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  1. Yes, would bang. One not enough though, so would end up going out looking for a drive thru Burger King to get a tripple whopper
  2. Talk of a third wave next year?

    £3b, is that all we sent them?! No wonder they're trying to f**king kill us, what they supposed to do with just £3,000,000,000?! I'd have rather we sent them one of these -
  3. Talk of a third wave next year?

    China will probably have made a new, improved virus to send over next year too......
  4. Lol, i like it. If i ever make a profile on a dating site i'll have to borrow that
  5. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    I'll sort that for you when the weather warms up a bit - not dropping these thermal long johns now till at least June
  6. Interesting.... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/vitamin-d-supplements-covid-coronavirus-b1762995.html%3famp https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk/get-vitamin-d-supplements/
  7. If you lived in wild Africa!

    Gorilla's are awesome, my second favorite creature after dogs. Dogs are easier to keep though.
  8. Why ARE so many bodybuilders bald?

    I thought Nizoral was the bodybuilders trick for keeping hair? I'm not on the sauce, but i use it anyhow and i've got more hair than my two slaphead brothers
  9. Covid, Vitamin d & The NHS

    Lol, yep. Was curious how many replies it would take to go from vitamin d to bumming - 12. Ketones took his time on this one...
  10. If you lived in wild Africa!

    In the next life, i wanna be a chimp. They masturbate a lot:
  11. If you lived in wild Africa!

    Here's one doing dumbbell rows yesterday:
  12. If you lived in wild Africa!

    What, with its mates hanging around? I don't think so - chimps are dirty fighters, i'd end up like one of those little monkeys they rip apart. A million pounds would be no good to me with my legs and arms missing. You ever seen a chimp with no hair? They're f**king hench -
  13. If you lived in wild Africa!

    Chimps are pretty hard. All they ever do is pick fights with other chimps, rip smaller monkeys apart and eat them, shag, or sit around playing with their knobs. Brutally strong too, i saw a pair of them years ago on tv carrying a piano up a flight of stairs.
  14. Why ARE so many bodybuilders bald?

    This blokes hair looks alright -
  15. If you lived in wild Africa!

    I'd be a Bob Geldof, then i'd kill myself
  16. Phencyclidine is supposed to be quite mild.
  17. Covid, Vitamin d & The NHS

    I knew this would happen if i put it in the gen-con section....
  18. I think it depends - pushing workouts too hard can make you run down, and doing that while being exposed to any virus is asking for trouble. Vit d3 is the darling of the vitamin world currently though, you should be popping 5k iu of that a day if you're not sunbathing in the tropics. Just been reading that the.nhs are going to be giving it out to at risk people to try and help fend off covid complications
  19. Nope! Pneumonia. Best diet ever, although i nearly died from it...
  20. Buying on Alibaba

    F**k China, f**king bunch of virus passing, dog eating f**cking robbing b""tards - Buy British!! You know, like Anthony Joshua says, but without the racist "only buy from blacks" sentiment, the f**king racist s**t poncy talentless so called f**king boxer.
  21. Brisk walking under rated.

    Alan - to really be in with the in-crowd here you'll need to post a pic in just your underpants mate...
  22. Brisk walking under rated.

    Lol, got in there before me
  23. Brisk walking under rated.

    Oh ok. Not "it's another Wednesday today" but "another walk on Wednesday", gotcha.
  24. What brand liver pills are you using me old fruit? I've had undefatted powder before, not in pill form though (Uni-Liver are the pills i've had before). The pills are a nice treat to share with my dog, we eat them 'Lady And The Tramp' way.