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  1. Sleeping eating and having sex

    I don't know how many i 'could' get as my wife's a clever c**t and gets the answers too quick. Caravaggio paintings though, and i'm right in there.
  2. Sleeping eating and having sex

    Yep - the occasional bedtime benzos (etizolam) were becoming more frequent with me, hence the replacement with weed. I've found nothing particularly enjoyable about it, but i seem to enjoy my evening meal a bit more followed by an urge to go to bed. Shame it stinks though, i'm having to spray ralgex in the garage afterwards so the wife won't tut at me.
  3. Sleeping eating and having sex

    You can learn some useful things from Barbie dvd's - when my daughter was little and made me watch one of them with her, i learnt how to identify paintings by Caravaggio. That's helped me look clever quite a few times while watching University Challenge.
  4. Sleeping eating and having sex

    I'm just getting into weed myself as i have a work buddy who has so much of the stuff that he gives me bags of it for free. I know that you were actually joking, but it's good for those nights when i don't think i'll sleep well. Just one or two puffs before bed and sleep's easy peasy.
  5. you CANT keep this Dog down

    They never built that wall high enough...
  6. False Wisdom - My experience

    It can happen with web sites too. Imagine my disappointment having logged onto www.therapist.com hoping to watch people getting raped, but instead was conned into booking a physio appointment.
  7. you CANT keep this Dog down

    Is there an English version of this thread?
  8. At a total of three words, was it even a thread?
  9. Have you tried a beta blocker? Maybe a low dose of something like propranolol would help, it stops the physical symptoms of having excess adrenaline. Easy to get online too. Another med that might work for you is tianeptine (brand name Stablon). Worth looking into. Other things to try - kratom (improves mood and can lessen anxiety), phenibut (max twice a week though). Things that reduce excess glutamate receptor activity (which can cause anxiety) - memantine, agmatine (also good for workout pumps). Lithium orotate - a supposedly safer version of lithium that can be bought otc or online. Helps to stabalise mood / reduce anxiety. It's a real shame that the 'legal highs' ban stopped sensible grown ups being able to buy research chems on the clearnet - i used to buy a research benzo called pyrazolam. Pyrazolam was the holy grail of anxiety medicines. It's a benzo that only works on specific gaba receptors - the ones that stop anxiety, and doesn't touch the ones that cause drowsiness or amnesia. It's (in my opinion) stronger at stopping anxiety than xanax. But, most importantly - it's not addictive, due to the receptors it works on. I used it for 2 years straight after going through a very stressful period (sacked from work, then starting a new job with ten times the responsibility of my previous job). I couldn't buy it after the ban though and had to literally cold turkey off it. All that happened was i went back to my pre usage state. I've used / do use all of these things for my own f**ked up mental state, and they've all helped me to a degree.
  10. Is it me or is there an agenda?

