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  1. Why is "cardio" a must?

    I'm no expert, but it seems to me that humans were built for endurance, we're naturally quite weedy and weak creatures. So it would stand to reason that doing the thing we evolved to do (running), would be best for health.
  2. Does anyone ever really think about

    I second that @Thedynamitekid Probably some of the best advice I've ever read on here.
  3. Should mobile phones be banned in gyms

    Jesus, I was only having a laugh!
  4. Boron

    No worries mate, I'll update again mid-summer when I get my bloods done again.
  5. I have a theory.

    Finally, the voice of reason, Lee da Ledge!
  6. Should mobile phones be banned in gyms

    Pen and paper all the way, f*$k modern life
  7. Boron

    As you can see oestradiol has increased also. I can't say I have noticed any difference in mood or performance though. I'm still running the supp by the way, I plan on doing bloods again in the summer to see what changes, if any, have occurred.
  8. Boron

  9. Boron

    @paul xe
  10. Thoughts......

    @Tricky @Clubber Lang I kind of agree with both of you. Obviously exercise and mental health go hand in hand, I have disagree'd with lockdowns' from day one and I was the first one moaning when they shut they gyms (until I invested in home equipment). So I totally get it, and I get the not being able to socialize, the taking away of freedoms and even the ability to make an honest living, it really makes my blood boil. However, there is perspective here, when we compare to hardships throughout history, and even things going on in the world today. I think the problem is we've had it too easy in the West for a long time, we have become complacent and entitled as a society, that we really don't know the true meaning of the word hardship. Just my two cents, no right or wrong really, have a good Sunday all.
  11. Definately the same experience as I had, could literally feel myself getting heavier every day. I ran for 12 weeks (oral version), but I think I ran it slightly higher (75mg?) and overall I enjoyed it, but towards the end the water retention and bloat just made me feel really uncomfortable. I wasn't as health concious in those days so I have no idea what my blood pressure was like, or my blood values (probably for the best I didn't know).
  12. Superdrol is useless....

    Old thread, I also tried that radian nutrition stuff aswell way back when. It was deffo legit, just like the original stuff.
  13. POF a scam?

    Full of attention seeking whores, just like every other dating site. Avoid.
  14. Probably worth mentioning that coming off of it was tough, recovery seemed to take a lot longer than other more traditional steroids. (I didn't take bloods back then so I'm going purely on my mood, and my performance in the gym).