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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Hot or not ?   
    Just wondering what the consensus is . 

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    cypssk got a reaction from Sasnak in Turkey steroids   
    I wouldn't  buy ugl abroad I bought  cido in Egypt   they were good  i only buy pharma abroad  if it was from  a chemist   like are  boots
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    cypssk reacted to S_C in Turkey steroids   
    I bought Primo over there last year but it’s no cheaper than UGL really. She actually wanted €5 or €6 per amp. I basically had to walk out the shop to get them for UGL equivalent over here. 
    Test e, sust, anadrol was all more expensive. 
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    cypssk reacted to stuey99 in Turkey steroids   
    Mate you gotta take the good with the bad
    UGL cialis is notorious for being undeedosed...Triumph cialis is very very good tho
    For injectable in my experience you wont go wrong with Triumph or Sphinx
    All the lads in the 2 gyms I use are now using Sun Pharma and C4 Pharma...slightly more expensive but most saying they wont use anything else now...I'll be jumping on to Sun tren tomorrow
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Morning !
    squats 5x8
    romanians 4x12
    hip thrusts 4x15 and equal half rep sets 
    leg press 4 x8
    standing leg curls 3x15
    leg extensions 3x15 
    abductions 3x25 and equal half rep sets 
    core work 
    have lost another half a kilo , midsection is significant tighter . 
    Some days I do feel weaker but generally strength has been maintained 
    have a lovely weekend!

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    back + bis 
    lat pulldowns reverse grip 3x12
    single arm pulldowns 3x12
    seated cable rows 2x12
    rack pulls 4x8
    dumbbell rows 4x8
    currrrrls 3x15
    core work
    think I had a bit too much to drink yesterday, was dragging myself today . Not a bad workout athough I felt unmotivated and flat / bloated 
    Anyways , have a great day !

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Still got it Jimmy   x

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    cypssk reacted to Gary29 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Would aggressively smash with great fury.......
    many plates at our wedding.
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    pretty crappy mood today , think I’m coming down with something 
    nevertheless a nice workout. Felt strong 
    lat pulldowns reverse grip , wide grip 3x13
    seated cable rows 3x12
    single arm seated rows 3x12
    dumbbell rows 4x8
    rack pulls 3x12
    press on smith machine 5x8
    dumbbell incline bench 3x15
    lateral raises 3x20
    lateral raises on cable machine 2xfailure
    face pulls 2x15
    bent over raises 3x15
    shall do arms tomorrow 
    started shaking now though so I’ll go hit the sunbeds and take my supps . Pretty sure I’ll feel right as rain tomorrow 
    have a great day 

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    upper body today ,
    lat pulldowns wide grip , reverse grip 3x12
    rack pulls 3x8
    seated rows 2x12
    dumbbell rows 3x8
    cable pullovers 2x15
    incline bench dumbbell press 3x15
    arnold presses 3x15
    lateral raises 3x20
    lateral raises on cable 2 x failure 
    tricep pressdown 2x15
    pushdowns 2x15
    single arm reverse grip 2xfailure 
    currrrls 3x12
    ab work 
    haven’t dropped any real weight , just about400 gr lol but it’s expected 
    have added 25 T3 and I will up it to 50 daily next week 
    also gh which I never should have discontinued 
    I know I can lose on my own but I want to see how T3 will affect me 
    despite the lack of weight loss , measurements get  smaller 
    have a wonderful weekend!

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Best I can do with sun in my eyes lol
    sorry Jimmy , will try harder tomorrow  

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Getting pretty hot here Jimmy 
    hope it lasts 

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    gym packed today , last day before Easter so I managed 
    extensions and leg curl 3x20
    leg press 5x15
    romanians 4x12
    abductions 3x20
    ohp on smith 5x8
    arnold presses 3x13
    lateral raises 3x20
    laterals on cable 2xfailure 
    reverse pec deck 2x15
    face pulls 2x15
    core work
    all done so quick it felt like cardio 
    have dropped 3 kg so far  , midsection is tighter so happy , primo is treating me good so don’t feel weaker at all
    couldn’t take any decent pics so you ‘ll have to take my word for it ha !
    back Wed or Thursday after the break 
    have an amazing weekend!

