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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    upper day 
    lat pulldowns wide grip and reverse grip 2x12 each
    seated cable rows 4x8
    dumbbell rows 4x8
    pullovers 3x15
    shoulder press on smith machine 2x30 for warm up and 4x8
    tried with 10 kg a side and managed 2x5 
    incline bench dumbbell press 3x15
    lateral raises 4x15
    bentover raises 3x15
    tricep pressdowns 3x15
    pushdowns 3x15
    curls and kickbacks supersetted 3x15
    single arm reverse grip pushdowns 2xfailure 
    feeling really good today
    have a good one ! x  

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    cypssk reacted to Stinking Dylan in Brexit and Lost gains   
    Why would you eat chlorinated chicken because we leave the UK? Nobody can make you eat anything you don't want, and the only ones who will eat it are the ones who don't care (and chlorinated chicken would be the least of their dietary evils).
    Besides, we already have chlorinated salad and spinach, but nobody seems to mind (or they don't know).
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    cypssk reacted to dmsknk in Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?   
    Corbyn and Mcdonell are IRA/terrorist sympathisers and the less said about Abbot the better. How could any proud Brit vote for a man who supported the IRA? 
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    cypssk reacted to spod in Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?   
    I'm voting Tory.
    I have no particular love for them as a party, or their track record over the past ten years. I am voting for them in order to preserve what's left of democracy in this country.
    We had a referendum in 2016 when the citizens of this country voted to leave the EU. Since then, our political establishment has done all it can to stifle the will of the people, and of the main political parties, only Boris has rolled up his sleeves and tried to do what the country elects any politician to do - implement their wishes. What point is there in voting if politicians ignore the people and do whatever the fcuk they want??
    There are fcukwits, fantasists and liars in all parties, and it's a great shame that Labour has turned it's back on the ordinary working man. I wish i could vote for them. I wish there was a viable alternative to the Tories, but for me, there is not. They are undoubtably, as has already been said, the best of a bad bunch. 
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    cypssk reacted to Fattynomore in Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?   
    You think you will get a house, not a chance! You will be at the back of the que behind all the immigrants, benefit cheats, junkies and and any other person who shouldn't be in front of local hard working people. 
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    True , true 
    Legs today , really good session 
    and I hope everyone ‘s already got their Christmas tree up ! x 

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    too sick to train past couple of days , bulking is going well though lol x

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    K x

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    Sorry daddy , I forgot 
    glute workout went really well though x

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    cypssk reacted to Henda83 in Showing off thread - post your car pic   
    Haven’t owned a decent car for over 10 years, my favourite car was my rs turbo which I reshelled as was rotten had bare shell respray then rebuilt and converted to efi from a fiesta turbo, I sold it to a mate when I first had a kid and made him promise to give me first refusal if he ever sold it on and he never did, I still miss it and  dream about it every now and then 

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    cypssk reacted to simonboyle in Brexit   
    Couldn't give a f**k anymore.
    Just proves we live in a fascist like state.
    An actual one.
    I didn't vote leave. I fu**ing would now.
    Remain/lefties have went so fu**ing far I can't even bring myself to associate with them in any way.
    It's disgusting.
    You either want democracy or you don't.
    The left/remain, don't.
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    cypssk reacted to Huntingground in Brexit question   
    When do the English get to vote on a referendum on whether to boot the Sweaty Socks out of the Union?
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    cypssk reacted to Huntingground in Brexit question   
    I voted REMAIN due to working in financial sector in the City and we are already seeing the negative effects of BREXIT down here.
    But, ideologically, I believe in a Britain First way forward, training our youngsters up to do the decent jobs rather than bringing in foreigners. For example, there are investment banks in the City where the IT departments are outsourced to Indian companies and 90% of the staff are Indian. Why are our youngsters not getting given these plum jobs? Also I would like a points based system on immigration. We will further our trade links with USA and also Commonwealth countries so, after an initial dip, I believe we would stabilise and may even outperform expectations.
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    cypssk reacted to Jamiewilliamsss in Brexit question   
    I can’t wait to leave f**k the eu ! Next election watch all the remoaner mps get voted out 
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    cypssk reacted to truczat in Biggest female body builders steroid cycles   

