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  1. anavar dont aromatise, and thats why i posted on here about the test even tho tbh theres ai's but made my mind up and isnt worth it
  2. What can i say, the ladys love it
  3. Wheres your pics mate? looking at your posts all you do is talk bollocks on peoples posts and talk about deca haha. Ive triggered you and just wanted to rub it in more imagine being triggered by a fatboy haha. and nah var isnt what i need i will stick to what im doing for now as i wouldnt want to progress into a limp dick w**ker like yourself trololol
  4. I havnt come here asking for respect lmfao, im posting on a forum full of ripped f**kers that im a recovering fatty and that anavar has been suggested to me and wanted a second opinion on whether its a good idea or not i obv dont care about critisism do i retard? but your just posting random s**t with no advice so jog on ya dwalf on deca. Got my advice now anyway, cheers fellas. I might be a "DYEL" but im starting with 16 inch arms watch me in 5 years you skinny deca dwalf
  5. Wasnt holding stomache in just tensing abs as i got chub around my gut haha Do you think i should just diet hard with a big calorie deficit then worry about gaining muscle later? what weight would you say i should aim for before focusing on building muscle?
  6. damn i must of really upset you im sorry lil guy but you came writing s**t on here with nothing constructive to say haha. Stop sending me PM's with pictures of your aesthetics ffs...
  7. 6'4 14 stone 10 dont know waist /chest but ill get ir measured and reply
  8. Respect for the 36% to 10% ive dropped nearly 3 and a half stone in 9months, i was lead to believe the var would help me recover faster therefore train more and keep things more consistent and that i could drop more calories whilst maintaining muscle. Would you recommend i carry on dropping fat natty slowly and leave the gear for bulking when im at a lower body fat %? if so would i need to do pct considering ive only been on it 2 weeks?
  9. Would you not say 15-25% bf with perfect bp and resting heart rate of 55 is healthy? I asked for info about anavar and only 1 experienced guy replied with sensible info who hasnt got ego problems, says it all haha.
  10. Diffrent goals and diffrent genes mate, personally i think someone whos 6% bf full of tren/clen/dnp is about as healthy as someone whos 40%bf and has aids lol.
  11. Wouldnt say im fat/obese tbh haha
  12. Mate come to the powerlifting gym i train at and tell 90% of the people there who are over 20% bf and deffo on gear lol. not everyone wants to be a insecure veiny fucker lol.
  13. maybe im using them scales that estimate it.
  14. Thanks mate and yeah it seems like i been misold this anavar and its only usefull for people at a low bf% prob going to drop it and add in 2 days cardio instead. been dieting and lost 4 stone so far but im starting to lose strenght. my goal is 18% bf wouldnt want to drop beyond that tbh. didnt know 14 stone 10 is obese at 6 foot 4 lol. Ill look into that myfitnesspal, looks usefull cheers fella.