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  1. The label say 72% ive never really looked at the labels on the meat I buy from the meat market
  2. Went Smithfield last night chicken breast £18.00 Cumberland sausages £6.00 mince 3kg £13.00 bacon £9.00
  3. I don't know were all the meat comes from but I see lots of British lorries delivering meat as well as lorries coming from other countries
  4. Mince is expensive the last time I went Smithfield meat market before lockdown 3 kg £12 chicken breast 5 kg £17
  5. This is my 300zx tt hoping to start working back on it next week ive just finished my motorbike
  6. I remember in the 90s they came in tub of a 1000
  7. I don't do orals anymore but my favourite was anabol 5mg pink
  8. I remember him I like he's bit in the uk bodybuilding magazine I think it was call hart to hart an his books the layman an the chris report
  9. Luke sandoe dead at 30

    I didn't know she had a drug problem I thought she was suffering from osteoporosis an depression
  10. Luke sandoe dead at 30

    First joanna Thomas now luke sandoe rip
  11. Anyone have/had a Motorbike?

    If you live in London think about the emission I think you have to be above euro 6 I think that's 2007 you can check online I've got a classic 2 stroke I being thinking of getting a Kawasaki z750 as I prefer upright bikes now over sports

    I turn radio off when he or that nick Abbott on
  13. What's your normal breakfast?

    3 weetabix protein shake
  14. Gear in Cyprus

    Medication is expensive Cyprus (south) I know you can't buy steroids I don't know about nolvadex