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  1. Hi Guys, So the council is not allowing gyms to open in Luton due to a Covid spike, which makes no sense as pubs, malls and others are operating. So I have no option but to try to sign up for another gym outside the city, is there any recommendations for gyms by Stevenage, St Albans, Hemal Hempstead areas ??
  2. How is that GH is it legit ?? I heard mixed story’s about that brand
  3. Arachinoid acid

    What’s your take on Arachinoid acid and it’s ability to activate protein synthesis, from my understanding it’s omega 6 Essential fatty acid that is released when your muscles experience break down it’s the soreness feeling that signals your body to come and repair the fibers, only two companies I really see selling it is Enchanched and X factor or somthing that Dave plumbo promoted
  4. S23

    Has anyone tried s23 yet heard mixed things, meant to be the strongest sarm on the market
  5. Mass gainer ?

    Optimum nutrition mass gainer 1200 calories is the truth, I tried bulk powders and monster mass but non come close to ON
  6. Anosomone or Hygetropin

    I’m on ansomone right now, I never ran this GH before ....only thing I’m noticing is red marks after I pin and they stay there last time I ran GH was a Canadian company and it never gave me welts and at 5ius I was feeling full side effects, this one I’m not feeling any sides it’s been going on 4 weeks, haven’t really notice to much difference body wise but it takes about 3 months to see somthing ....my ansomone serial number matched up so it’s legit in that sense, will run blood work soon, and probably gonna use phizer soon as well stack it with ansomone
  7. IA super pharma

    Good to see people on this forum still so sensitive and defensive, how is it invalid not everyone is gonna go into cycle doing bloodwork first secondly you seem like you did your research so before you start to moan maybe your the rare breed that learned how to read blood work but I guarantee you 70percent of new beginners wouldn’t know how to analyze blood work properly, and people are pinning grams of gear a week to compensate for lack off potency, after bloodwork shows low levels and your opinion about diet and training I agree but UGLs are biggest issue in the game right now 70percent of primo and var is replicated var is cut with dbol so that’s why they don’t recommend UGL var to females so they don’t get androgenic effects, we can go into much more detail about UGL’s and how they cut corners to make a penny, but keep preaching diet and training and maybe someone that ask you doesn’t get poising from a s**t lab
  8. IA super pharma

    ?? but to be fair when you first started did you even know anything about UGL’s everyone is always feeding info about diet workout stats etc ....but no one really asks about labs some people don’t see any results because there labs under dose the product, and when they see people hitting a 3 -4 Grams a week if different compounds they want to do it, it’s not your taking it make you bigger but your making up for the lower dosed Test or what ever your cycling ....that’s why blood work is must, if I knew about what I know about labs now I think I could have done my first and second cycles differently
  9. IA super pharma

    Of course there’s to many bull s**t UGl’s out there but someone needs to make a thread on which ones are good to go and which are crap IMO ....most newbies start off just buying whatever lab they can get not knowing the side effects of s**t labs. I personally never heard of them until yesterday
  10. IA super pharma

    What’s your guys take on this lab IA super pharma, apprantley they f**ked up lot when they first came out but have changed now, heard there doseage concentration levels are high as well ??
  11. Npp smell?

    My NPP doesn’t smell at all ?
  12. Ansomone production

    I just got mine in few days ago looks GTG verification matched up let’s see what it does
  13. Microdosing GH thru out the day

    I don’t know if I wanna try it on my next protocol I’m happy with my one in the morning and one later on only difference I’m gonna do is run mk677 before bed ...so I should have some elevation regardless of microdosing ...I was just curious cheers for the feed back
  14. Microdosing GH thru out the day

    0.8 was example to dose thru out the day you can up it to what ever you want, there’s blood work out there that shows exogenous GH microdosed had a elevated igf tail lasting over 16hrs ...your peaks of GH peaks between 3-4 hour window and trails off your natural pulse spikes in sleep and when your in fasted state ... obviously this way does have some benefits but is it as beneficial as dosing 2-3 times a day of GH is what I’m trying to figure out, not a lot of people have done this
  15. Has anyone ever expriemented with the notion of microdosing GH thru out the day so instead of two shots a day of let’s say 7ius you would do .08 shots multiple times a day minus post workout where you would increase it ....theory behind it is you have a IGF tail that stays elevated all day as GH by itself I believe is 3 hour half life, before you go to bed take somthing like mk677 just to help ....i would think this method would occur more fat burining properties to it ....keep in mind .08 IU is example you can obviously do what works best for your body