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  1. At-least Boris is making gains!

    This forum's getting weirder and weirder...
  2. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    Same as above, but substitute condoms for coffee. By that i don't mean make drinks with condoms, i mean don't buy cheap condoms.
  3. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Oh well, here's another pic of it:
  4. Drwae’s Facebook game

    I'm too lazy to shut pages when i'm done. It was 11 tabs of ukm 'general conversation'. Actually 12 now.
  5. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Where'd my horse go?
  6. Drwae’s Facebook game

    Not sure i wanna play tbh....
  7. Uk-m pets what have you got?

    I just KNEW it was cheating on me...
  8. Will vet go away?

  9. Because they're insecure, hence the steroids.
  10. Booking a November holiday?

    I was looking at booking a four night caravan holiday in Wales through The Sun. Not sure if i'd need to.self isolate for two weeks afterwards though, need to look into it more.
  11. Can any women give me some dating advice?

    You know, going fishing is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. First of all, clean and inspect your tackle, carefully pull back your rod cover, and remove any dirt or gunge that may have built up whilst not in use. Then, extend your rod to its full length, and check that there are no kinks or any wear, particularly at the base, where the grip is usually applied. Make sure you've got a decent float, the appropriate bait, and that there's plenty of shot in your bag