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  1. What’s best PH go with? On predictor they sell epistane I heard it acts as a anti oestrogen but I’m on 0.75mg of astistrol a week anyways so should I not take that? Thanks
  2. Oh lmao I was thinking that tbh ... I’m deffo no gen on the subject but I was pretty sure they are steroids ?.... is there any you would recommend ? As I have been told by predictor nutrition that there still legal .. so I’m guessing fine to discuss on here? Thanks a lot
  3. Yea I didn’t mean that lol I’m on trt legal for rest of my life so deffo not coming off ... but I want to increase dose to 250 and maybe throw a Prohormone in but was told there useless if on trt
  4. Sorry if it wasn’t clear ... what I was asking is ok first let me be clear .. I’m a bitch when it comes to getting steroids I just can’t take someone off someone in gym or whatever lol it’s just not me ... I know Pro hormones are more toxic then actual steroids but I know what they are so that’s my reason for going down that root so my question is ... can I use Pr hormones with trt .. I always thought so but when I asked the guy from the store he said Pro hormones just increase your natural testosterone so if your on trt there’s no point .... I did ask if he is getting Pro hormones confused with test boosters .. he said no
  5. Hi guys, I was just gonna order like h drop or somthing but the guy said there’s no point if I’m on trt becuaAe I don’t have natural testosterone in my body to it won’t raise it? I was sure ph was a steroids anabolic
  6. F##k the NHS off!!

    Yh his retired
  7. Hey guys so we leaving eu on 31st and I won’t be able to sent my scripts to Germany for testosterone enathnste.... so I might have to go back to sus.... as testosterone e is legit £30-£35 per amp in UK and that’s just unrealistic! ... I feel way better on testosterone e thje sus but beggars can’t be choosers so everyone is taken it EOD ( which I didn’t do ) how would one go about this? Like I inject twice a week in my delts ... how do you guys do it? Wouldn’t it cause a lot of scaring ? As you can’t do a subq becuase if the pip thabsk a lot
  8. Thanks guys think il just go another month and see how it goes, I have had gyno for years so who knows I will lose bodyfat get to about 8-10 % and see how I do thanks a lot
  9. Hey guys I’m on trt and I asked my dr if there was anything I could get to get rid of my gyno I have had it on the right nipple probs since I was 18-20 ... so I been on 10mg for about a month or 3 weeks thje upend it to 20mg for about 6-8 weeks sometimes I missed a few days but I don’t really feel like it’s working ... I did hear that it don’t work for eveyone Granted I need lose another 20-25 pounds but was wondering anyone thoughts? Thanks
  10. Dr Stevens or Dr Savage

    Dr savage if you have low funds but dr Steven is by far the best in the uk
  11. Haha my spellings s**t sorry ..... so you think for my first blast 250mg for about 12 weeks should be fine?
  12. Sorry if it’s stupid I did try look around see if anyone posted this ....... also what is you guys advice on blasting? Currently on test e 125mg a week 1 mg of arimdex spread threw 3 days a week novadex 20mg a day ( I guess as I had low t at a young age my Asians the crept up and caused abit of gyno so my gp gave me this see if it would help would upping my dose to 250 a week make much of a differences ? Cheers
  13. Clearly just joking around with him ??
  14. Lol how am I to know that sites legit? Lol I mean am I missing somthing here?
  15. Awww man fml lol thanks though greatful for the reply’s