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  1. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    When I work in a garage I use to go local kebab shop I get a kebab chips a pint of milk a mars
  2. Muscleworks bethnal green 90s to early 2000 great atmosphere absolute gym romford great gym
  3. Anavar

    With the nexus I used there cialis an it was rubbish hopefully it was a one off
  4. Anavar

    Out of the labs above which would yous go for 1st
  5. Anavar

  6. Hi a female friend wants to try anavar any recommendations for labs making 10 or 20 mg tablets thanks
  7. How far would you drive to the gym?

    I drive 3 miles now probably up to 5 miles
  8. Open vial of npp

    Out of curiosity How long after its been opened can it still be used
  9. Hi ive got over half a bottle of npp which I stopped using because of Corona virus pandemic could it still be used as it's been open over 3 months thanks
  10. Best jobs?

    How about hgv lorry driver
  11. The label say 72% ive never really looked at the labels on the meat I buy from the meat market
  12. Went Smithfield last night chicken breast £18.00 Cumberland sausages £6.00 mince 3kg £13.00 bacon £9.00
  13. I don't know were all the meat comes from but I see lots of British lorries delivering meat as well as lorries coming from other countries
  14. Mince is expensive the last time I went Smithfield meat market before lockdown 3 kg £12 chicken breast 5 kg £17
  15. This is my 300zx tt hoping to start working back on it next week ive just finished my motorbike