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  1. Endo Consultation

    Is he an nhs or private endo? If nhs, i doubt he'll consider treating anything over around 8nmol/l, but i could be wrong
  2. Rattle in Olympic bar

    You must mean inside the sleeves, not the bar surely? Unless you've bought what's known as a 'tube'.....
  3. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    I have some stevia but she'll still need to travel
  4. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    As i said to Melanie, if you're somewhere near Birmingham i might be up for it.
  5. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Hmm, I can see where this is going. To be honest Melanie, unless you live somewhere near Birmingham i can't see it working out, unless you don't mind travelling. Need to see more pics though, boat race etc.
  6. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    You first....
  7. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Rose tinted ones, and i'm keeping them
  8. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Not quite - it's don't be a husband. A woman becoming a wife will always have benefits (for her). The only parts of Sharia law i think would be worth having in this country are the marriage parts - i'm sure if the woman pisses off the husband he's allowed to push a wall onto her, or something like that
  9. Wife terrible with money is it normal

    Yep, women are mongs when it comes to money. We've got plenty of debt yet my wife will spend cash like it's going out of fashion if i don't stop her. She doesn't work (lazy b***ard), so i pay for everything, yet asked for a £500 new phone for xmas. She got a chocolate orange and an eyebrow trimmer.

    Happy new year Lee. Did that fridge come back for round 3 by the way, or had it had enough?
  11. What are you upto for New Years tonight?

    It's 10pm, i'm getting tired, so bed time for me in a minute. Might have a cup of tea first though. I would have gone out raping, but with the tier 4 people will be staying in.
  12. Do you love me?

    I like it! I reckon there'll be robot armys before too long, bit like one of the Teminator movies.....
  13. How does everyone prep their meats?

    It's perfect. No water whatsoever, just chicken (if there is, you don't see it in the pan). The asda one though, i have to cook it to death as the texture is just...not right. But anyhow, i throw it in a pan with some olive oil, add a splash of soy sauce, then scramble 3 or 4 eggs in it. Next, add a bag of asda stir fry mix, half a bag of Uncle Ben's rice, some Amoy stir fry sauce - one perf stir fry. Just had exactly this for brunch, dog next to me waiting for bits of chicken off me.
  14. How does everyone prep their meats?

    I ger through tons of this from Iceland (the shop not country). Mostly in stir frys. I also use a similar one from Asda in an emergency, but the quality is much lower:
  15. Naturals vs steroid users

    I wish i'd have been there for every one of those people in that video to tell them "that was s**t".
  16. Naturals vs steroid users

    Yeah but look at dem dere swole results! Fat f**k to hench boi in just 16 weeks! You gotta follow the program to a tee though....
  17. Naturals vs steroid users

    You don't need steroids - nobody needs steroids, not since Cybergenics was created!
  18. Chest pains?

  19. Chest pains?

    Lol, i read that wrong at first! Too used to reading filthy @KETONES replies
  20. Sleeping eating and having sex

    Yes he was great - the Bob Ross of his era (joking!)
  21. eggs

  22. eggs

  23. eggs