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    cypssk reacted to Fletch68 in Brexit views still the same?   
    Yes we can and we will.
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in Best Oral Drugs?   
    Best oral drug? Easy, mdma.
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    cypssk reacted to Dadbod2020 in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    Realistically the government can't afford to have all businesses on lockdown longterm. They've offered bailout plans but that money isn't an infinite pot of gold. 
    Once the peak has hit, in about 2/3 weeks those in the know will have isolated the hot spot areas and implemented more stringent measures there whilst reducing the lockdown in areas not so affected. I'm thinking travel between towns/cities will be restricted but if controlled now like it seems to be doing so I'd give it till around May when we are semi back to normal. 
    Alot of the shops in my town have put signs up saying they'll be open again on 4th April but that seems abit too optimistic. 
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    cypssk reacted to Flubs in Day 5   
    Oh Vet... are you of Irish descent?  So I should make this instead for you...

    soda bread.....
    inb4 I’m not Irish you thick bird.....   soz, I’ve had a hard day, just winding down now.....
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    cypssk reacted to Flubs in Day 5   
    Send me some flour and I will make a loaf for you..I can’t get flour at all. Not the end of the world but...........

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    cypssk reacted to invisiblekid in Bojo announces the lockdown   
    The army gets paid regardless. If it comes to it, they'll be on the streets. Likewise the police. It will happen if people don't listen. But let's be really fu**ing frank; you'd have to be a thick, selfish c**t to ignore these pleas. 
    The cuts have very little to do with this. No health service, regardless how how well funded, could sustain a pandemic, especially during flu season. 
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    cypssk reacted to swole troll in Bojo announces the lockdown   
    yeah I mean don't take it as 'I wonder if I can get away with that' but rather 'I wonder if I could get away with not doing that' 

    as above this is to stress the severity 

    it's 3 weeks, this has been thought and decided by more informed minds than that you will find on social media and forums and determined this is the best possible chance to not overload the NHS.

    what ever bullshit reasons people may think it is the facts remain that the NHS was overstretched before this virus even got here so just don't be an asshole and sit at home for 3 weeks. 
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    cypssk reacted to Kazza61 in Should we take this time to drop all gear and rest our bodies?   
    Just to make you guys jealous here's a photo of my gym from 5 minutes ago....

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    cypssk reacted to Kazza61 in Should we take this time to drop all gear and rest our bodies?   
    I've had a home gym for years and it really suits me. When I go to gyms I get to preoccupied with others using bad form or fvcking about or hogging equipment. Training at home absolutely nothing can take your focus or interfere with your plan. 
    I started with a multi-use bench, a bar, couple of dumbbells and a few weights - now I have this:

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    cypssk got a reaction from Varg in Corona virus humour, lets see them.   

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    cypssk reacted to PsychedUp in Anyone else getting pissed off   
    I work in an Aldi distribution centre, there is no shortage of food. If people just bought as per normal, as they needed, we'd have as much as food as we ever had. It's the panic buying that screws things up and there's no need for it. The shops won't close. In case of a lockdown, we'll be given passes so we can still go to work. 
    Last friday was THREE times busier than our busiest day over Christmas. People need to calm down and just buy what they normally buy.
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    cypssk got a reaction from Ken Hutchinson in Corona virus humour, lets see them.   

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    cypssk got a reaction from Varg in Corona virus humour, lets see them.   

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    cypssk got a reaction from Varg in Corona virus humour, lets see them.   

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    cypssk reacted to Shergar in Points based immigration system   
    I don’t see what the uneducated/ non skilled immigrants bring to this country other than their ability to drain the welfare system and NHS also the extremists who come over here to bomb our city’s and radicalise the off springs of previous immigrant pregnancies.
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in Pimples   
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    cypssk reacted to Frank bull in Ain’t no Party like a Brexit Party!!!!   
    So first of all where you from ? Secondly do you think there are no English people on 8 pound an hour ? Thirdly people from other countries get their low wages bumped up by family tax credits or whatever its called now , 
    If Britain is so bad why are people falling over themselves to come here ?
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    cypssk reacted to LethweiUK in Ain’t no Party like a Brexit Party!!!!   
    The problem Scotland has is 49% of the country hates the English but the other 51% loves us
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    cypssk reacted to LethweiUK in Ain’t no Party like a Brexit Party!!!!   
    Who’s going to celebrate tonight?!
     I’ll be going to an event to celebrate leaving the EU!
    A long time coming and an end to being a member of an economic disaster!
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    I know my little busy bee 
    ok one more x

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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anna’s log the sequel lol   
    How’s my little perv ? 
    not much to report honey, just working every day trying to grow for the moment. Main focus on legs x

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    cypssk reacted to ShellyH in Advice on Abscess please   
    Came out of Surgery late last night.  Settled on the ward. I am on a permanent drip as they are giving me antibiotics by IV
    Surgeon  told me that the Bacteria infection was deep and they had to take out over 200ml of Puss from my wound and it will possibly need draining again. They have left the wound open because it will heal better apparently, i haven't seen it yet.  Mum and Dad are coming up to visit me this morning, so ill get my first glimpse.
    I can't walk and won't be walking for another day or 2 and i have also been told that i may not be allowed home until the weekend
    Regarding competing, i was hoping to be on a PCA show that i have done before in April, but that is not possible now.  I am likely to be missing the gym for the next couple of months
    I am absolutely devastated guys. I have had a few guys ask me which lab it was that i purchased, and whilst i do understand the reasoning behind the request, unless one of the moderators thinks that the correct action i wont be revealing. 
    The repercussions of this have been incredible.  Health, Work , child care, family etc etc,  I know it could have been far worse, but it could have been far better too.   Iv'e deleted facebook lol.. 
    Sorry i can't reply to every message individually, but i do thank everyone of you for the messages of support.  Lovely group of guys xx
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    cypssk reacted to swole troll in Getting myself to inject   
    stick the syringe between two sofa cushions and sit on it 
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    cypssk reacted to AncientOldBloke in Best place to buy euros for holiday   
    Thomas exchanged his penis for a vagina.
    She is now known as Sally.
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    cypssk reacted to Ken Hutchinson in Can we please give the Jocks their referendum.   
    Why am I being a cnut? thats all wee Jimmy Krankie goes on about, I hope she gets what she wants, she is a deluded lunatic.