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  1. Time once opened

    Would this be the same for orals? Would orals tabs go off overtime once opened or will be good to go again if the cap is securely put back on and left in a cupboard for example.
  2. B6 help

    I’m almost certain it has a lot to do with reducing tren sides or helping with them at the very least.
  3. HGH Advice

    Alright chaps I’m currently toying with the idea of running hgh for the first time, I’ve run my fair share of steroid cycles with all different types of steroids Deca, tren, Anadrol dbol for example, I’m just after some advice on how to cycle hgh cycle length etc and how many iu’s I should take per day or every other day size and muscle gain obviously being the goal. If it helps I can get hold of hygetropin 100iu black top hgh kits. Thanks in advance
  4. ROHM Rip Blend (Fake?)

    I had fake Rohm that looked very similar to this of a supposedly highly rated well reviewed source on eroids so I’d say fake mate unfortunately.
  5. Where is best for needles?

    Boots pharmacy for me, I ask for two steroid packs and they come with two needle bins and loads of alcohol swabs blue and green needles and 2.5ml syringes, 2 packs would last a whole cycle.
  6. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    Seems to have all gone a bit quiet, anyone know anything, business as usual for raw suppliers?
  7. Advice on Abscess please

    I had an abscess that looked very similar to this back in April 2019 on my left glute, I went to the doctors after about a week or so of high dose ibuprofen not doing anything and it was starting to leak fluid through my boxers and my jeans... gross I know, and they confirmed it was infected and if it wasn’t drained it would potentially poison my blood, my sister is a fully qualified nurse at a surgery however so every night along with taking ibuprofen I’d head round her house she would take of the old bandage cut a hole in the abscess and physically squeeze all the Fluid out then she’d re-bandage it, I was doing this for around 1 and half weeks till things finally got better and a year later my glute is fine confirmed by doctors and I’ve been back injecting it during my cycles ever since. hope this helps
  8. Cenzo pharma test e sorry about pic

    How you rating the tren? Thinking of getting some and running at 400mg a week.
  9. Nexus labs

    Reason for that is Nexus was all that me and a mate of mine could get at the time and thought maybe we just got unlucky with the different orals, the only Oral I really hear get raved about is the 50mg Anavar but I’ve since given up with the lab.
  10. Nexus labs

    Had a feeling you’d chime in considering every post regarding nexus your quick to jump in saying how good every product you’ve used is showing blood work etc it’s not like it’s not well known that certain labs get pushed on these forums, just posting mine and a close mate of mines personal experience with the lab and it’s orals and your suggesting I don’t know how to train/use AAS grow up mate.....
  11. Nexus labs

    I know what your saying, bought countless orals from multiple labs and only very few have been good and actually done anything... its so hit and miss with orals 9 times out of 10 miss. Don’t listen to all the nexus hype of people on here I’ve used a few of the oils which where decent test e, deca, tren a but the orals are shite me and a close mate have tried the winstrol, tbol, 50mg dbol, Superdrol, Anadrol and all did nothing we was taking 3 a day for two weeks of each and nothing.
  12. Nexus labs

    Yeh used both the deca was decent the dbol was shite though just like all the other orals I’ve used From nexus
  13. Dragon oxy

    Nope but I’m pretty sure they will be bang on just like everything else dragon pharma produces, anabolic lab tested these and came back at 48.3mg per tablet however this was back in 2017.
  14. Bad pip

    Must of been bad technique on my part or I’m not used to the carrier oil who knows, the codes on the pharmacom vials checked out on the pharmacom website also