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  1. RU58841 - your experience?

    Did you use regaine?
  2. Sphinx

    Good lab mate be careful with their orals though they are all different colours... Remember to check with us on here if they are legit if you do buy any of their orals.
  3. HCG year round?

    Haha she did say if the baby comes out mixed race I shouldn’t be suspicious as her great grandad was Nigerian
  4. HCG year round?

    My birds 9 weeks pregnant and we conceived when I was on a blast of 1G test and pharma naps. This whole infertility thing due to steroids is way over exaggerated
  5. Labs for DHB

    @Towel Guessing you haven’t tried the Chiron 150mg dhb then, please do update us when you do
  6. RU58841 - your experience?

    What so it actually regrows/thickens your hair instead of just preventing more thinning and loss? Gunna have to get some if that’s the case
  7. Ronnie Coleman natty

    Yeah I think so to you have to remember he was a policeman for many years. In a recent interview I watched on YouTube the interviewer was asking about steroids etc and Ronnie said everything he took always came prescribed from a doctor... Yeh ok
  8. Ronnie Coleman natty

    Doesn’t Ronnie himself claim to be natty in his first few Olympia’s, he reckons he only started taking gear because he was placing so bad in the early Olympias
  9. Advar pharma 10ml

    Scotland, I think...
  10. Good progression, keep going
  11. Lockdown plan

    Was hoping you’d give some feedback what the inone 200mg npp is like
  12. Lockdown plan

  13. 2nd National Lockdown soon?

    People should just stop going to get fu**ing tested! Less tests done then less confirmed infections and less chance of being thrown into lockdown.
  14. First cycle

    It’s entirely up to you, I’ve never run it on cycle as that was the general advice at the time when I first started and that I should run it in my PCT. A lot of people these days and the general advice is to now run it during cycle to prevent shutdown. I’ve just started my first cruise but up until recently I’ve always run HCG with my PCT after my cycles and always recovered just fine before starting my next cycle.
  15. First cycle

    Not necessarily as we know it’s very person dependant, I’ve done 1g of test (highest I’ve run) with no AI and still not had the slightest of problems where puffy nipples are concerned. The only time I suffered some sort of gyno was when I was running silly high dbol with no nolvadex but I was doing 80mg a day, but still even then was only a tiny tiny pea sized lump behind my right nipple which has since disappeared. My advice to OP is to have AI on hand but on 500mg test he may not need it but say he does he’s got it there to nip any early signs of puffy nipples and high estrogen sides in the bud early as possible.