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  1. Cycle idea for when gyms open

    Sdrol not enough gains? What world do you live in.
  2. Where do you get your Protein?

    I usually wait for BSN to slash their prices then stock up on products that will last me months. It's the only shake for me I can do with water. Key is to wait for good deals
  3. He had to test his eye sight 30 mintues down the road at a castle???? I'm surprised he didn't pull out the medical advisors excuse. Lol, sums up this crack pot government that have handed labour the keys to government
  4. I never had a bad purchase as I got my gear through a well known coach when I first started but I didn't realise how much I was being ripped off and how cheap gear actually was lol
  5. Gyms reopen phase 1 in America!

    Don't forget those garden centres lol
  6. LDG-4033

    Looking to add this into my next cycle after having a little read up. Any personal experience on here? Sarms4you have a good write up on their products unless anyone knows of a better.
  7. I know mate, I don't claim I can do it better but our officials are being advised by "experts" and they've only just come to that conclusion lol. Perhaps they should sack those experts off and talk to the German advisors or any other country which is now getting back to normal. I just want a haircut and blowjob geeezus!
  8. There is no avoiding this virus. This is what blows my mind. It's known to effect the vulnerable more so than your average Joe. We had lock down to protect the nhs so the nhs could deal with the influx of serious cases, like 10 people in the nightingale pop up, I think it's safe. Are we suppose to stay locked up till next year when IF we have a vaccine. UK is just a joke, 8 weeks deep but now you should cover your face. We are the worse country in all settings and Europe is laughing at us
  9. Who has lost muscle in lockdown?

    I hope you are right! I was prepping for a comp and since lockdown I have completely stopped any gear and the only form of exercise comes in the shape of push ups and sit ups with the occasional jog thrown into the mix. I was too slow getting equipment and loo roll
  10. Is Boris for real?

    Simple English would have verified what I wrote. It's not surprising a simple minded idiot such as yourself was more than happy with that "speech" Well done.
  11. Is Boris for real?

    You wrote more words than Boris actually said in that "speech" I heard a lot of IFs and MAYBEs like the rest of country, there was nothing concrete, no actual plan. Just let's wing it and see what happens. I'm glad those little graphs etc made by a 5 year old gave "you" comfort. Perhaps you should go on "YouTube" and watch it again lol
  12. Is Boris for real?

    What speech did you watch??? A real step by step breakdown, put that crack pipe down Don't make shut up.
  13. Is Boris for real?

    It was litreally waffle and IFs and MAYBEs. Another 3 weeks of nothing it is then...
  14. Gym open

    The thing is surely we are all going to have to catch it at some point otherwise let's never leave the house? It wont vanish away over night magically. You could be tested today and be fine but catch it tomorrow. I just don't know what government are doing? Yes, lockdown worked to ease the pressure on the NHS but now what and how long are we supposed to protect the nhs and "live" life indoors. It's sad so many have died but most that have are of dying age or had some form of underlining health issues. If chaps in their teens or 20s / 30s that were healthy were to be dropping like flies due to covid then I could understand this isolation and mass panic. I dunno, bored of it now. The number of deaths each day don't even register to me on an emotion level now. Rent over
  15. What easing of lock down may look like

    Haven't heard any bodybuilders dying from covid, surely that is plentyful reason to open gyms??