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    ThatsLife reacted to gymaddict1986 in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Seem to be quite a few people in interested in homosexuality on this board. Getting a little worried about you lot  
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    ThatsLife reacted to Ken Hutchinson in Wonder Woman 1984   
    I did watch the first one, but saw so many bad reviews about this one, that I gave it a miss.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Donny dog in The best supermarket pizza thread   
    I’ve just had one because my shift partner at work floated the idea. 
    It was absolute shite and because he’s in his early 20’s and I’ve just turned 40 he won’t have to train for about 2 hours to burn the thing off and I now hate myself.
    Actually feel like Sherman Klump did when he was stuffing his face with ice cream watching women in skin tight Lycra doing step aerobics whilst sobbing his eyes out
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    ThatsLife got a reaction from Ken Hutchinson in Wonder Woman 1984   
    Lol, what else do you expect from UKM? 
    And as for the film, what a load of feminist tripe!
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    ThatsLife reacted to Ken Hutchinson in Wonder Woman 1984   
    Have I stumbled into the fairy boy forum by mistake lol
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    ThatsLife got a reaction from js77 in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Who cares, gay's gonna gay anyway.
    Live and let live.
    No homo......
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    ThatsLife reacted to scottysafc in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Partly this! 
    Lets be honest most lads are like a dog with two dicks, and lasses have offers coming out their ears. Nine times out of ten lasses are going to chose the best looking/richest bloke for a bit of nookie and the rest of the blokes have to put some damn effort into pulling a lass - even the slags. (I'm talking in terms of fun here not necessarily relationships).
    I signed up to Fabswingers. Must have sent 100 copy paste replies out to lasses and got f**k all back and I'm a decent looking lad.  In the meantime my inbox was filling up with lads offering me blowies.
    I reckon a lot of blokes just think f**k it a blowies and blowie, f**k pratting about massaging some slags ego only to be turned down when Dave from the village will go at it then f**k off.
    I feel the need to clarify no bloke has been near me.
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    ThatsLife reacted to sean m in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    The only openly gay lad in my college course  jumped off the roof of the building 7th floor.  And the common saying was he must be the only fairy without wings. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Restless83 in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Everyone was a potential gay growing up in the 80s and 90s,soon as you left that front door you had to bring your fu**ing A game....
    s**t haircut....Gay
    s**t trainers..Gay
    s**t tracksuit..Gay
    Couldn't climb a tree..Gay
    Couldn't play football..Gay
    Take your P.E kit to school in a Netto bag..Gay
    Run a bit funny..Gay
    Talked a bit funny..Gay
    Wouldn't go beck jumping..Gay
    Couldn't do a wheely..Gay
    Your mates could hear your mam shouting you in for your tea 2 blocks over..Gay
    Absolute minefield it was a full time job trying not to get bullied ha.
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    ThatsLife reacted to BLUE(UK) in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Easy access n all that. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to scottysafc in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    I think blokes just like having their cocks played with.
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    ThatsLife reacted to sean m in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    To be scientific you need to be able to replicate your results. That's difficult when your a red stain on a wall 
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    ThatsLife reacted to GMO in Dropping deca   
    yep, ive ran the lot including trest  mate and they all have a dramatic effect on the brain , completely ruined my mental health!
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    ThatsLife reacted to Donny dog in What does everyone think of Greg Doucette?   
    Just watched him talk us through his recipe for French toast and the man is clearly a fu**ing imbecile. 
    Be surprised if he can tie his own shoe laces and I wouldn’t let him hold his own cutlery either incase he sustains an injury.
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    ThatsLife reacted to js77 in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    I’m not sure about that mate.... some of those covert suicide belts are pretty nifty 
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    ThatsLife reacted to JohhnyC in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    any country that puts religious teaching at the top is doomed to failure 
    Ever wonder why the entire muslim world produce f**k all scientific achievements (in the last few hundred years). The number or scientists, engineers researchers etc in muslim world is 14 times less that the developed world (per 1000 population) and investment in education is less than 5 times that of the western world . The produce less that 1% of the worlds scientific research papers despite having 1 / 4th of the world's population . Anyone who is smart there immigrates to the west to advance their career, get ostracized by their own society and never go back . 