    That reply was too long to be fair and could have been condensed down to this- Did you know back in March when it was two weeks to flatten the curve fast forward 9 months later we would be told a week before Christmas that we were verging on a full national lockdown? Did you know back in March businesses would be closed on the verge of no return, even big names went into collapse? Cafe De Paris opened it’s doors in 1924 hosted a array of A-list stars including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Noël Coward, said it “not gone out without a fight.” Extraordinarily, it had survived a 1941 bombing during the Blitz, reopening in 1948. Did you know back in March Clothes, blankets, duvets and sanitary products would be closed off as non essential even certain electrical items? Never mind the elderly who do not always have access to the internet & need extra blankets in time for winter. Never mind the single mum on benefits who needs to buy children’s coats or first time parents. Did you know back in March When attractions finally opened you would have to book a time slot and be expected to pay full price for a limited time entry? Did you know back in March You wouldn’t be allowed your partner at your birth and would have to wear a mask during labour yet your partner was allowed to go and sit in a pub with loads of strangers? Did you know back in March it was made illegal to have sex with someone outside your household, with the rules being put into place from June 1. At the time, anyone caught breaking the law could face having a criminal record? Did you know back in March people would be fined and arrested with brutality for standing up for freedom of speech about all of this? One being a highly Qualified Doctor arrested at Speakers Corner for speaking out? Did you know back in March that the Government would make you wear a mask to enter places when they originally said they make no difference at all even knowing children have passed away from wearing them yet enforced them in secondary schools? Did you know back in March You would still have to queue to enter a supermarket, follow markings on the floor and there would be a traffic light system, you would be expected to wear a mask and use toxic sanitizer? Did you know back in March You would have to become a hairdresser? That hairdressers and personal care businesses would still be closed? How we appreciate hairdressers and have no choice but to try our best efforts with failed attempts ?‍♀️??‍♂️ Did you know back in March You would stand outside in the cold waiting half an hour in a queue to use a bank and how you would be frowned upon for not wearing a mask.... in a bank who would ever think that? Did you know back in March That most call centres are now closed with no way of accessing anyone to help with issues anymore? Did you know back in March There would be a limit to how many people can be on a bus and train, designating bus services to school children only forgetting that some people still need to get to work and have no other means? Did you know back back in March That no where would accept cash anymore and cash machines would be closed off? Not because the virus spreads on cash - what they really want is a cashless society. Did you know back in March Over 2 million people would be unemployed? A record number of redundancies - 370,000 - in the period from August to October. Hospitality - which includes bars, restaurants and hotels - has seen nearly 300,000 jobs go since February. Retail has shed 160,000 jobs as non-essential shops have been forced to shut, and culture has seen 89,000 jobs go. In November 2020 the number of people claiming either Jobseeker's Allowance or universal credit because they were "searching for work" was 2.7 million, 1.4 million higher than March, before the pandemic began to take effect. Did you know back in March Certain countries would be given the go ahead what countries you can and cannot travel too with many holidays unfortunately cancelled. Adding to confusion for many people that they went without a family holiday this year? EasyJet said it had plunged into a £1.3 billion loss, meaning UK-listed airlines have now racked up nearly £7 billion in coronavirus losses. Total cash refunds to customers in the second half of the year were £863 million and it has outstanding travel vouchers of £250 million!! Did you know back in March Your tax payer money would support the passport office to delay your passport and visas whilst they sit back at home on furlough? Did you know back in March Schools would be closed off for such a long period particularly causing damage to children with learning difficulties and in the vulnerable category? Did you know back in March University students in halls of residence couldn’t go out to even get food or exercise? Exercising human rights was forbidden, one university even closed the fire escape resorting in desperation where students placed banners on windows for help? They were given a unhealthy limited food box each day for breakfast one of the things was only a packet of crisps... lovely! Parents took legal action against the Universities and protests formed but the young were unfairly arrested for freedom of speech Did you know back in March The young wouldn’t be able to go out to bars, clubs and on the last day before going into lockdown they had a street party in central London as after all they are young and want to enjoy freedoms but told to go home before 10pm otherwise arrests would be made? Did you know back in March There would be such a thing as covid marshals to make sure you are adhering to the rules like good compliant citizens? Did you know back in March Criminals would be allowed out of prison as deemed a high risk of infection inside the prisons? Did you know back in March Your child’s first Christmas play would be held over zoom? Did you know back in March Children’s play groups would be closed, libraries Rhyme time closed? Did you know back in March Gyms and swimming pools would be closed? 200 pools in England have told how they cannot reopen EVER again where they have faced much major losses! One Gym in Liverpool had 7 ARMED Police officers turn up at the door issuing a FINE of £1,000 for every hour he kept his Gym open for. He persisted and the public began to hear about it and raised money for the fines. The Gym owner showed the way to other. Did you know back in March Very few homes would take part in Halloween and the ones that did left sweets outside in a tin for children? I counted four homes in after a half hour walk with my children. The look of disappointment on them and their friends face said it all. Did you know back in March Fire work displays would be cancelled? Did you know back in March hospitality would STILL be closed off, no entertainment or attractions even for Christmas, no pantomimes, ice skating, fairs, Winter Wonderland would be closed? Did you know back in March The streets of central London would be like a ghost town, no tourists and no atmosphere? Did you know back in March Cinemas playing new films would be such a threat that they only played old films and still had to pay full price? Like who ever considered Peter Rabbit 2 which still has been waiting to be released since March would be considered such a popular film that they were afraid it would reach full capacity? Laughable really. Independent film directors and actors suffered a major loss. Cineworld has had to close it’s doors even the one in Leicester Square the heart of London entertainment capital. Did you know back in March You wouldn’t be able to enter a restaurant without giving details for track & trace and be expected to wear a mask at the table ordering food through a app? Did you know back in March Pubs would have to change rules serving food if allowed to serve alcoholic drinks and no live singing? Did you know back in March You would be able to get your McDonald’s but your local authentic family run restaurant would be forced to close? Did you know back in March You would only be able to see your relatives in a care home for 20 minutes behind a glass screen? Did you know back in March You would only be able to meet other people from only one support bubble and would have to sit in your garden? Did you know back in March Neighbours would be encouraged to snitch on one another if they break the rules? We went from clapping with neighbours to snitching on them Did you know back in March You would only be allowed no more than 30 people at a funeral? Did you know back in March You would only be allowed 15 guests at your wedding? Did you know back in March A miracle of a vaccine would be rushed and conveniently the Government tells you there’s a new variant of covid when the first variant has still not been isolated? Did you know a week before Christmas we would be placed into lockdown and you would not be able to get a flight or send gifts to relatives overseas? You could even post in WW2!! Did you know back in March Lorry drivers would be held up at Dover and the French border crossing to be told they need to be tested and we will face food shortages? Sounds a lot doesn’t it? That is your FREEDOMS that have been lost over a virus that has not been isolated and you want to know the actual figures from The WHO & CDC have said a 99.98% survival rate and a 0.0002% fatality rate. And I am called the crazy one for being a critical thinker in all of this and could see from the beginning where we were heading because I have never listened to the media and do not for one second place trust in the Government when it comes to my health! Since when have they been known to be trusted before and always get it right? Anyone??? Please tell me??? So why are we all of a sudden now?? The Government have used constant fear propaganda from the beginning. I could go on and sure I am missing loads but we could see a lot of this was coming way back in March. 2020 was just the drill to see how people would comply. Can you look the next generation in the eye and say you gave up rights to any future they may have left whilst you stood back and allowed all these absurd rules that do not make any sense and not enough scientific justification for it through paid scientists to support a lie. Just as easy as it is to have a paid corrupt politician it is easy to have a paid corrupt Scientist. Everything we said would happen has happened even though I was told over and over the government wouldn’t do that to us. If you haven’t already questioned by now where we are heading it’s time to stop hiding under a rock. Stop adding to the government’s lies by getting tested and fight back your rights before they are lost forever and face a bleaker future than this year has already proven to be...
  11. Panic buy your xmas meat now

