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  1. Inone pharma - in1 source

    What are those products mate? The 200mg npp is definitely enticing
  2. What Lab for Anavar ?

    Almost finished a tub of Nexus Anavar now then I’ve got 2 tubs of Inone Anavar to move on to after, the Nexus is good stuff hoping the Inone is decent too.
  3. What video games are you all playing?

    I’ve just recently bought a GameCube from CEX, I had one years ago and recently found all the games in a box in the garage so thought why not. Been enjoying games like Luigis mansion and sonic again, also got an n64 which I specifically got to relive my youth and play goldeneye on.
  4. Nothing is better than tren for sex drive for me.
  5. As per title anyone used thriva for blood work and would recommend over the more popular medichecks?. I assume medichecks is preferred for a reason but just seeing as a mate of mine recently used thriva. cheers
  6. Nexus tren a nexus mast p

    Used the Tren ace at 1.5ml eod for 10 weeks couldn’t sleep for s**t and soaked the bed when I managed to nod of much to my girlfriends disgust, It thinned my hair and I’m still finding hairs in my hands 4 months later when putting product in, but on the upside it made me very strong and got me into probably the best shape I’ve been in so yeah very good stuff.
  7. Serious suggestion now, Nigel Farage
  8. Sage advise Gyms close again

    That’s what I’m saying, we all know gyms aren’t the problem especially if that gym adheres to the rules and regulations regarding sanitizing cleaning social distancing etc. Now with it being mandatory to wear a face mask in all public settings shops for example I can’t see the virus being transmitted anywhere else other than pubs and restaurants and all these fools protesting in London and people in general not listening to the rules and regulations.
  9. My first sarms cycle

    Ahh yes that too how could I have missed that one out
  10. Sage advise Gyms close again

    I personally can’t see them closing gyms again, pretty sure Boris Johnson come out and said people’s health and fitness is paramount in fighting coronavirus.
  11. My first sarms cycle

    What sort of 17 year old contemplates using PED’S though, when I was 17 I was more focused on learning to drive and playing PlayStation.
  12. Mast & hair

    My hair has always been thick although I noticed it thin a bit after a high dose tren cycle, nothing to lose my rag over but ever so slightly. However for some reason I feel like my hair is healthier and thicker on cycle maybe due to an increase in estrogen, I’ve just started a new cycle of deca test and low dose mast and I’m not worried at all.
  13. Ped profile threads - anavar

    If you search for “Performance enhancing drug discussion: Anavar” in the search bar you will find it. PS: if your looking for info on another compound replace the Anavar with something such as Masteron and there you go
  14. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I don’t see a problem with that, there’s not enough British people as it is, remove the illegals and non skilled immigrants I guarantee that would solve this country’s overcrowding problem and would relieve the NHS, housing and benefit system which we pay for in higher taxes.
  15. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Yes the country is overcrowded but for a different reason than the one you stated
  16. Best labs currently

    I am not wrong this is what I believe, a bunch of guys on a forum doesn't make me wrong. Trying not to brown nose you lol but I’m a bit flummoxed how anyone can really argue with you when you’ve had years and years of experience when it comes to AAS usage, and have built the physique that you’ve got and competed with, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.
  17. Galenika test e

    People do though, must be a reason people blindly buy fake pharma gear and post on her whether it’s legit or not when they can just buy a well known ugl.
  18. Galenika test e

    I was planning on purchasing the galenikas because they are pharma but I haven’t done so yet mate, I might give a few amps a go but a full 15 week cycle is gunna cost 2x more or less than a cycle of inone or nexus, and I do believe test is test nexus and inone will have the dosing pretty much spot on and they are 50mg/ml more than the galenikas. Only reason I and other people will buy the galenikas I believe is because they look fancy and you get boasting rights saying you’ve got pharma test it’s a bit like steroid pornography lol.
  19. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Quality! Awesome dogs aren’t they, bundles of character
  20. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    My french bulldog Rupert strong as anything little beast
  21. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Start a petition