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  1. Exactly this happened to me. Was great on cycle, had no pain in elbow at all. Now though it’s back. Has took a good couple of months to make a return after finishing cycle.
  2. What’s the half life then ? I keep reading 8 to 12 hours?
  3. Is it better to split the dose? Think mine are 20mg tabs.
  4. Up to date source for melanotan

    Website is still up? Where you heard that?
  5. Who thinks they are hard?

    Looks like fun
  6. Is this board dead?

    You’ve been there before then eh? Lol
  7. There’s photos I think, don’t remember a vid
  8. Obviously from other people’s posts I’m serious
  9. Pickled nipple for tea it is then. Cooked or raw?
  10. Why is he retarded? someone did actually cut his lump out and documented it too. sure it’s on this very forum.
  11. Steroids side effects

    If you want them back to normal size, I’ll kick you in the bollox if you want?
  12. DG Topics and opinions

    Was it ever a neutral board?
  13. Whats the most sexy man boots

    Yes please, keep the eyeballs attached as well
  14. Whats the most sexy man boots

    Thanks for that, I missed it first time.
  15. On cycle help

    The internet so it’s definitely true