    Supermarkets sell joints?!
  12. Socks

    Look at bit gay tbh....
  13. British strongest man on tonight

    Damn that's terrible. Such a young age too.
  14. British strongest man on tonight

    What did he die of?
  15. He's not my type. He looks like Paul Gambaccini
  16. Lol, touche! Yes i guess that's one of the perks to working in porn. I used to work with a guy who did a bit of porn work on the side. I eventually found out though that the 'girls' he talked about shagging on set were actually 't-girls'. He offered me a blow job, said it would be the best i'd ever have.
  17. Yes. I wasn't supposed to have intercourse on work premises. I would have thought it's the same most places?
  18. Female staff? Do you work in a hair salon?
  19. What, make something up? Ok erm, "revealing all, she writhed in ecstacy. As she arched her back, light shone off the sweat on her ample bossom, her erect nipples swollen, eager to be sucked... Just then, she farted and followed through, shitting the bed and ruining the whole moment, the dirty slag. Even all that tren he'd taken couldn't keep him hard any longer, so he pulled out, wiped his knob and s**t sprayed balls on the curtains, and went downstairs to go back to wasting his time reading crap on ukm website."
  20. If there was alcohol involved, that guy definitely had his hands on her tits at least. If you want her to tell you everything that really happened, get her into bed and tell her you find what she did a turn on. Beg her to tell you every last juicy detail while you give her one, tell her not to hold back any details. You might actually like it, i'm getting a boner just thinking about it and writting this....
  21. Google is down

    Just tried it, you're right
  22. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    If that's the case then, what a legend. I used to read about him in Milo magazine, interesting guy. Here's an interview with him - https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson304.htm