months later she saw a dead body and had to take a year off with the stress of it.
  2. Thanks
    Mrmotivator reacted to Ekcabe in Heroes? ūü§Ē   
    Postmen are lazy as f**k. I’ve not had any post in days from them. 
    im front line and due back to work in just over a week and my thanks is being told I need to be clean shaven for my face mask and that I’m allowed to taser anyone who threatens to cough on me 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to Shergar in Dunning   
    Website available to all now, Service
    ‚Äú so so‚ÄĚ products first class.
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    Mrmotivator reacted to godsgifttoearth in Dunning   
    the website is just a supplier who now has full monopoly over that brand. gear is still the same brewer and no different now then it was pre supplier. anyone saying otherwise is just lab shilling 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to AncientOldBloke in Dunning   
    But I got a funny handshake!
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    Mrmotivator got a reaction from AncientOldBloke in Dunning   
    Age limit too, sorry.

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    Mrmotivator reacted to beefcake1252 in Dunning   
    I ordered from Dr dunning labs about 1 month ago turned up in 5 days. Just what I ordered I had no problem with them. 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to Oxon Jay in Dunning   
    I would avoid them from what I have heard. I take it that you are ordering from "that website" The one where they say "we are are dunning labs" when it suits them and they totally deny it as soon as their service turns to s**t, which is constantly.
    It's always been a good product I am not questioning that. But they have totally lost all credibility in the last year or so as a supplier. 
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    Mrmotivator got a reaction from Shergar in Home Gym Upstairs   
    Jesus, to go to all that effort for 2 to 3 months.
    Sure, perhaps if you are top of your game but then if that was the case you would know someone with a gym and have access.
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    Mrmotivator got a reaction from Lovelyjubly in Who's still working ? Laid off? Looking for work?   
    Put on retainer so could get called back into work at any moment until then sitting in my arse, paid.
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    Mrmotivator reacted to strawberry123 in Think the posties are going to be extinct   
    In what world would we be getting paid 60% for doing the same job.... especially a unionised workforce like ourselves.... we’d be striking in about 3 seconds
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    Mrmotivator reacted to JHMuscle in Who else is missing the gym?   
    Same here - since sacking off the gym last week I've been drinking whisky nearly every night and enjoying every minute of it. I know as soon as the gyms re-open again I'll switch back to hard training and a good diet like nothing ever happened. 
    My knees are going to feel 20 years younger after all this and looking forward to getting under some heavy weights again. 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to stargazer in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    For someone with a username that's almost savy you are far from it.
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    Mrmotivator reacted to drwae in Day 5   
    Just wipe your arse on a slice of bread?
  15. Sad
    Mrmotivator reacted to vetran in Day 5   
    Mrs has come back with a loaf ,but still no bog roll on the shelves isent it just awful 

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    Mrmotivator reacted to TERBO in I know eyes will be rolling.. Accutane   
    Clearly bunk mate, acne should be cleared up by now 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to daringhorse in Plans changes due to coronavirus   
    Tapering is recommended with any drug you take whether it's steroids or not. The idea is to keep your blood plasma levels as stable as possible without creating fluctuations that can send your mind and body out of sync while you're also reducing the dose responsibly to reflect gradual decreases of the drug in your system. You can get more side effects if you just drop everything and come off straight away. Plus, you also risk losing a substantial amount of your gains because you're body is wandering what the f*ck is going on.

    I don't fancy dropping off a cliff when I finish taking gear. It's a gradual process for me. I'll ensure my body has seen lower doses of T for a decent enough time before then waiting 2-3 weeks before I start my PCT. That way I'm not going from having 5 times the amount of testosterone an average guy creates every week, to being around, maybe just above, a normal average amount.
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    Mrmotivator got a reaction from LethweiUK in This could be the end of the world!   
    I don't know about the "hole" bumming business but a mouth is a mouth.
    Prison rules.
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    Mrmotivator reacted to Pscarb in Come off or cruise? Covid 19   
    Take it from someone who not only stopped training for 10 months but a reduced overall movement by at least 75%, lost 34kg of muscle (at least) yet I have been able to gain back 50-60% of that muscle in the last 18months (including small breaks of 2-3 months) from just training and being a little more concise with my nutrition.....
    Whatever you lose will most probably be water/glycogen but if you lose some muscle (unlikely if you are still active) this will come back in no time once you can get back in a fully equipped gym especially if you restart your steroid cycles.
    come off and let your body rest.....
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    Mrmotivator reacted to Kazza61 in This could be the end of the world!   
    Absolutely nothing against you gay fellas but being a Bodybuilding site an all, would be good if every other post wasn't about arseholes.  Just saying. 
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    Mrmotivator got a reaction from Jamiewilliamsss in Thick forearms?   
    My dick has more girth than those forearms
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    Mrmotivator got a reaction from jjtreml in Anyone else getting pissed off   
    Time to go on cut 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to Sasnak in China - suddenly no Covid?   
    Population of the U.K, sixty six million. Suspected infections in the U.K, 55,000. Deaths 71. Media reported stats are correct at the time of writing this. You work out the rest.
  24. Haha
    Mrmotivator reacted to vetran in My last egg thread before we all die   
    What is the correct pronunciation guys :-
    1. The yolk of an egg is white 
    2. The yolk of an egg are white 
    Can the long standing members that now no which one is correct  please refrain from posting  this is for the newer chaps thanks 
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    Mrmotivator reacted to ILLBehaviour in cutting cycle fail   
    All the gear and no idea.