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    sohamboy20 reacted to strawberry123 in peoples opinion on DHB   
    Use the search bar.... multiple threads already
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Shergar in Rohm new print on labels?   
    Yes, they are the new labels, my source has his full range in these now.
    Looks like they have invested heavily into these new labels, maybe they should of done a few years ago to reduce the amount of fakes that have circulated over the years, still better late than never.
    EDIT: I’m sorry guys my bad, looked like the chrome/silver/black ones I got last week, will put my glasses on before verifying on here next time fellas.
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    sohamboy20 reacted to faipdeooiad in Anyone Ever Heard of Cheshire Labs?   
    Agreed, it’s literally odd that an illegal steroid manufacturer has literally disappeared. Literally such poor customer service.
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    sohamboy20 reacted to PsychedUp in Help with my anabol, fake or not?   
    Best dbol I ever took, and their anadrol was insane too. Was easy to get and cheap as chips, those were the days 
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    sohamboy20 got a reaction from jjtreml in ROHM Rip Blend (Fake?)   
    I had fake Rohm that looked very similar to this of a supposedly highly rated well reviewed source on eroids so I’d say fake mate unfortunately.
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    sohamboy20 reacted to jd in Where is best for needles?   
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Sasnak in Corona Virus - Chinese raws - UGLs.   
    I’d be more worried about the impact of the raws ban that won’t have a massive impact anyway because there’s too much money involved.
    Whilst I’m no expert and I’m referring from memory back to a gcse I did in biology over 30 years ago, doesn’t a virus not have a “body” and relies on living in the cells of something that’s alive (or recently deceased) to be able to survive? If so, I can’t see drug raws being affected.
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    sohamboy20 reacted to sos2008 in China's ban on raws Jan 2020   
    My contact in china who manufactures raws directly that i use for hgh/hcg is still not shipping out under any circumstances but one of the others is but only for trusted long term customers so f**k knows. I think it be a while until people feel the effects but i would be surprised if labs don't use it as an excuse to put up prices of current batches. As usual the end user will get royally shafted but it could all end up being noise.
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    sohamboy20 got a reaction from darren.1987 in Is Balkan Pharma Test E legit? Blood work analysis please help   
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to JohnnySack in BIO-GENA TREN E ANYONE used it before any reviews or know of it   
    Trenbolone Enanthate
    EACH 1ML CONTAINS: Testosterone Enanthate
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Sasnak in Getting myself to inject   
    I’m genuinely sat here pissing myself. Christ Almighty, why didn’t anyone else think of this.
    Yes op, pop along to your gp surgery with your syringe containing an undetermined compound that you purchased off the internet and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help. 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Towel in Nexus labs   
    Using exact same blend mate, it’s class 
    Reason it gets questioned is surprisingly around the time other labs are being pushed, random accounts claim they’ve used every single oral and they were all bunk, yet have no proof and can’t explain why they would keep buying more products when they were all apparently bunk 
    For people that have been here a while it’s not hard to spot bs posts but for newer lads I can see why it would be confusing and tbh is why these random accounts do it.  
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Cronus in Nexus Tbol   
    I've been using nexus gear for last 10 years, been training for 6 years and has always been 100% on point, if not overdosed. Dozens of blood work and lab reports to prove it
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Towel in Nexus labs   
    Course mate  suppose some of the most respected members on here are just liars then and somehow deleting the hundredS of other bad reports that don’t seem to exist 
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    sohamboy20 got a reaction from MrBrightside in Nexus labs   
    Had a feeling you’d chime in considering every post regarding nexus your quick to jump in saying how good every product you’ve used is showing blood work etc it’s not like it’s not well known that certain labs get pushed on these forums,  just posting mine and a close mate of mines personal experience with the lab and it’s orals and your suggesting I don’t know how to train/use AAS grow up mate..... 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to hmgs in Nexus labs   
    Tried their Anadrol, and winny - can't say they've done anything apart from turn my piss orange. Triumph Tbol just gave me stomach ache... Thought I was expecting too much then AoB posts strength gains on winny from day one - either I'm a none responder or someone's taking the (orange) piss
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Crackerman in This is not infected, is it?   
    So you knew not to take so much and instead quadrupled the dose and then come on here asking for help? 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to DrRinse in Triumph or nexus ??   
    I found the same myself with the Test and Tren A. The test is defo good and the Tren A effects very noticeable from day one. I have a vial of Nexus Tren E so hopefully it's g2g. Else I still have some old Triumph Tren E that was very good before.
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    sohamboy20 got a reaction from Dr Gearhead in Nexus Test and Deca 400   
    Literally 12 weeks in on this using both right now 1ml of each (Monday, Thursday) can pip occasionally but I put that down to technique sometimes and not massaging the area after injecting, all seems good tho
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    sohamboy20 reacted to comp07974 in New Triumph   
    I'm using old and new triumph and dont get a single bit of pip (anymore) since changing injection site and needle size, all good to go. 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Towel in Dunning labs   
    I’d find a better source, that’s a shocking list of labs 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to stuey99 in New Triumph   
    I switched from the old triumph test enth to new triumph about a month ago...all good!!
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Lloyd H in New Triumph   
    Currently using the new triumph testosterone enanthanate 400mg on my cruise, using half a ml so 200mg e7d and it's doing what it should, had bloods done 6 weeks into cruise and testosterone level came back as 49nmol.
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    sohamboy20 reacted to AestheticManlet in New Triumph   
    Been using the npp for a little while now no complaints. 
    200 test cyp 300 npp a week. The cyp is old triumph though. 
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    sohamboy20 reacted to Towel in New Triumph   
    @Lloyd H is the only person I’ve seen on here use it, ohh and @AestheticManlet I think but might be wrong