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  1. Too much?

    Another 8 slices for the other leg?
  2. How Are You?

  3. Anyone else been in this position?

    @AncientOldBloke I think some words of wisdom are required here....
  4. How Are You?

    Ring those numbers aswell mate, the GP can sort you're meds out, but you really need to talk to someone when you're feeling down. As blokes we tend to think of it as a bit girly but it really does work. Heck, PM me if you need to, just don't do anything silly!
  5. Being sober is boring

    What @PSevens2017 said pretty much sums it up. It was the same with me, the obsession to drink, where was I gonna buy it, how was I gonna hide it, how much could I get down my neck and still try and live a normal life. Than when I did get it, when would this spree stop this time around? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Rinse and repeat the same story for class A's and benzo's. In short, give it up mate.
  6. So after all the fuss trying to get everyone to sign up to the app, making a point of saying your details won't be shard by anyone. Looks like "they" are doing a U-turn and will be sharing with the police. Another stab in the back for the common man. I welcome all your comments, fellow tin-foil hat brigade (and you normies too).
  7. How Are You?

    Where abouts are you Lee? Call your local Samaritans and talk to somebody please. I'm guessing your up North, so probably can't get to see anyone person (yet another travesty of lockdown). Here a the number for MIND 0300 123 3393 Just speak to a somebody, anybody. When I need help I reach out to NA (Narcotics Anonymous).
  8. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Fair enough, I seem to have that part wrong, I'll hold my hands up to that. The issue for me though is the passing on of people's confidential medical information. I think this is a very dark avenue they are going down, whats' to stop them in the future having access to whatever other medical information they like, all under the guise of "public prtotection."
  9. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    The point is they are going back on their word yet again. And they wonder why public trust is at an all time low. It personally doesn't bother me if someone isolates or not. I'm not gonna dob them in.
  10. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Yep. Just another measure of control/surveillance. Not to mention lying, when we've been told that it's all confidential. The authorities are stabbing us in the backs yet again.
  11. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Just another erosion of social liberty in my opinion. Even if I did buy into the media hype about this virus, the police have better things to do surely. Plus I don't see the point of it, I think all these measure we are taking are completely over the top, time we accepted it and moved on. There's far worse illnesses out there that nobody seems to give a stuff about. Gone a hit off topic but that's my two cents.
  12. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    What Kazza said above then. App or not, I think its very sinister.
  13. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Not sure either, it was on the news this morning, either way it looks like people's details are being passed on to the police.
  14. Ganja

    Why are you even here?
  15. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Meanwhile a neighbour over the street from me gets broken into and nothing gets done. "we'll give you this crime reference number" a month on and still nothing. I suppose the police have more important things to do, like fining people who have a cold.
  16. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    I was hoping you would be first in here
  17. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Nope, they just roll over and accept it, "because its for the greater good"
  18. I doubt the blokes knocking up your average council estate [email protected] are rolling in it mate. More like Wayne who lives above the local Spar and sells a bit of weed.
  19. @js77 @KETONES You both beat me to it. Free house, benefits, handouts from the state etc, it's easier to pop one out than actually get of their fat arses and work for the next 18 years.
  20. Quick intro for those that don't know. 2 years clean from drugs/hormones, (off completely no TRT prescribed or otherwise). Yesterday I noticed a pain in my right nipple. It felt sore and on further inspection there is a lump underneath it. Thoughts on what this could be? I've never had Gyno symptoms in the past, obviously if it doesn't go away I will visit the docs, but I just wanted some opinions from you guys. I also take bloods every 6 months, here's the most recent results regards to hormones (these were drawn a month ago)
  21. Yes mate superdrol Could be because I was lot younger back then, (haven't used it for a least probably 8 years, and it's been over 2 years since I've used any PED's). But it always did what it said on the tin, 5 days in strength would start to go up, very "full" pumped look, but not a watery mess kinda look either. I never got the famous lethargy everyone talks about, just extremely painful pumps when going up to 30 mg. This was back in the day though when it was legal and you could buy it anywhere, I don't know what all this UG lab stuff is like nowadays.
  22. May have to agree with that, purely on the basis of how good I felt on it. From a cosmetic standpoint, Superdrol win hands down.
  23. Social Cooling

    I'm too lazy to read it, can someone give me the gist??
  24. Which preworkout?

    Sweet, I've ordered it myself, unicorn p#ss flavour Good idea stacking it with a black coffee, I still need some caffeine before a work out.