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  1. What Lab for Anavar ?

    Didnt use them in the end, will be using them the last 10 weeks of this cycle. Will update then
  2. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    yes very true, be good if a lab sees this and decides to produce a nandrolone cyp *Hint* *Hint*
  3. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    I’ve still got 4 vials of the 200mg/ml Inone npp in my stash, don’t wanna run them now seeing as they are rare and a one off lol.
  4. So all these places you have looked online that gives it “such bad press” didn’t also give a reason why... right If you did properly look online you’ll also find the answer to your question.
  5. Sis?

    I’ve heard ROHM is a good lab
  6. Hair loss protocol...

    If you type ‘Nizoral Shampoo’ in on google it comes up with anti dandruff stuff. Is this the right thing to buy?
  7. Hair loss protocol...

    Could try minoxidil (Regaine) you can buy 3 months supply for £40 off Amazon. Especially good at thickening up hair It might work for you it might not, definitely worth a try though
  8. Warrior UGL

    I’ve seen this lab being sold on Instagram, that speaks volumes in itself really.
  9. ROHM Anadrol colour

    Yes they are spot on, a close mate of mine has run them numerous times and I’ve seen them in the flesh. He loves them
  10. Best Test E recommendation

    ROHM Nexus Dark Ghost SG Inone All these regularly mentioned and highly rated labs on here make a 300mg/ml Test E. Test E is Test E, the results from all of them will be exactly the same no matter what you choose, the only difference will be the carrier oils.
  11. He left a comment on the JP forum that there is only 2 labs he uses, trusts and advises to use and that’s ROHM and Inone.
  12. Has to be either Luton or Croydon.
  13. SG anavar

    Thought you was quite happy with Nexus and Inone?
  14. AstraZeneca and blood clots

    There won’t be anything wrong with the AstraZeneca vaccine, as mentioned previously the CDC and World Health Organisation has said it’s safe and effective. All of the story’s surfacing from EU countries about the vaccine causing blood clots etc is heavily politically motivated, because of Brexit and competition from other vaccines.