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  1. Anyone else been in this position?

    Clever trick that if you're trying to get your leg over your nan. Dementia's probably kicked in at that age so she wouldn't know it was her own jewellery.
  2. For my set!

    You manage to get that down your japseye and i'll send you a bag of creatine, you kinky sod!
  3. For my set!

    Don't forget the lube!
  4. Can you elaborate @stuey99 , what were the two values that alerted you? I've had one that was miles off from an nhs test, but there was a few weeks between them though.
  5. Anyone else been in this position?

    It could be worse, you could be married.... In all seriousness though, what you're feeling is basically grief. The woman's not dead, but you've still lost her so it feels similar. I honestly believe it's only men that suffer with this. Men are more romantic than women and struggle to get over a failed relationship more than they do. In fact, women are usually pretty brutal in that respect - when it's over, they're done with having feelings for you and move on to the next. Men can pine over a lost love for years if they don't snap out of it. When you do get over her (and you will), you'll look back and think "why the hell did i get so worked up over her?" Been there myself quite a few times mate, you'll get over it. Just sign yourself up with something like match.com or pof, you'll be alright.
  6. Being sober is boring

    Same story with me, but it was ghb instead of weed.
  7. Lee Labrada's Lad

    Can you drop that string a little?...
  8. Lee Labrada's Lad

    Is he natty?
  9. What is Google trying to do here?

    Lol, you're right, silly me!! Here we go -
  10. What is Google trying to do here?

    And google's not always wrong - look what comes back when you google "black geniuses" -
  11. What is Google trying to do here?

    Ah you see, with google, you have to use big grown up words to get past their racist, white genocide agenda - try googling "happy caucasian woman" and you get this -
  12. How do you date girls in the UK?

    Hmm, you seem to have a lot of knowledge about things to do with weird or underage arab sex..... Not the kinda think you just happen to come across while watching the news or reading a newspaper, or was 'bachabaze' featured on The One Show recently?
  13. How do you date girls in the UK?

    I've found your answer - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/m.buzzarab.com/amp/dating/gay-arabs/