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  1. Dimension

    They started off back in day being oral only! All of their products were very potent. Had many issues when the oils were introduced but that was ironed out a couple of years back. I think they're having a bit of a shake down and cutting off some buyers.
  2. Best HGH

    As agreed with above. Hyge.
  3. Intexpharma?

    This is from a lad in the gym if it helps.
  4. Protasia Labs

    We might possibly buy from the same place OP. I have a bottle of Test P in my order FOC. So I gave it a whirl and must say I felt a little bit more from it than the other lab I've been using. Not sure I'd commit to buy my whole cycle in it just yet back defo 100% decent.
  5. Rohm 2ttm

    ^^^ Eh Everybody is saying it's a good lab bar the ones saying it's gone down hill.... I think you need your keybord confiscated for at least a week I'd love to see what you have in your cupboards at home. I reckon you have every choice of biscuit. Even the s**t ones like fig rolls "i've heard they're vile, but seen them and had to buy" Use rohm, eat an extra meal, train an extra day and go fourth and get massive.
  6. Hyge GH

    If you have been buying anything different to these then you've been using copies.
  7. Moncler & sizing

    Yeah, Something like that.
  8. Sperm count fix

    F**king amazing news mate, made up for you.
  9. Moncler & sizing

    I wish that was the case. Work have announced that we're getting a bonus due to working extra hours over lockdown without pay.
  10. Moncler & sizing

    Cheers guys But on the website not the mobile store. There is an extra option of “my fitting guide” which is contradictory to The chart you helpful bunch posted up ?
  11. Moncler & sizing

    Looking to buy a gilet from Moncler, Used their size calculator and it makes no sense. Can anybody help with how true their sizing runs and if you own one of their coats, what size are you? I used to wear XXXL tops in designer companies but been off the gym of late and slimmed down. Chest now is roughly 48". Any input appreciated
  12. Magnus pharmaceutical legit?

    Not that it's of much help but the HCG worked very well.
  13. Equilia can anybody help

    This is the kind of feedback I need in my life. I've have pigs banging on the door before but didn't want it to become a habbit with all the local live stock. Important question though..... Shall I use skimmed or semi-skimmed for maximal protein gain. Also what temp dial do you keep your fridge on?
  14. Equilia can anybody help

    What is your game mate? Like @drwae said if you're happy with something stick to it. I've seen a lot of this "cravendale" milk on the shelves at supermarkets recent, is it really that good that cows will break into your house and take it back. As advert suggested?
  15. Test e

    Good old days.