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  1. 500 Rep Squat = Goosed

    They sorted his kidneys but didn't find a cure for his not squatting deep enough. Shame, poor kid.
  2. Issue with high test?

    What issues @Mingster, and at what levels?
  3. What happen to the protein muffins?

    Mr Kipling?! No i don't shop at Waitrose, did i give the impression i was a millionaire? These cakes were Asda own brand, can't believe they're gone.....
  4. What happen to the protein muffins?

    I'm not female
  5. What happen to the protein muffins?

    Thanks but i'm boycoting anything Chinese due to their 'China virus' gift to the world...
  6. What happen to the protein muffins?

    More importantly - why can't i buy iced mince pies year round?! Why does it have to be at xmas only?
  7. Name drop time - i once had an hour long chat with Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus. To answer your question though, i like the look of those plate loading leaverage overhead press machines. I was looking into getting a new trap bar, one of the rackable ones from Strength Shop, mainly for overhead pressing. Maybe some atlas stones to play around with too.
  8. Moth problem.

    I think you'll find the correct term is 'gilf'
  9. A strange breed indeed!

    Cheers Ketones, knew i could rely on you!
  10. A strange breed indeed!

    A lab in China ripped me off (ordered some pyrazolam powder but after testing found out they'd sent cbd powder, so now i hate them all)
  11. A strange breed indeed!

    Yes, i agree with all of you, lets nuke China! (i only skimmed through but i got the gist of things )
  12. Vegan backlash...

  13. Vegan backlash...

    I love that advert, and it's about time too! I'm surprised there hasn't been a backlash from vegan nutcases though, something along the lines of "meat is murder, wah!!", or something like that.
  14. Terry Hollands

    Thing with Terry Hollands is, is that he always seems to just give in. You can see it in his face. And that little stunt he pulled with Brian Shaw in the qualifier on the deadlift - i can just imagine how that came about, Shaw telling him it will be a good idea, and Hollands just going along with it, "um, um, yeah ok Brian, whatever you say Brian...." Worked out well for him didn't it - Shaw qualified, Hollands didn't.
  15. Nefer saw it, he tould me itz speld wrung
  16. Anyone else getting f**king sick of hearing about it - on the radio going to work, everyone at work, radio going home from work, then on the tv news as nothing else is going on in the world..... Also - why isn't China getting bombed yet, seeing as they caused it? I've not even heard China mentioned on the news at all. The Nazis starting killing Jews back in the 30's and the rest of the world goes to war over it. China's getting away scot free the f**king bat eating f**ks, it doesn't seem right lets test some nukes on 'em.
  17. I work with a guy who had his daughters name written across the back of his neck, but it was spelt wrong
  18. My 6 bedroom detached house is already perfect so nothing to do up. And with my bills stopped during the lockdown, and me getting the maximum furlough payments (plus work topping it up), i spent all the spare cash i was getting on fillet steaks and caviar.
  19. Endo Consultation

    All i'm using is low dose clomid as a therapy right now, i've never done AAS's. So that 12.1nmol was while taking 12.5mg clomid mon, wed, fri. I could really do with stopping it and getting another blood test, i have a feeling though that i'm probably less than 12 right now anyhow judging by how my body hurts in places (around hips mainly). So i'm basically in limbo, which is why i ask people like yourself how you've found trt. I have all the stuff i need to start it myself, but the mixed reviews i hear from people holds me back (i either get told it's "life changing, should have done it years ago", or it's "not worth it, you don't feel great, just normal", and so on)
  20. Endo Consultation

    Thanks for that, always interesting to hear peoples experiences with trt. I think my own test levels were killed after taking proviron daily for several months back in 2017. I've been having bloods taken every few months to monitor and it's been a slow crawl up to 12.1nmol
  21. I was loving it back in June!! I was off work, sat in the garden every day, taking afternoon naps in bed, giving myself friction burns on my knob from all the time i had to relax watching porn on my phone. Now though - back at work, it's dark all the while, and cold... f**king sick of it.
  22. I agree, lets get all of 'em!
  23. Don't hold your breath - i've had a box of modafinil sat on a rickshaw (probably) in Hong Kong for over 5 weeks as they won't fly over in case they catch their own disease back.
  24. Endo Consultation

    Wow, i bet the 3.7 felt bad! I got at low as 6.04 back in 2018, last test Nov just gone i was at 12.1. Have you found it worthwhile / life changing?
  25. Endo Consultation

    @Wildkid - can i ask matey, what kind of levels were you at before starting treatment?