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  1. Hehe i just had to try that word in a sentence! :) I know many have a hard time drinking "enough" water, and it is SO important, so just figured i'd check it mate
  2. I'm in for this one. Looks like you have it all under control so far mate! How is your hydration protocol? Do u use any supplements for liver and kidneys? How often do u check bloodpressure and when are you going to have a bloodtest done? Great workouts btw!
  3. Tips on Controlling Test E Facial Bloat?

    What is your age mr? Do you follow a program while lifting? How is your diet composed?
  4. Kidneys, or rather, One kidney?

    Thank you, I'm grateful for your input in my other thread aswell!(Steroids subforum).
  5. Steroids VS Kidneys

    Yeah, i did'nt consider that both kidneys would get sick at the same time, that's really obvious to me now I would love to get more input on the different supplements you Were discussing earlier. And BTW; what does people think about this (little)study? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4515889/
  6. Steroids VS Kidneys

    Thank you, this is what i have been discussing with my mates. Some say i should'nt even consider it, "it is borderline suicidal!". Some say Protein is a risk in itself, some say no problemo to everything! On a Scandinavian forum they said i should'nt use haevy Orals but Tbol was ok in the medium range(30-60mg ED). It's a jungle of information out there, and i try to read and take all the precautions i can to stay healthy. I run the same risk as anybody else, but since i can't afford to damage/loose a kidney it is abit more important for me to maintain bloodlevels and hydrate. Should i use BP medicine to keep it under control or is that risky business? Thanks alot guys, this turned out to be a very informative thread for me! Appreciate it!
  7. Steroids VS Kidneys

    Ah, i forgot to mention that.. I was born with only one, it is 50% enlarged, healthy and works like to regular sized Kidneys. Have checked it a couple of times the last years. Thanks for that. That sounds almost to amazing, would be awesome to have a look. Thanks mate!
  8. Steroids VS Kidneys

    Thanks guys. Yeah, i have heard that Orals are bad for both liver and kidneys. But even a 10wk Test E only - 300mg E5d will increase bloodpressure and make other changes in the system and that is where my issue lays.. What supplements and/or precautions can i take to help my kidney, If i decide to go for it? Hydrate, low natrium intake and monitor/control BP os the obvious answers..
  9. Steroids VS Kidneys

    Hey there. I wonder if anyone can tell me more about the stresses on the kidneys when on a cycle? I only have one kidney and consider a 10wk test only in March. Any supplements like TUDCA and NAC only for the poor kidneys? Hqven found anything "worth it" yet.. Thanks
  10. Hey there. I was born with only one kidney, have'nt had any trouble with it so far. Checked it several times in the last couple of years, it is approx.50% enlarged, with the filtration capacity of almost 2 regular sized kidneys. I know this is perfectly normal, a lot of people never get any problems, even if they roam the city every weekend - and has really bad habits.. My question is simple; How dangerous is steroids for the poor kidneys? Is there some good supplements i could take while(if!) on cycle, to help the kidneys out? I know that bloodpressure is a major factor when it comes to kidney disease and in some cases failure, salt intake needs to be managed closely and hydration levels has to be high/exagerated. Anybody in my situation with experience? I'm considering a 10wk Test only in March..
  11. Hey!

    I just joined today.. Came here searching for info and inspiration, looks like there's alot of it in here! Looking forward to participate, but for now i mostly will read and learn. I'm 32years from Norway, have been lifting weights and working out for about 7-8yrs on and off.