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  1. Pretty sure this flopped last time we tried? We should look to the German again, they don't f**k about when it comes to their rights. What do we do, sign an online petition
  2. I'm curious to know what are your plans upon returning to the gym, hopefully on the 03/12. Is the plan to jump back on cycle and start where you left off in terms of the weights being lifted before lockdown or easing back into it for a week or 2. Anyone used this time productively to come up with a new routine / diet plan? I found mid october I was burnt out on my current cycle / workout program so although as much as I hate this isolation it has probably done me a world of good in terms of resting and resetting. I plan to incorporate more compound movements into my routine squats, deadlifts, weighted pull ups and dips. I would avoid these movements as thought they are unnecessary for bodybuilding and the risk vs reward was not worth it - opting for the hack squats instead of the traditional barbell squats and rack pulls over deads. Anyway please share, nice to get an idea of what everyone else is planning. At least its not 3/4 months this time, we hope
  3. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    What do pubs / other activities have to do with school re opening exactly? And I thought kids were pretty much immune to this at one point? This "scientist" is one of those PTs you see in the gym who got their certificates from the dole office.
  4. Gyms Open - How was it?

    Push pull out the way and hoping we go back into quarantine before legs tomorrow as I am in so much pain lol.
  5. Nexus Oxys

    I purchase myself some anadrol and other goodies pending the start of a cycle Anyway 2 of the tubs are blue tablets 2 tubs are white. I mean they could be multi coloured for all I care as long as they do the job. Just seeing if anyone else experienced this, I know it could vary on the batch
  6. When Gyms Reopen

    A little off topic but is anyone jumping back on cycle as of tomorrow? I am in debating with myself that holding off for 3-4 weeks is the right move but then again what difference would it make, I am not exactly a beginner
  7. Retraining in your 30s

    How did you manage that? As I am also looking go retrain / gain some extra knowledge due to my job being at risk due to covid.
  8. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    It's a political statement. We are almost 5 months into this pandemic and NOW they want us wearing masks when the death rate and number of cases dropped massively. And most people will do it because of social pressure and not wanting to be seen doing the "polite" thing I recall one minister saying
  9. It's been a moment since...

    We had a "when are the gyms opening???!!!!!", post and I am missing them. Anyway who is back to work? And who is still playing the game of isolation while enjoying a nice pint down the pub and trips to the sea front to test their eye sights.
  10. Millionaires of UKM

    The Number 8 bus
  11. Gyms reopening.

    Can't play cricket because of TEA and dressing rooms according to Boris. You honestly think he will allow us to sweat our balls off in doors. I don't understand why companies are waiting for these idiots to give them approval anyway
  12. Gyms reopening.

    Thought he said they could open at the start of July? Funny how people believe in what he says when it directly effects them. I hope he does open them up mid July but I doubt it
  13. Gyms reopening.

    I see no reason as to why gyms and other places of health and fitness should remain shut, at least I haven't heard an official arugement for them to remain closed?? What implications would these places see If they were to ignore the governments "guided by the science" rules.
  14. White lives matter

    Football players ashamed of white lives matter banner last night at the man city game and condemn it. Yep, it's now officially shameful to be white lol Football players have the iq of my foreskin so not really bothered with their opinion.