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    cypssk reacted to vetran in Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?   
    No I’m not a tw*t but I do steal money out of her purse to buy steroids with 
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    cypssk reacted to Shergar in Maximum amount in a jab into glute ?   
    3ml no problems.
    4ml Nebido also never a problem.
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in What was your first steroid cycle ?   
    Mine was the same as yours vet except Friday and Saturday. Add 3 ecstasy tablets and half a gram of whizz
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    cypssk reacted to Pez189 in Need help! Crashed   
    I can come round and give her one if that helps?  
    I am always willing to help a brother out. 
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    cypssk reacted to MTM1 in Trump doesnt want the votes counting   
    And yet he's started no new wars, reduced American troop presence oversees and reigned in North Korean missle tests. If Biden wins, i suspect Kim Jung will resume tests straight away to test Biden's resolve, then we'll see the measure of Biden because Obama backed down when he threatened the line in the sand over the Assad regime using chemical weapons and immediately looked weak. Also Trump didn't win the last election, Obama lost it because huge swathes of the US simply felt their voice no longer mattered and they turned to someone who claimed he had their ear. It's exactly why Brexit happened and Corbyn lost the last election. The common man felt he no longer had a voice in parliament. It says how far the Labour party had sunk when the common man felt more in common with an Oxbridge classically educated toff than the incumbent of the supposed workers party! The Democrat's are a joke if thr best candidate they could put up was a 78 year old man!! I can't believe there's no a charismatic Hispanic for instance  in his 50s etc who could have won a landslide for them. Instead it's another seemingly cardboard cut out who will probably have a rubbish presidency and gift the republican party the next election. 
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    cypssk reacted to tiny76 in Will you vote Boris in again ?   
    Absolutely, it doesn't matter who gets in they are still taking advice from the same so-called experts so the messages been given by Boris would be the same regardless of who is in charge. PMs are just the front men.  I also believe that if 
    labour had been in power during this pandemic there wouldn't have been any furlough, only job seekers allowance.
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    cypssk reacted to Danny41 in What does everyone do for a living?   
    Slaughterman and I run my own meat whole sale business on the side, people recoil in horror when I tell them I kill and skin animals, I start at 5am which is perfect as I’m awake at that time anyway, home everyday between 10-11am, pull 30k a year, meat wholesale for a hour a day and do great, Covid has put people back into the butchers so trade is good at work and outside, plenty of time to train and pick my girls up from school, very little stress, hard manual work which suits me as been in a office just isn’t me. Happy as
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    cypssk reacted to Restless83 in Why is white bread so popular   
    Racist c**t white breads matter!!
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in Organon sustanon an deca   
    Real or fake they are probably gtg. It’s the 100mg/mil that would bother me more.
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    cypssk reacted to Sasnak in Plump woman loses weight   
    Good for her 

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    cypssk reacted to Seppuku71 in Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs   
    Why do you eat in the bin, are you homeless?

  12. Haha
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    cypssk reacted to Mylittlepony in Anavar   
    Southern ghost do 10mg
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    cypssk reacted to anna1 in Anavar   
    I’ve used advar and keifei and they were both great x
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    cypssk reacted to SuperRips in Anavar   
    Nexus var is some good shheeeeeet 
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    cypssk reacted to stuey99 in Anavar   
    I've used Nexus alot. The only thing I haven't rated highly has been the cialis...it did absolutely nothing
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    cypssk reacted to TERBO in Anavar   
    As it's for a woman, pharmacom would be my choice.
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    cypssk reacted to Sustanation in Anavar   
    ROHM for me. 
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    cypssk reacted to stuey99 in Anavar   
    Pharmacom if you're into paying extra for pretty packagimg
    (In that order)
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    cypssk reacted to Hong Kong phooey in Anavar   
    Nexus do a 20mg tab
    Androchem  10mg
    Sphinx 10mg
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    cypssk reacted to godsgifttoearth in Anavar   
    Dunning do 10mg caps. 
    Pharmacom do 10mg tabs that will split cleanly.
    ROHM  do 10mg tabs.
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    cypssk reacted to Seppuku71 in White lives matter   
    I think it was shameful.  Shameful that the banner wasn't much bigger, and that the plane didn't drop buckets of dog s**t on the c**ts getting down on one knee.
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    cypssk reacted to jjtreml in Watch the football or paint dry?   
    Given up on football now after their pathetic lame virtue signalling cringe fest with the one knee thing.
    football - I'm out.
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    cypssk reacted to drwae in Show me yours and I’ll show you mine   
    Disappointing thread. I saw the title and ran to put the heating on then spent half an hour posing in front of the bathroom mirror getting the perfect photograph. 
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    cypssk reacted to Shergar in Open vial of npp   
    Totally fine buddy.