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    ThatsLife reacted to Ken Hutchinson in 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off   
    Well a few of us on here said all this bollox from the very start, its all a con.
    THOUSANDS of Covid deaths are set to be wiped off official records following an urgent review into counting “flaws”.
    Scientists raised the alarm after discovering anyone who tests positive and later dies is currently included in the Public Health England numbers - even if they are hit by a bus months later.
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    BLM Cherry pick agendas mate.
    16 people died in police custody last year 1 was black?
    So much for white privilege lol
    In my experience anywhere highly populated around the world with people of colour has a catastrophic crime and violence rate?
    Must be everyone else’s fault huh?
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    ThatsLife reacted to jjtreml in PETITION: BAN RACIST B.L.M. PARAMILITARY WING!   
    This is actually good advice.
    BLM are very similar to children having a tantrum/meltdown because they didn't get their own way.
    Ignore them and move on.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Sasnak in Who thinks gyms will close again and not even open 24/7?   
    My uncle Dave made sure it didn’t hurt 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Sasnak in Who thinks gyms will close again and not even open 24/7?   
    Fors. Didn’t you write a thread the weekend gyms opened talking about how you trained with a hangover and had a seizure? 
    Also, do you find that in social situations if you are talking to a group of people they start melting off until the point where you are standing on your own?
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    ThatsLife reacted to neverminder in Sage advise Gyms close again   
    Or, just a crazy idea - they should have not done the stupid аss lockdown in the first place. Sweden didn't do it and look, somehow 99.9999% of swedes are still alive. After all, this virus is so deadly that you need to have a test to find out if you even had it.
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    ThatsLife reacted to PSevens2017 in Who thinks gyms will close again and not even open 24/7?   
    You need to stop drinking altogether. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to daringhorse in Who thinks gyms will close again and not even open 24/7?   
    All comes down to politics mate. It's well established by now the pandemic is all politics and little science. Everybody is now all of a sudden an expert which should ring alarm bells. We are only experts if the debate has been deliberately forced on us to self manage and mitigate. How could we answer all these questions? Well, remember self policing? Self policing was really throwing this sh*t show onto the general population and abdicating responsibility of the government and letting us battle it out while being programmed by mainstream news and dodgy stats, but if you take us off the planet and then assess the situation - do you think things would have been this messed up? Obviously not. Do you think there would have been a big loss of life? Nope. This world has experienced events far more threatening to human life than a disease which so far, just like when it kicked off, has been no more serious than a strong variation of the flu. It's all made up in the heads of the people who unfortunately make this planet function, simple as that. And so it's down to whether the politics have any affect on the subjects under the rule of the governments establishing these policies. If they can get away with escapades like this from now on they will turn a dog fart into a global pandemic overnight, and the sad thing is people would genuinely witness their own asses falling out when they see the news: Dog farts. World is over. You would have people banging on your door telling you how to live your life if it really came down to it. You would have thought police monitoring whether you actually believed in dog farts or not and if you didn't you'd be rounded up and thrown in a psychiatric ward. This sh*it is real and has happened throughout history until the minority of dissenters turned into the majority.
    This is how it all unfolds when you have a massive psy-op fuelled by an incentive to radically change the direction our world is heading. It's happened throughout history when the powerful have done something to change how the mere mortals below them should have; absolute control by the church, slavery, feudalism, various wars which on paper and with facts have no substance (war on drugs, war on terror and now war on human biology) etc. It's the only way to ensure the direction in which we should be heading (according to those who have all the money, power and influence) actually happens.
