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  1. People questioning if you're on the juice...

    Been asked lots of times. It's never really bothered me other than some people thinking I'm lying. People assuming I'm using is one thing, but thinking I'm lying to them is another. At first I used to joke about it, but then found that most of the people at my gym thought I was using tren and test (no idea why tren).
  2. Casting for new TV Show

  3. Rice info

    Ok, so a bag of microwave rice plus some steamed veg will come in at around 400 cals with almost no protein or fat. Maybe a bit higher depending on what rice you use.
  4. Rice info

    What do you mean by "ok". They are all just rice, it's all the same stuff. All the microwave bags are pretty much the same serving size. Even if they have added ingredients, they are generally not oily or sugary sauces. Also, as others have asked, are you planning on eating JUST rice and veg? I.e. what protein and fat are you having with these meals?
  5. Casting for new TV Show

    I'm a gym leader, and yes I wear a 'special' t-shirt. ...and sometimes shorts.
  6. Brexit and Lost gains

    Why would you eat chlorinated chicken because we leave the UK? Nobody can make you eat anything you don't want, and the only ones who will eat it are the ones who don't care (and chlorinated chicken would be the least of their dietary evils). Besides, we already have chlorinated salad and spinach, but nobody seems to mind (or they don't know).
  7. Eddy hall

    There's a couple of videos on you tube where he challenges Beard Meets Food to eating competitions. The guys a quarter of his size and runs rings around him.
  8. Putting too much fat on - belly!

    You're going to need to calculate your calories which your currently consuming. Not just for the success of your bulk, but you'll need this to plan a cut or you'll either not loose weight, or loose too much muscle and end up back at your starting weight.
  9. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    I've always voted conservative, but it'll be lib dem for me this time. I wish I could believe Corbyns dream, but as far as I can tell, that's all it is and some of it is laughable. Tories have always been the most sensible to me, even though some of their policies are harsh medicine. But they are also responsible for Brexit which I'm struggling to forgive them for. But, I'm currently homeless and still haven't received my voting card even though I registered weeks ago...
  10. Resetting Digestive System/Gut Cleanse

    I don't really go for the detox or reset theory, but starting from just meat, veg and water sounds like a good plan. I've also read that fasting is beneficial to your gut bacteria. Since I started IF I've noticed I fart a lot less (unless I eat apples or grenade bars).
  11. Eddie vs Golf

    Yes, the videos with him, Brian and Oberst are really entertaining. Poor Brian always seems to get it...
  12. UK's Strongest Man

    If it were not for weight classes and age categories, then I would never be able to compete! As it is, I can hold my own (just about) in the skinny old weakling class! In regard to kgs in relation to body weight, yes the weight goes up with body weight, but it's not a linear relation. A 3x body weight lift becomes more difficult the heavier you are. This is why the wilks scoring exists. Other than combat sports, observers are only interested in the open class as this is the spectacle. Unless you actually compete in the sport, nobody knows who won the sub 100kg world strongest man, or who came first in the master category of the london marathon.
  13. UK's Strongest Man

    Was at a comp yesterday, and Sam Talyor was there (not competing) who was recently competing in WSM. There was also a guy (not sure of his name, forgot to ask and results not released yet) who recently won Wales Strongest Man, maybe 2019. It was his first PL comp, and he was a frigging beast. His squat was so damn fast, although he got red lighted on his opener for touching the collars (he squats strong man style, grip touching the plates).
  14. The game changers on Netflix

    I think hmgs may be referring to the fact that this has already been discussed to death in general.
  15. Anyone know much about scientology?

    They come from the deluded mugs who have to pay to go up the hierarchy, in the belief that they have achieved something and are members of an elite. It's targeted at idiots who have; Low self esteem. Plenty of cash. Hence, Tom Cruise is their perfect disciple...