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  1. Thoughts on Gyno symptoms

    OK, so just incase anybody does read this thread, I decided to go to the doctors and get myself checked out. Fast forward to today and appointment at the breast clinic, an ultrasound has confirmed that it is Gyno. Funny that it just flared up out of nowhere haveing literally taken no drugs or hormones for two years. So there you go, I hope somebody finds this useful.
  2. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    Yeah mate, used to love it. Stopped watching when I hit puberty.
  3. Cv-19 when will it pass

    The fact still remains, regardless of all the arguing one here, that this virus just isn't that deadly to the vast majority of people.
  4. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Fair point, but locking down every few months and grinding the country to a halt isn't really a viable option either
  5. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I hope your right too. I don't want to be in lockdowns for the summer, I've just started seeing a new gal....
  6. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Until there's a vaccine it seems to me there's only two options: 1. Continued lockdowns/restrictions every time there's a new outbreak. 2. Let nature take its course, some will die but eventually we'll get heard immunity.
  7. Cv-19 when will it pass

    I hope you're right, but if everything goes back to normal in 3 months time, there's gonna be a hell of a lot of people who haven't had it, and with no controls over movement etc, surely it will just come back?
  8. Cv-19 when will it pass

    That's what I mean, in 12 weeks time when they come out of isolation they'll all end up infected as the virus will still be here
  9. Cv-19 when will it pass

    So what happens to all the high risk people who are isolating for 12 weeks? Assume the lock-down ends, and we resume business as normal, the virus will still be around. Sounds like a ticking tine bomb to me.
  10. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    The plot thickens......
  11. Where has all the money come from?

    I heard the banks are to be more lenient in giving out loans to people at this time, especially as the self employed cannot claim anything till June. All this money will have to be replayed at some point. Bottom line: wherever this money comes from it ain't going to be a free gift, we, the taxpayers will end up paying the price at some point.
  12. Good web site for gym equipment?

    Use water mate, that's what I been doing, plus adding a bit of olive oil for some good fats/calories. It's not as gross as it sounds and there's plenty of it in the shops. Ive given up trying to get milk for the time being.
  13. Gyms ordered to close by Government

    Summer's coming, get out for some nice runs in the morning/evening. Get down to your local builders merchant, get some bags of sand or fill some large jerry cans with water. You could easily make some circuits up with that. I'm a self confessed exercise junkie but I'm not worried.
  14. Verbally abusive relationship

    Also this^^^
  15. Verbally abusive relationship

    I echo what @Henda83 and @Jordan08 said. You wouldn't put up with this behaviour from a friend or work colleague would you? So why treat a partner any different. My quality of life has increased 10fold since I've taken a no-nonsense approach, don't be scared to be harsh, cut out all the negative people from your life.