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  1. Gyno Surgery Turkey

    Brilliant, thanks pal! Would definitely need to lose some weight beforehand, will be something I aim to get done next winter
  2. Hi, Has anyone had or know anyone who has had Gyno surgery in Turkey? Have look at Poland and UK in the past but frequently go to Turkey so makes sense to go there for it... Thanks
  3. Good day

    Hi all, I'm Nathan, used to come on here in the past but couldn't remember info - trying to find my hunger for training again. Cheers
  4. Hand Fracture - Training?

    Hi all, I fractured my hand almost 5 weeks ago. I still have pain when attempting to push anything and can't yet make a fully clenched fist. I've not stepped foot in the gym since before this event occurred and starting a feel a little low in regards to my health and body. Planning to go back in to the gym tomorrow however need to have exactly what i'm going to do in there. Anyone have any good training advice for in this scenario - I want to get back training but not affect my hand, would you suggest just training cardio and lower body? Thanks