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  1. I don't know if you will use gear again if you do try an get it from someone you know some gym owners will sell or know someone or if you go abroad some country sell over the counter as far as I know Turkey sells primo anyway all the best what ever you decide
  2. Hope all goes well
  3. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Shameless on catch up the uk one
  4. ML in one hit

    I have no pain from with nebido 4ml 1000mg but Aspen sus 250mg kills me
  5. ML in one hit

    Nebido is given 4ml in one go in glute
  6. Best place to buy euros for holiday

    Thomas Exchange
  7. Hi I'm on trt NHS nebido 1000mg every 12 weeks I due a blood test in 3 weeks time lve been using hgh will they pick it up on my blood test they normally test for testosterone alt alp ggt psa haemoglobin hematocrit urea creatinine egfr thanks
  8. I don't think you can on the south maybe in the North
  9. Were about in Turkey or do all pharmacy sell sus an deca when my friend was there he could only get anaplon primo an proviron
  10. @Vetran gone AWOL

    Probably on the winded up on tmuscle
  11. Trt an blood test

    Yes I'm going to do 500mg test e 300mg npp for 8 to 10 week im going to stop about 8 weeks before test I've was going to run hgh with it this will be my first time using hgh thanks
  12. Trt an blood test

    They normally check testosterone psa haemoglobin liver an kidney function maybe a few other thanks
  13. Hi been on trt (nhs) for 3 years i want to do a cycle of test e an npp deca hgh only thing I've got to have a blood test in December before seeing my endo i will finish the course by the end of September will there be enough time for it to clear my system before having the test thanks