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  1. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    Marvin Eder - bodybuilder / weightlifter from the late 40's - early 50's. Did dips with an extra over 400lb attached (2 men as in pic). Benched over 500lb. Claims natty, i wonder though.....
  2. Yes, for shagging a bird at work. HR tried to catch us in the act but failed. Unfortunately, when split up and questioned, mine and the girls stories didn't match up so they sacked us due to 'lack of trust' or something like that.
  3. Joshua or Fury

    Hopefully when Joshua takes a knee for blm, Fury will knock his block off.
  4. Yoga - (No homo)

    Looks pretty gay to me.....
  5. Had my testosterone levels back!!

    My wife just made me a coffee and it's f**king luke warm. I swear she does it deliberately to get out of making the drinks.
  6. Is die hard a Christmas film

    Well, tis the season for s**t films, so by tv standards it probably is an xmas film, yes.
  7. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    Wish i hadn't just looked that up while eating my lunch...
  8. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    This one of Kai Greene is one of my favorites:
  9. The hammer in the back of my car usually sorts that problem out.
  10. I think some time back in 2009 or 2010, not sure. That's why i prefer shagging other people's wives when the opportunity arrises (which isn't often).
  11. Just curious, what were your levels prior to treatment, and what were your symptoms?
  12. oh no.. oh no

    You been eating beetroot?... Anyhow, pics needed, close uo
  13. @Ken Hutchinson - Just read your post and thought "that sounds interesting" so i looked it up. Well from what i've just read, i'm fairly certain i've f**king got it too!! For a couple of years now i've noticed that when i sit up from a prone position, i get a weird as hell shape like a flesh toblerone pop up right down the centre of my abdomen. I've been bemused by this for ages now. I thought it was an after effect of an umbilical hernia op i had in 2013. Not sure what the hell to do about it now
  14. Squatting shoes

    I gob a lot in my home gym. During squats mostly, right up the wall in front of me after a hard rep. That bit of wall is just horrible, dried up chunks of green from times where i've not been very well but training anyhow. I don't know when or why i started doing it, but it's like a ritual with me now. I can't see a commercial gym letting me do that, so i'll probably never use one again. I never swear in there though.
  15. Eddie Hall

    I had a meal with an ex at a table right next to his, many, many years ago. He was with his wife and another couple. All i really remember about it was that he never said a word, probably because his loud talking wife wouldn't shut the fcuk up the whole time they were there.
  16. Squatting shoes

    Personally, and maybe it's just me - but i prefer something on my feet if i'm out walking the dog and accidentally step in dog s**t. Tried it barefoot once but had real trouble picking the poo out my toenails.
  17. Monoliths’

    Lol, misread. I thought Sasnak was after one of these -
  18. Yes, would bang. One not enough though, so would end up going out looking for a drive thru Burger King to get a tripple whopper
  19. Talk of a third wave next year?

    £3b, is that all we sent them?! No wonder they're trying to f**king kill us, what they supposed to do with just £3,000,000,000?! I'd have rather we sent them one of these -
  20. Talk of a third wave next year?

    China will probably have made a new, improved virus to send over next year too......
  21. Lol, i like it. If i ever make a profile on a dating site i'll have to borrow that
  22. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    I'll sort that for you when the weather warms up a bit - not dropping these thermal long johns now till at least June
  23. Interesting.... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/vitamin-d-supplements-covid-coronavirus-b1762995.html%3famp https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk/get-vitamin-d-supplements/
  24. If you lived in wild Africa!

    Gorilla's are awesome, my second favorite creature after dogs. Dogs are easier to keep though.