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    cypssk reacted to Heavyassweights in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    gym quiet that day? 
    looking good as always Al x
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Little time today so
    press on smith machine 5x8
    incline bench with dumbbells 4x15
    lateral raises 4x20
    face pulls 3x15
    pressdowns 3x15
    pushdowns 3x15
    single arm alternating grips 2xfailure 
    core work 
    have lost 1,4 kilos so far . Well first days are easier 
    I still have a long way to go lol 
    would say another 4-5 kilos to look half decent but I’ll take it as it goes 
    have an amazing weekend everyone!

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    cypssk reacted to vetran in Any child maintenance experts?   
    I’ve had  full custody of my youngest daughter for the last 7yrs  after three years without her,I have never received a penny of my x wife in her upbringing and I haven’t bothered to claim ,having your girl back and baking cakes with her at the weekends means more to me than money,it must be a women thing to sponge for what they can get 
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    cypssk reacted to BennyBlanco in Excited about a no deal Brexit   
    No, there's no body of justice that would deem us legally obligated to pay the 39billion, thats our trump card in negotiations and we shouldn't surrender it.
    Brexit is about honoring democracy, the soverignty of our people to make and decide our own future and a clear decisive victory over the neoliberal globalist elite who've dominated the west for the past 50 odd years.
    If we have to take a short term hit to the economy then so be it, myself and 17.5million others  will endure it to see Britain free from these c*nts control.
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    cypssk reacted to AestheticManlet in Tren and relationship   
    I can vouch tren made me leave a fair few relationships. Love turns to hate, apart from getting your end away the rest dont matter really, just adds to the hate. 
    Basically you've pretty much been demoted to a cum dumpster. 
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    cypssk reacted to Ken Hutchinson in Roger Daltrey on Brexit   
    Sky news ask Roger Daltry about Brexit.
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    cypssk reacted to 6083 in Tom Watson   
    Mays in a no win situation. Its not fair to judge her with brexit going on
    Although if she had a set of balls we would just go no deal, fck letting the house of commons vote anything. 
    I'd prefer farage in 
    Maybe nuke Spain aswell, just to shut the rest of the EU up and because fandermans in it with his waffles  and serving 50 calorie rip off meals to idiots 
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    cypssk reacted to Fina in Got some old pics of me training in the early 80s   
    Can we all just take a fu**ing moment to acknowledge what a legend our Vetran is, even down to his badly spelled name???   What other forums have a guy that constantly posts pics from his own vintage photo albums which most of us wouldn't want to see the light of day ever, let alone on the internet.
    I for one love it, joking aside its actually interesting too, obviously lived a fun life and doesn't have the hang ups that most people have where they can't even laugh at themselves.
    Respect Vetran, don't go anywhere!  Also, little request, the photo where you're guarding your front door, its been at least 6 months, get it posted.
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    flat bench dumbbell press and flyes supersetted 3x12
    standing dumbbell press 6x4
    lateral raises +front raises supersetted 3x12
    face pulls 2x15
    lat pulldowns underhand grip 2x12
    wide grip 2x12
    rack pulls 4x8
    pullovers 3x12
    tricep pressdowns 3x15
    dips and currrrrls  supersetted 2x15 and one to failure 
    never used to do direct bicep work so now I keep checking if they’re growing lol
    have a great day ! 

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    cypssk reacted to drwae in Insulin syringes   
     BD 1ml insulin syringe with the orange cap
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    cypssk reacted to drwae in Ansomone expiry date   
    Its one of the small sides mate. there's some chinese writing and then the manufacture date and expiry date below that
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    cypssk reacted to drwae in Ansomone expiry date   
    Side of the box