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  1. Hey guys, Im on trt and was wondering if I could purchase cypionate or enanthate from a abroad pharmacy? I have a doctors note etc. Any help would be greatly appriciated
  2. I think it’s a combo of skinny fat and loose skin...

    I would eat at maintenance and keep protein high, if you're new to lifting you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Dont bulk or cut yet.
  3. Bargain dumbbells I saw on ebay(real ads)

    You're 100 percent right my friend!
  4. Bargain dumbbells I saw on ebay(real ads)

    Tell me about it I couldnt believe my eyes, still a few bottles of water and a stick isnt bad for that price. ?
  5. So Like alot of people, we're all searching for dumbells during this time of crisis, here are some of the best ads ive seen online. PS these are all legit. Post yours below.
  6. Bodybuilding Models For Clothing Line

    Im worried ill be to lean for this.......
  7. TRT docs

    Has anyone used The mens health clinic, if so how much does it work out to a month for test and hcg? Im in two minds about changing from BMH to either The leger clinic (dr doug savage) or the Mens health clinic.
  8. Bulk or cut

    Would I lose muscle on 150 test a week on a 3 month cut? Thanks
  9. Bulk or cut

    Thanks again for the advice man! Ill repost in 2 months with pics hopefully I see an improvement. PS im on trt 150mg a week, would I be able to maintain muscle on a 2-3 month cut on that dosage? Also should I run anything else with my trt Im on levothyroxine(for underactive thyroid)
  10. Bulk or cut

    Thanks man! I needed to hear this.
  11. Bulk or cut

    Thanks Pal. I would have said 25 percent too.
  12. Bulk or cut

    Thanks for the response brother, by looking at that pic what bf percentage would you say I am? Again as honest as you can
  13. Bulk or cut

    Hey guys picture below, Be as honest as you can. Should I bulk or cut?