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  1. Thanks any ideas on cycle support? Or any sups help with Cholesteryl Thanks Thanks! What oral would you recommend think h drol is fine? Anava is quite expensive to be honest and don’t really have a source for it
  2. Hi guys trt for life... Iv up my dose Tom 200mg a week to 300mg... but thinking should I do 600? Is it even worth it? If I do I’d have to up my Arimadex as I cuntrly take 1mg pill split 4 days a week .. Thanks
  3. Omg ???? I thought oh yay all rhese comments help me out on my blast but no ??? fml my own fault how about the blast guys,????
  4. Bro I’m sorry man I tried changing it I dntno man I swear I put the scribbling ??? I was thinking getting anavar but been scared about lip... ppl say if your lip are high just get off straight away can mess you up for life... and I’d have no way of telling can’t just go dr and be like yea this is what I’m on loll... and yes trt... I was thinking about H DROL... what’s type of lip sups are there? And I feel fat tbh I feel like I need lose about 20-30 pounds
  5. Haha yea that’s why I never took any cycle even tho I always wanted to I just knew there was no point ... but now being on trt it’s different I might aswel ... so thinking bump it up to 400mg and order some h drol
  6. I don’t understand I cut out my ass cheeks l????? sorry ... also I’m cutting atm I’m around 200 pounds 5,7 in a half I know how to diet macros I don’t everyday and change when needed slightly
  7. Oh no lmao guys how do I take this off lol I ment to Scribble my ass cheeks off I’m so sorry lmfao .... this is me now and the v been training on and off for good few years and Iv never done a cycle in my life .. o would never of done any cycle of I’m honest becuase i know there’s no point why cycle whe you lose most of it? But now that I’m on trt for life im thinking why not? ... so here’s my thoughts.. bumb it up to 400 mg and add h drol in there also what you guys think
  8. Legit jsit about to order h drop off PN.... I’m on trt for life so am I right in saying no need for a pct? Also anyone tried it? Thanks
  9. PH only help

    Hi I have been thinking months for my blast ... 300mg test a week and a PH .... but when I spoke to the guy from PN they said if I’m on trt a PH won’t do anything ... as a PH has to connect to testosterone from the body? Kinda made no sense.. thoughts? Thank s
  10. PH only help

    Thanks il give that guy another message see what his saying.... and you said Cholesteryl supplement afterwards? Not while? And you have any in mind? Thanks ?
  11. PH only help

    Well it says it’s legal to buy and use for personal use in U.K. but not legal to order online or abroad ? plus who knows what sites are legit and I know you can’t sauce on here so I won’t ask ..but yea il Give ehim a shout see what his saying about anava
  12. PH only help

    Well I alway think if I order online police gonna come lol I know I know just always been a good boy in that sense lol.... also I drink over a gallon a water a day as I know being on test can increase haemoglobin... I also donate blood every 3 months
  13. PH only help

    Also you said choose another PH... if not h drol what would you recommend
  14. PH only help

    Yes sorry I’m taken arimidex... ok I do have a guy said he can get anavar if I do decide to trust it what would be your recommendation dosage on that and again cycle support with that also I’m guessing? Thanks ?
  15. PH only help

    Thanks a lot... gonna order Monday... it says 50mg a day but some say 75? .. you think I neeed cycle support? And last thing... I use 1mg of novadex spilt in to 3 quarters .. a week shall I carry on with that also thanks a lot man
  16. PH only help

    I’d like to but I just don’t have sources that I can trust .... I’d of went with anavar ... but you think h drol would be fine for the first ? And wouldn’t need any pct right? Thanks a lot for reply man greatful
  17. Hey guys I’m on trt and I asked my dr if there was anything I could get to get rid of my gyno I have had it on the right nipple probs since I was 18-20 ... so I been on 10mg for about a month or 3 weeks thje upend it to 20mg for about 6-8 weeks sometimes I missed a few days but I don’t really feel like it’s working ... I did hear that it don’t work for eveyone Granted I need lose another 20-25 pounds but was wondering anyone thoughts? Thanks
  18. Split dose ?

    Smh you do your weekly injections bro il do mine
  19. Split dose ?

    You said Put out the argument to one side then you commented about the argument lmao listen everyone is different but it’s. Clear fact the less peaks and troughs there more steady blood levels some ppl on trt feel great with a trough at 14nmol ... does that mean his optimal ? No... someone with high shbg will be able to hold on to it longer then someone with low shbg but again it’s just a fact that more frequent injections is less peaks and troughs and is more stable but again each to there own lol
  20. Split dose ?

  21. Split dose ?

    Why are you calling me a muppet? Lol and why you so but hurt over my spelling? I f**k hot bitches and you spell better then me deal? https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/5373/pil your expects say your should inject testosterone once every 3 weeks ... your expects are endocrinologist who do not believe Oestrogen needs to be controlled they do not believe in hcg along side testosterone despite hcg mimic LH receptors and testys shrinking.. also a sense of well being some not all believe that shbg is not a factor also Like I said before you can keep your ‘expects’ and il keep the guys on the ground becuase that’s what it all comes down to for exsample on paper sus looks great once every 3 weeks but infact it’s not muppet lol
  22. Split dose ?

    Try and show me where I said blast phase will lose fat? BecuaEe that’s legit a lie lol I asked it as I haven’t done a blast before .. nothing wrong with that and did you really just say peaks and trough are lower that don’t mean there stable ? Smh im not listen to bro Science either im listen to the best dr we have in the uk talking about why frequent dose is better if you don’t believe that then cool
  23. Split dose ?

    Specialist would be endocrinologist right ? Well you clearly don’t know anything about them either becuase Iv has 4 appointments in a year and 4 didn’t endo and they all thought testosterone Enanthate is injected once evey 12 months they also don’t agree with shbg Beijing a factor they also don’t believe that your oestrogen is a issue they also will take you off trt if you want a child and out you on hcg ... instead of understanding hcg mimics our Lh receptors and helps with facility in a sense of well-being you stick to your specialists and il praise this guy who single handle is changing how testosterone in the UK is .... his left the nhs becuaAe of there one way thinking .. also English? I ain't to great at spelling but I f**k hot bitches so it’s cool