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    cypssk reacted to rocket ronnie in Sust from turkey in hand luggage uk import for personal use still legal ?   
    Its in almost every pharmacy and there is a pharmacy evey 100m 
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    cypssk reacted to rocket ronnie in Sust from turkey in hand luggage uk import for personal use still legal ?   
    Ok am flying back from turkey tonight so just bought  myself 60 boxes of aspen sust 1ml per box 
    20ml deca 
    4 boxes of anapolon 
    Law still stands its ok to import in uk via person for personal use ?

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Ok Jimmy, if it’s motivational , I can’t say no   x

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    On family vacation and can’t be taking saucy pics lol
    instead a pic of my view right now x

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Oiled up my butt a little extra for you babe x

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    cypssk reacted to jjtreml in Brexit and family feuds   
    Of course many in the UK will be socialists, they have nothing to offer, only to take.
    The irony is that socialism(New Labour and the current labour party) got them into that trap in the first place.
    I'm not a Tory, but I don't want to see labour or the liberal democrats anywhere near downing street again.
    Socialism does not, has not and, will not work.
    Learn your history and get a job.
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    cypssk reacted to Smitch in Brexit and family feuds   
    For me i feel long term the UK economy will be better off not being bound by the regulations imposed by the EU, we have a strong economy and the rest of the European economy is falling apart, Germany are on the brink of a recession. Also mass unskilled immigration is runing parts of Britain and for me that is wrong. I believe if you can prove you are an asset to a country and you're not just going there to get a load of free stuff and be a drain on it then you shoukd be considered on that basis alone, nobody should have the right to just rock up where they like and expect a hand out.
    And before i get called a xenophobe or a racist or a little Englander I'm married to a Hindu and am an immigrant myself in Australia, so I'm all for multicultural diversity. I have paid a lot of money to apply for visas to be here, i have been means tested, had medicals, police checks etc and also have no right to any kind of support financially which means I'm not a burden on the state, and if i commit any crimes I'm out. That is how immigration should be done as it's fair on everyone.
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    cypssk reacted to 18557 in Libido as older man: Has it diminished over years or not?   
    I’m 35 and would have sex twice a day if the mrs wasn’t such a dragon 
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    cypssk reacted to Gary29 in Brexit and family feuds   
    He said 'sister' not 'brother' you fu**ing freak.
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    cypssk reacted to GMO in Trenbolone is a STRONG progestin *proof inside*   
    i hate that  the stuff its and  its ugly drug, its like doing a deal with the devil that s**t...  
    it what it does upstrairs thats gewts to me 
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    cypssk got a reaction from MBR in Trt an blood test   
    Yes I'm going  to do 500mg test e   300mg npp  for 8 to 10 week im going to stop  about 8 weeks before  test  I've  was going to run  hgh with it  this will be my first time using  hgh thanks 
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    cypssk reacted to MBR in Trt an blood test   
    I get  blood tested twice a year so generally I always run my cycle close to my blood test. As above when using 500mg of test I've had no issues with any of my results.   If you are thinking of cycling standard 500mg test then 8 weeks will be plenty for your test levels to come back to the levels they were prior to your cycle 
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    cypssk reacted to MBR in Trt an blood test   
    Yes it should be long enough.  I have ended  some of my test only  cycles 4 weeks before my blood tests. All tests have come back no issues. However, I usually try to end my test cycles 6 weeks before any blood test. NPP is a short ester Nandrolone so should be long gone before your blood tests.
    Although, I think NPP being a 19 nor shouldn't really  affect your blood results. 
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    cypssk got a reaction from Sasnak in Psa   
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in Psa   
    That’s good news. It’s pretty common from what I read and usually nothing to worry about. I know a urologist and he says many men over 45 have the same thing and don’t know. It’s only things like trt and associated tests that flag it.
    Glad to see you are okay. Thanks for updating.
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    cypssk got a reaction from Sasnak in Psa   
    Been  to see the urologist  today  mri showed  no signs of cancer  he just said prostate slightly enlarged  didn't seen  to worried about it he just said  their keep a eye on it  an have a psa blood  test  in six months time 
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    cypssk reacted to Nara in Hot weather   
    In your ass
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    cypssk reacted to UK male33 in Quad jab, pain and knee swelling   
    It's happened to me this week and so glad I found this post  was starting to panic abit myself.
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    And I couldn’t find white panties Stud , got pink ones though, hope we’re good lol
    lots of love to everyone! Have a beautiful summer! xxxxxxx 

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    lat pulldowns reverse grip 3x12
    seated cable rows 3x12
    rack pulls 4x8
    seal rows 4x8
    cable pullovers 3x12
    shoulder press on smith machine front and rear supersetted 3x20
    incline  bench dumbbell press 3x12
    lateral raises 3x15
    lateral raises on cable 2xfailure 
    face pulls 3x15
    tricep pressdowns 3x15
    pushdowns 3x15
    single arm reverse grip 2xfailure 
    currrrrrrls 4x12
    cable crunches 2x25 
    it’s a wrap ! Have a great day ! x 

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Post your pecs thread   
    Don’t really work pecs
    they just grow effortlessly lol
    now let’s see some man boobies 

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    cypssk reacted to 39005 in Psa   
    im 50  , been on TRT for about 8 yrs now and mine stays at 0.9 / 1 (tested once a year)
    PSA >3 is classed as 'raised' - his does not indicate a problem but mean they will take a closer look  (make sure you read what not to do before a PSA test in the leaflet below)
    * dont be worried about the paper above, its just the first one i found that would show you what is considered a raised level.
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    cypssk reacted to Lukeg in Psa   
    I got mine checked prior to being prescribed and was 0.4.  My understanding is <4 is alright 
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    cypssk got a reaction from Sasnak in Psa   
    Hi been trt for 3 years  been on nebido  1000mg  every  12 weeks for the last  2 years my psa as increasing  its now 3.5 waiting to see urologist  what I've  read 3.5 is about borderline  im 50 years  old does anyone  get there psa checked is there away of lowering it thanks 
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in Hot or not ?   
    Hot or not? Thread should be entitled f**k or fight.