    may I ask if anyone know the usual(I know its not a good term for that) practice how female body builders reach their highest weight?
    My wife is a figure bodybuilder, has a good working routines in cycles, relaxing, eating,  etc. but still small.
    She wants to grow bigger, so the question is, what is the usual method for woman to reach that?
    Every answer accepted about: cycles, middle and long term plans.
    We know, its take years, 10-15-20, she is 34 now.
    She is dedicated to body building.
    There is no possible local contact for us who could help.
    Female Body Builders in Hungary not well built yet.
    No culture to grow big here.
    Any idea more then welcome.

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    And one to @MarkyMark who’s always sweet x

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    In the meantime I owe a tanning progress  one to @Heavyassweights 

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    cypssk reacted to Jamiewilliamsss in BoJo in at number 10?   
    Labour are worse they said they would deliver Brexit then just mention plans which mean we are basically staying just pretending we are leaving , 
    f**k the monarchy there a drain on tax payers money , 
    being British has nothing to do with them and what they represent which is nothing 
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    cypssk reacted to TERBO in BoJo in at number 10?   
    Well said 
    I really don't understand what all the pissing about is for, what exactly are Parliament expecting to achieve, except going against the referendum and staying in.
    Europe won't change the deal, so it's either take May's deal or go with no deal... both have been voted against??
    Boris is doing exactly what he is supposed to do, yet standing in a room full of three year olds.
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    cypssk reacted to Jamiewilliamsss in BoJo in at number 10?   
    I think that within ten years the pound will be worth bundles compared to the euro which will make  holidays and moving abroad or internet shopping much cheaper ,
    I also believe that wages will Defantly go up for lower paid jobs due to less unskilled labour being readily available and willing to work for penny’s granted this will in theory make the cost of living go up but I think that’s still better 
    i think it will open the door for a better variety of free  trade or lower tariff trade deals with diffrent countries 
    i think there will be less strain on public services and things like roads due to less people it’s a fact the British aren’t breeding as much as emmigrants 
    I think the British culture will be better protected maybe up north it’s diffrent but in most parts of London  if u was dropped off in the middle of the night u wouldn’t know what country u was in.
    i think it will allow us to tailor our emigration needs in order to import people of benefit and with things we need and make it easier to stop dodgey criminals coming to live here 
    I’d personally rather have no deal or remain no half way in half way out personally as that’s just leaving in name only and will hinder what we can achieve post Brexit so  won’t be worth the temporary set backs 
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    cypssk reacted to spod in BoJo in at number 10?   
    I don't think Boris is particularly worse than most of the candidates...he's just the one the media loves to jump all over anytime he says anything that could at all be interpreted in a negative light.
    One thing is for sure though: we need a PM who believes in Brexit.  Three years of bullsh1tting the general public and bending over for Brussels is more than enough.
    I'm praying Raab gets the job. He's undoubtedly the cleverest of the bunch and seems genuine when he claims that we'll be out of the EU this October, with a deal or not....which is entirely the correct way to approach it IMHO.
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    cypssk reacted to stanlystud in What crimes would you like to see committed?   
    i would like to see all the so called "refugees"in  Europe kicked out

    Kick out all the traitor politicians & judges who give easy sentences & money to these people.
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    cypssk reacted to Fina in What crimes would you like to see committed?   
    I'd like to see rapists/paedos/women beaters etc dealt a proper fu**ing punishment.
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    cypssk reacted to PolishPaddy in Sust from turkey in hand luggage uk import for personal use still legal ?   
    Oh kurwa! This aspen factory in dublin is 5 minite walk from my apartment, i gonna break in tonight 
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    cypssk reacted to rocket ronnie in Sust from turkey in hand luggage uk import for personal use still legal ?   
    And he chucked these in for free