    So can it happen again? Absolutely. Will it? Who knows. If you count how many years between the wars we've had over the last few decades you'll see some restbite and then something has to magically appear which requires our full support (like bombing the sh*t out of some poor innocent country - for resources and to force regime change) which then changes how we live. Global recessions, resets, changes to society on a massive scale, new laws that come into place etc it's all par for the course when things have to be mixed up in order to suit the interests of those pulling the strings behind the scenes. Our governments are complicit without much choice and answer to powers far greater than them. Boris actually didn't want to lock down the country to begin with. Maybe that was him rebelling against the WHO who were pushing how deadly this virus was? But he had to buckle because utlimately his head would have been on the chopping block. You can't anger the people with all the resources, money and power who lurk behind global policy. Then we have WHO backed and sponsored entities who created models which then ensured our government stuck to the path, despite them now being massively wrong. The very guy who made them was found breaking the laws he recommended come into effect. It's all politics mate. It's all a smoke screen.

    The only way to stop it is like we have done over generations of modern society standing up and demanding answers and then if they are not provided defending our rights and refusing to allow the change to happen. When that happens no government has the power to stand up to an entire country. Try defending Downing Street from 67 MILLION people descending on London to protest against these measures. The government would surrender in a matter of days, simple as that. Perhaps even hours.
    The answer sadly lies in how much faith you have in people you call citizens of this country. Whether they continue to wish for this to go on, whether they are complicit and complacent in these policies dictating peoples lives. And whether you have faith in the scientific fields and from so-called 'experts' to do the right thing and speak up for disciplines they apparently enjoy so much to actually have spent their life studying and working in.
    Long post but it's the truth. All comes down to the people and whether they are going to go another round or two or three or infinite of this before saying enough is enough.
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    ThatsLife reacted to swole troll in Sage advise Gyms close again   
    Close them.
    Pubs, schools, shops, all of it 
    And we can all stay locked in until 2021 
    Better safe than sorry.
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    ThatsLife reacted to AncientOldBloke in Wife has a long face during sex   
    Real rock stars don't try to fix incompatibilty. They simply give up and start again.
    But more seriously, you first need to identify WHY you want to stay rather than leave.
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    ThatsLife reacted to PSevens2017 in Wife has a long face during sex   
    Have no fear, dear friend, the gen con, non-lifting virgins will give you all the advice you don’t need to make things no better! 
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    ThatsLife reacted to SILV3RBACK in Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?   
    All of it please. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Jordan08 in Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?   
    Looks like a breakfast of champions to me.
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    ThatsLife reacted to AncientOldBloke in Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?   
    Delight whilst eating
    Disgust after eating
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    ThatsLife reacted to monkeez in Sage advise Gyms close again   
    All kinds of protests been going on for a couple of months now....pubs reopened....people allowed to mix more....gyms reopened a week ago so let's blame them
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    ThatsLife reacted to mrwright in Sage advise Gyms close again   
    That woman's mask is on incorrect
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    ThatsLife reacted to Youdontknowme in Sage advise Gyms close again   
    Sage can go f**k themselves. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Mrmotivator in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    What do pubs / other activities have to do with school re opening exactly? 
    And I thought kids were pretty much immune to this at one point?
    This "scientist" is one of those PTs you see in the gym who got their certificates from the dole office.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Jackoffblades in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    There pets should be put down as punishment aswell and there dearly beloved grandparents to be bummed in front of them as there forced to watch but there watching whiles also being bummed aswell......also the ones doing the bumming have aids 
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    ThatsLife reacted to monkeybiker in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    sounds a bit homophobic to me
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    ThatsLife reacted to EpicSquats in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    All the women who go on holiday and come back showing symptoms of Covid should be brought to my house for a punishment bumming. I'm willing to make that sacrifice for the greater good.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Tonysco in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    So they have covid but feel well enough to go on holiday? Hardly sounds like a virus to panic about. 
    If they were bed ridden, like you can be with loads of other stuff, I might see a point but that's not the case.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Kill Kcal in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    Tell me about it, wheres Heisenberg when you need him!
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    ThatsLife reacted to ByTheNumbers in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    How many 'spikes' will it take before our government considers the possibility that lockdowns are not working and maybe Sweden actually had a better long term strategy?
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    ThatsLife reacted to Tonysco in Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen   
    I wonder how many people have lost their livelihoods and are in danger of becoming homeless due to the decisions made by "some scientist" over the past few months.