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  1. Coming off trt

    Thanks yes I want to come off because of elevated psa
  2. Psa

    How did you get on with your psa
  3. Any of the old crew still alive :)

    I remember you i haven't seen weeman or his misses on here for years or milky tiny tom Becklet to name a few
  4. Coming off trt

    I had the finger up the arse 2 time in 6 years
  5. Coming off trt

    Psa test at least once a year i had 2 mri in the last 2 years
  6. Hi as anyone come off trt as I'm thinking of talking to my doctor about coming off as my psa as gone up to 3.5 it's been at this level for 2 years now I ve been on trt for about 6 years an I want to try an lower it im 51 years old if rises 4 from what I've read i have to have a biopsy thanks
  7. You want to go to barking and Dagenham
  8. I done a delivery there years ago I thought I was on the twilight zone
  9. Tilbury essex an sheerness Isle of sheppy kent
  10. Tren experiences

    Feeling hot night sweats couldn't sleep properly nightmares
  11. Curfew of 6pm for men.

    A Welsh mp as said something similar crazy
  12. Other Hobbys

    Cars and motorcycles
  13. British dispensary anabol
  14. I use to do mick harts cycle which was 10 weeks but my alt did rise