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  1. Pinning delts...

    1st time I did delts I did 1.5ml and got no pip. ive done 2ml and still without issues.
  2. SG Anavar

    When was you on the superdrol? ive just finished 6 weeks and thought they were excellent. Not one we’re crumbly either.
  3. Rap artist name!

    You shag dogs so has to be MC Ruff Rider
  4. Who the fvck fvcks a chicken??

    No not yet
  5. Who the fvck fvcks a chicken??

    So do I, darent ask him if he was also the receiver from the retriever. Bet he was
  6. Who the fvck fvcks a chicken??

    Bet that was ruff
  7. Shift work

    I’m on flexi time mon to fri so start and finish when I want to
  8. 450 test 600 deca, along with 25mg prov a day. just feel really good at that dose.
  9. 1st gym to stand their ground

    My thoughts too, you beat me to it
  10. The menace or the pump? i don’t like the taste of the pump but it works really well.
  11. Good stuff that, I’m using it at mo alongside their menace pre
  12. Big Ramy out of for Covid!

    Wylde is a boxer though, don’t forget it.
  13. Owning a bar?

    You flirting with an old man?
  14. Owning a bar?

    Just finished a sesh at gym, I now feel 74