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  1. Canada Goose

    The animal cruelty that goes into Canada goose coats is horrific. Please YouTube about the company before buying. The company has zero ethics and tortures the animals to extremes to get that fur. Don’t buy into it.
  2. New relationship

    If I was seeing a girl and she didn’t text me for 2 days I’d have forgotten she’d even exists tbh. My conveyor belt is rapid
  3. Blondiecgot the stains out thank f**k. Little one was at the other flat she wasn’t too impressed with my antics. Ex con I’ll probably and hope to never see again. Started chirpsin a new bird on fb thismorning, she playing hard I get atm but I’m full pest mode, that clunge will be plunged
  4. Been a while guys...

    Sis is gash and has been for time. Triumph Sphinx and tm are top of the chain have been for a long while so just have a google and get what’s cheapest.
  5. What’s your best 1 rep bench ?

    126kg last week. Going up 5kg per week fairly consistently
  6. Ruffer than a bag of Margate chips left out in the rain mate but her Jack n Danny was lit
  7. I know when you have a really boring mundane life, the lives of others often seem unbelievable.
  8. One of my sesh gremlins come back from a 4 month drink and drug hiatus for his works Xmas do last night, he wanted his party to go with a bang so he invited none other than Kent’s own king of de Bouchary. Double pink gin and lemonade Is now the drink of choice, it seems to compliment the cocaine. So with both my birds left at home, I was in full steam gash hound gear, as was my wingman. The night was long, got to almost kick out time at 4am and spy some late 30’s, early 40’s council mum looking bird sat on her own, I went over and asked her for a lighter, she had the textbook husky voice from screaming and smoking 60 Marlboro a ya since she was 9, I asked why she was on her own, last night was her first night off tag since she’d been out of prison jackpot. I took the conversation no further I just said let’s go for a walk over the harbour, she said yes so I took her by the hand and walked her over to my usual spot behind the clock tower which is where I usually take the club birds for blowies, put her up against the wall and got amongst it, gave her the lawnmower pull start action and made her gush all down her clothes, then laid her on the freezing cold concrete floor and she took her leggings or whatever the f**k it was off, I laid down and licked her out for a bit before FISTING her, my old motto is ‘if you can fit it then fist it’. Punched the f**k out of her womb and had a good old dig around in there, she gushed her little guts out. It was then I realised I was actually dying of hyperthermia, and I was fully clothed, so I got up and said right I’m off home back to m birds to get warm, called her a cab and f**ked off home, to then realise where I’d been laying down my perfect bright white Levi jeans are absolutely fu**ing ruined, Mrs #1 has been working tirelessly all day trying to scrub the stains out but some arnt shifting, can anybody recommend the best thing for white jeans? They’re my favourite cos they fit snug around the cock and the birds always look at it. Cheers
  9. Not at their prices! There’s a local karaoke bar action packed with the council birds they do double Aldi value Malibu and lemonade for 2.70 mate
  10. Yes mate all you can eat for £3.99 it’s fu**ing peng. Get a tap water from the bar then dash it under the table across the carpet and fill it up with Pepsi from the refil machine. And pocket as many vegan butter portions as you can fit. You can take the boy outta Margate...
  11. Never eaten porridge in my life, foul
  12. Quick! Need club names in central Amsterdam

    Smokey’s cafe then next door to Smokey’s club. Nightclub full of fit birds with an indoor vented smoking area at the back where you can smoke a joint with your beer. Don’t buy any packet from the black fella that sits on the stool at the back there, it’s so bad I gave it back to him told the c**t to keep the money aswell if he was that desperate.
  13. Depends, do you want to snort 80% flake off of a row of birds tits while drinking neat spirits or do ya wanna have a dinner at harvesters followed by a male onky circle jerk. I know what the f**k I’m doing this Xmas
  14. Triumph pip

    We are all Triumph, triumph is the lab of the people. It has no owners, no sellers, it is artificial intelligence. Jabbed 4ml in my belly the other day and broke my all time bench today, a full stone lighter than I was at my biggest.
  15. Right, forget everything I said last night, woke up today feeling great, went for chest and triceps and hit a new best at 126kg. And it wasn’t difficult. And I was absolutely pumped to f**k, biggest iv ever felt and looked by far. Just went and had a f**k off dinner down spoons. Now at home in bed lol. Legs and shoulders tomorrow champs