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  1. For the ladies

    @drwae that you?????
  2. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    @El Chapo Please could you provide any information on how "best" to run insulin and how to remain as safe as physically possible? I must admit I have done little research on it myself and would love if you could send useful links or information around insulin. I'm purely curious at this point and don't plan on running it anytime soon Many thanks
  3. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    As soon as I heard him say "basically" I knew from then it was all down hill from there lol I watched it twice and still don't know what "Mary" is Therapists wet dream
  4. 4th week into a cycle

    You train 4 hours a day?!! What does your program look like? You might be doing much
  5. Older or younger?

    Sounds like you are offering
  6. Is my ROHM legit ??

    I don't want to make anyone paranoid but the new label Rohm says Intra and the old says Inter. I'm sure this was a hot topic back in the day
  7. Starter steroid

    Can't go wrong with test only and will of course see massive growth as long as diet, training etc are dailed in. If you do suffer with mental health problems adding deca, tren and all the other goodies MIGHT make those issues worse
  8. Ssb squat vs back squat vs front squat

    Hack squat for me personally. I don't get on with barbell for some reason, feel more of a contraction with HS. Do whatever feels comfortable and actually feel work
  9. Guess who’s back motherf**kers

    Big dik shelia, that you????
  10. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Currently watching Ray Donovan, not on Netflix but equally worth a binge.
  11. Starter steroid

    Thyroid problems and mental health issues. I'd avoid anabolics like the plague.
  12. Ione pharma

    I use the pharma cialis which SG sell which are dirt cheap. 10mg per day and walking around like I'm pitching a tent
  13. Mast as an AI

    I also heard this with superdrol? I've never seen an evidence to suggest it does "help"
  14. With women banging on about equality, empowering, toxic-masculinity etc etc. I'm kicking back, waiting for my flowers and for her to splash the cash on a fancy restaurant.
  15. Tren sides

    Someone help. I got tren eye.