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    ThatsLife reacted to AncientOldBloke in Anyone else been in this position?   
    You're just suffering from One-Itis, that's all.
    Choice and abundance is your answer.
    1. Make money
    2. Build body
    3. f**k other women
    4. NO CONTACT 
    5. Get stuck into hobbies or sports (new or existing)
    IF she comes back, you're a different man.
    By implementing  points 1-5 above, instead of thinking "I want her back (like you are now), you will think "Do I want her back? Hmm, I quite like her. I'll add her to my stable"
    How long?
    Depends on you and your self-respect.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Kazza61 in How Are You?   
    You’d be a terrible Samaritan. Every time some depressed person rang up you’d cheerfully pick up the phone and day “ThatsLife.......” . Click.
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    ThatsLife got a reaction from PSevens2017 in How Are You?   
    Where abouts are you Lee? Call your local Samaritans and talk to somebody please. 
    I'm guessing your up North, so probably can't get to see anyone person (yet another travesty of lockdown). 
    Here a the number for MIND 0300 123 3393
    Just speak to a somebody, anybody. When I need help I reach out to NA (Narcotics Anonymous). 
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    ThatsLife got a reaction from PSevens2017 in Being sober is boring   
    What @PSevens2017 said pretty much sums it up.  It was the same with me, the obsession to drink, where was I gonna buy it, how was I gonna hide it, how much could I get down my neck and still try and live a normal life. 
    Than when I did get it, when would this spree stop this time around? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Rinse and repeat the same story for class A's and benzo's. 
    In short, give it up mate. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Donny dog in Anyone else been in this position?   
    Time is the greatest healer.
    If you can’t wait that long a litre bottle of voddy and about 6 gram of sniff before going round her house and torching it whilst they’re upstairs humping is also an option.
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    ThatsLife reacted to SwoleTip in Anyone else been in this position?   
    I'm gonna give it to u straight mate. 90% of the time a female has a male friend around thats not a good sign. Dont ever be too naive and take her word when she says he's just a friend. 
    Anyway, just focus on yourself, put yourself out there and do better. 3.5 billion girls out there, you'll find another one. It'll take time but dwelling for too long isn't gonna help
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    ThatsLife reacted to Blanka in Anyone else been in this position?   
    Share them on here mate, then we can get a better understanding of the situation and how to move forward
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    ThatsLife reacted to EpicSquats in Anyone else been in this position?   
    Do her up the arse and then move on to another bird. You'll be better off.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Kazza61 in How Are You?   
    You can read all about that medication here and you are indeed experiencing known side effects. The guidance say these usually ease on their own but yours do sound pretty debilitating so as said, a discussion with your doctor sooner than later is definitely the way to go. 
    As has also been suggested, if you are feeling like things are just getting too much, talk to someone - mental health helpline, your CPN or Mind or even the Samaritans are all there for you.  Hopefully though you get to see your doctor swiftly (and do stress the urgency when you call them). 
    Best of luck getting things sorted mate. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Spieren in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    Irrelevant Buddy. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to PSevens2017 in Being sober is boring   
    @Jackoffblades I stopped drinking many years ago. I then realised just how much of my time was taken up thinking about booze. Thinking about buying it, drinking it, walking the route to buy it, which shop I would go to buy it. How much I would spend etc. Then the physical part of it. Drinking with mates, alone, day after wasted, goals not achieved, not going to gym or Muay Thai/BJJ as I felt s**t/demotivated. 
    Then I no longer had booze (Or all the rest of the mischief I used to put into my body)  in my life.... what was I going to do??? Develop a relationship with myself (Nohomo). Find interests. You need to fill your time, mate. Watch comedy, read, learn to cook, 
    You sound young. You have life. A body that can move, you can talk, s**t/piss into a toilet not a colostomy bag.  There  are plenty of things you have access to where you can improve yourself in so many ways that so many other people do not. Grab it while you can 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Lancashiregent in Being sober is boring   
    Wake up not feeling like death and able to enjoy the day. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Philfg in Being sober is boring   
    T total here, sorry, not much help. 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Juice_head in Tried Tbol on its own before Test came   
    You felt great last night because of the weed 
    You felt sh** the next day because it sounds like you have issues you need to go and sort out in your life 
    Throwing your toys out the cot on an online forum full of people who dont suffer fools wasnt a good idea 
    Also , ive woken up feeling hungover from the first day after starting orals due to dehydration ... 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Cronus in Tried Tbol on its own before Test came   
    Haha quoted me like 5 times. I've changed my mind, you're growing on me. 
    I've sent a friend request 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Cronus in Tried Tbol on its own before Test came   
    I don't think aas is for you mate. 
    You also sound like a bellend 
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    ThatsLife reacted to Seppuku71 in Lee Labrada's Lad   
    Is he natty?
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    ThatsLife reacted to swole troll in Pure gym petition for gym to remain opened   
    20kg plate is a 20kg plate 
    I've hit PBs in spit n sawdust gyms and in health clubs
    Really don't get the whole relying on the environment for motivation.
    That said, at this point it's probably wise to invest in some home gym kit as this kind of nonsense isn't going anywhere any time soon. 
    Look at the prime minister, do you honestly see any sensical decisions being made any time soon? 
    As opposed as I am to the idea I can see another lockdown soon enough, pressure's on for it from Labour and the successfully terrified masses.
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    ThatsLife reacted to G-man99 in Cutting Cycle Review   
    So, you've paid a coach and don't follow any of his advice. 
    You run your own workout and diet plan and all he's done is advise you to take way to much gear. 
    Is this right or am I missing something here????
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    ThatsLife reacted to Restless83 in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    And a good rapist when she gets on top.
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    ThatsLife reacted to Sasnak in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    When I was younger a fat bird was referred to as a “wolf job”.
    A wolf will bite it’s own leg off to escape the trap it is caught in. When you awake in the morning with a fat bird lying on your arm you could employ the same tactic to escape.
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    ThatsLife reacted to sean m in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    If she was that easy  is licking that ransid ham a good idea 
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    ThatsLife reacted to drwae in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    This must have been quite some time ago... nowadays she’d go and complain to the door staff and get you barred, then go home and post on Twitter about it #metoo
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    ThatsLife reacted to Seppuku71 in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    Any links?
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    ThatsLife reacted to vetran in How do you date girls in the UK?   
    That’s a great culture to be in, what’s your problem  You’ve got your mum and sister sending you girls round girls to sh* g