    Such a shame given until about 1600 they were the forefront of advancement and civilization  
    Although it's good to see that things are progressing slowly. That enormous King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in KSA  (US$10 billion) is a step in the right direction, first time allowing male and female students to sit together. It was a good move by the King back then to push aside those old fart religious scholar who control the education system 
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    ThatsLife reacted to js77 in Is homosexuality genetic?   
    Have you ever thought about letting a man jizz in your mouth and then found that your winkle is mysteriously getting hard?.... from your post I’m guessing that you’ve not.
    Do you think that you have ‘learned’ to not be turned on by this or do you think youre genetically predisposed to not be? 
    Same with bummers mate.... they love it. It can’t be learned ... it’s genetic.
    Im actually gobsmacked that in 2021 someone would even question that fact let alone post it on an open forum.
    Then again if you’ve been raised in the KSA, that’s a perfect example of  a country where people can be taught utter drivel and buy into it.
    Being beheaded for giving head.... the country is about a 1000 years behind the rest of the world.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Tricky in Anyone had a 'virtual date'?   
    Go meet her? It’s permitted for exercise out door. Get a coffee while your out. f**k a zoom date 
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    ThatsLife reacted to D 4 Damage in Anyone had a 'virtual date'?   
    Walking date would be sound I recon, loads better than a 'zoom date' f**k that... thrres a chance she might walk home with you as well as you already been near each other, get it done epic-lash!
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    ThatsLife reacted to Donny dog in Anyone had a 'virtual date'?   
    Virtual date?? Wtf?
    Get on tinder, message some females. Let nature take its course. 
    If you’re on about virtual dating you might as well ask Alexa if she takes it up the Gary!
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    ThatsLife reacted to invisiblekid in Anyone had a 'virtual date'?   
    Ask her if she would like to meet and go meet her. Life can’t completely stand still. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to js77 in Are you guys still squirting steroids in you whilst we are in lockdown   
    As of tomorrow:
    1500mg test blend
    800mg deca
    600mg mast E
    hgh 5 x 10iu pw
    Circa mid Feb, additional:
    75mg injectable oxy pd.
    Fortunate enough to have a dozen or so tins of alphabeti spaghetti to use as improvised weights at home and a fold up camping chair that’s make do as a bench. Just bought a massive bag of elastic bands from Ryman’s yesterday that when I wrap around my knees they are great for abductor work. 
    Lockdown smockdown.... mans getting up to 9 stone by March guaranteed 
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    ThatsLife reacted to invisiblekid in Bostin Loyd renal failure   
    The thing is, drug abuse & addiction isn't usually considered with rational thought. It's often through desperation & escape. Casual use is one thing, but using to the point it literally kills you, that's obsession and addiction. It's totally on him and his decision, but there's usually far more to it. Kidney failure doesn't happen over night, so he's clearly been ignoring the signs for a prolonged period. You either do that cos you're thick as s**t, or you're in denial through obsession/addiction. 
    I have no idea who this guy is, but chances are he needs to go and get psychological help.
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    ThatsLife reacted to MTM1 in Bostin Loyd renal failure   
    Whys it a shame? Him injured in a car crash would be a shame, this is totally self inflicted. He's an adult making adult decisions so when they go tits up it's no ones fault but his. I hope he recovers and learns from it but doesn't sound like he will. 
  25. Haha
    ThatsLife reacted to Kill Kcal in calculating your calories vs intuitive eating   
    If you only ate Chicken, Brocolli and some Sweet Potato every time you was hungry, I guarantee you wouldn't end up fat as f**k.
    I wish I had this discipline, as that is one tasty meal.
    However, it is not a 16" stuffed crust, meat feast pizza.