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  1. Covid vaccine.

    Just look at my post above, I'm done arguing. Censoring is wrong, end of. My opinion and I'm entitled to it. I know people who have also had positive tests, and then antibody tests saying they've never been infected. The lies are everywhere, whether true, lies or opinions, everybody has a right to say it.
  2. Covid vaccine.

    It's lies and shite and don't agree with it, however, I believe in freedom of speech even more. So I lsay let anyone say what the hell they like, it's there freedom to do so. Just as its my freedom not to listen. That's all I'm saying on it now because I'm bored of it. I've got no personal beef with anyone on here, you have your views and I have mine.
  3. Covid vaccine.

    How about the number of Covid cases or deaths that are on literally every news channel? The death rate has been debunked long ago, the government even had to backtrack on it admit they weren't recording it accurately. And the cases, I personally know people who have had tests in the same day and got different results. So blatant lies being spewed out to fit an agenda.
  4. Covid vaccine.

    They are making stuff up though, mainstream media corporations are notoriously corrupt, and run by some of the most unsavoury characters on this planet. Anything they choose to put out as "fact" they will. So there is no justification to censor one sourse and not another.
  5. That little vial you hold in your hand, contains nothing but 100%, pure unadulterated Gains!! Now go and stick it in your bum!
  6. Covid vaccine.

    The media are telling lies, dangerous lies that are causing huge implications for peoples livelyhoods, relationships, mental health, stopping people getting critical medical care, I could go on. Why is no-one censoring that?
  7. Covid vaccine.

    Yes I agree that may be a lie, but the main stream media is not just people's opinions is it, it is downright lies aswell, especially regarding recent events. So who has the right to say one source can lie about what they like and another can't. See where I'm coming from?
  8. Covid vaccine.

    Who's to say one person is right or wrong, everyone has a voice, censor nothing, including hate speech. I really don't care what anyone says, I will listen to all angles and make my decision, I don't need to be told what I'm allowed to listen to or not. And that is really all I can be arsed to say on the matter, as I have a busy day today, Sunday lunch with friends (yes more than 6 of us), shock horror.
  9. Covid vaccine.

    Its censorship, plain and simple. people have a right to say what the hell they like, just like you have a right not to listen. We are fast turning into a fascist dictatorship, our right to free protest has been taken away, not to mention I now have to have a "valid reason" just to visit my own mother. Why cant you see how dangerous it is to just roll over and give up these rights "because of Covid?" edit: such stupidity is no different from the stupidity being spewed by official channels. Every type of media, social or mainstream has a bias, let them all have their say and then make a choice based on that. we are a "free country" after all.
  10. Covid vaccine.

    Haven't read the thread so I dont know if it's been mentioned yet, but it looks like criminal charges could be brought against people spreading "misinformation" about the vaccine. So much for free speech.
  11. Stop watching porn!

    Its the porn that's the bad thing, the artificial stimulation and flood of dopamine that's what re-wires your brain, making it harder to get aroused from actual sex. Wanking is not a problem, having frequent orgasms is essential for good health, it has benefits on the prostate amongst others.
  12. Dating someone much younger than you

    This is true in a purely aesthetic sense. however I find girls in their early to mid twenties very insecure, immature and entitled. I much prefer the 35+ age group, most know what they want by that age, are more chilled and and less inihibted. Just my personal experience of course, but sex with a 40 year old I think is generally much better than with a 20 year old.
  13. Facebook w**kers - Official Thread

    I only use this place, mainly for banter and I like the anonymity, as in my job I would get fired with some of the borderline homophobic and sexist content I indulge in. It's all an act though, I'm lovely really.
  14. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    I really don't think there are any real decent stim ones out nowadays. Since DMAA got banned, a lot of the old favourites reformulated with different stimulants to try and recapture that buzz, in my opinion, they are a shadow of what they once were. Ive yet to find one that hit the spot like the old school Jack3d, Mesomorph, Craze etc. That being said, Ive just started moving into the pump formulas now, too much stimulation can be counter productive.
  15. Ment 50mg

    I've ran MENT years ago. Personally I love the stuff, quite similar to dbol actually, lots of water retention but made me feel quite euphoric and horny as f"$k. The downside, as mentioned above is extreme aromatization, looking back it could be where my gyno started. Would be no point running it with dbol in my opinion, unless you were maybe doing some kind of powerlifting competition. Aesthetically it wont really do much.