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  1. To get trt through the nhs you'll need to hand them your testicles on a plate. Even then it's not guaranteed.
  2. F##k the NHS off!!

    ^^^ Agree with all this, except maybe last sentence
  3. F##k the NHS off!!

    Lol, you're not wrong there. A bloke would probably have more luck going in saying they identify as a woman, but want to change gender to be a male. They'd get all the test they want then, the doc could be accused of discrimination otherwise....
  4. F##k the NHS off!!

    "Can't". "Don't" Learn to f##king write, you f##king bellend.
  5. F##k the NHS off!!

    Actually he's not. The Spire hospital i contacted wouldn't give me any idea of his prices though, other than initial consultation. I wanna see a price list before forking out £150 just to meet him
  6. F##k the NHS off!!

    Learn to f##king, read - I put "like they do in the states", ie, with insurance.
  7. Advice on the Journey Towards TRT

    They almost never follow those guidelines though
  8. Advice on the Journey Towards TRT

    Yep, doing something like that is his best bet. Just for christ's sake don't say anything about feeling a bit depressed, as that's a key word for "prescribe antidepressants".
  9. Advice on the Journey Towards TRT

    Well, you never know then. Did you phone up for the results, or go back to your gp / endo? I'd be laying it on really thick now, shuffling into the consultation room, BSSM guidelines in hand, complaining that you now can't keep an erection and your lack of libido is putting a strain on your marriage, you're having night sweats and ache constantly from head to toe. I did all that, minus the BSSM guidelines, and got the middle finger. I didn't get such a low reading as you did though, so i reckon you've got a good 50/50 chance (sorry, no faith in the nhs here).
  10. Thanks for that, that's good to know cheers
  11. Hmm. Never picked that up before - does that actually work? I've just googled "NHS phlebotomy centre", and it's given me several in my area. First one i checked said "a walk in service is still available", but does that mean you can just pop in with your Medichecks kit and they'll take your blood for you? It's £25 if you pick a clinic through Medichecks
  12. Advice on the Journey Towards TRT

    Hi Fooddestroyer, sorry, only just spotted you were asking me a question (actually, could someone point out how you alert a member - i'm guessing it's by putting "@" before a name?) Anyhow, as to your question about lowering levels for a blood test - i've heard that deliberately getting poor sleep the night before helps, not sure by how much but it apparently helps. Also (and these are only things that i've read), spiking your blood sugar, probably before bed, and in the morning are supposed to lower it. I'm sure there's other tricks too, maybe somebody else could chip in. I will say this though - if you really want to be prescribed trt on the nhs, then then trying to lower your levels before the test is in my opinion essential. I'm saying this because, if you get ONE rogue result above the minimum level, your chance is gone. If you read my post (more of an, in the moment angry rant really) about my thoughts on the nhs ("F##k the nhs off"), you'll see what happened with me. I had 18 months of private tests, all between 6 to i think 9ish nmol/l. The doc takes one test which came back at 11.9, and even though the gp wanted at first for me to see the endo due to my private tests, after him having a chat with an endo, answer came back "nope!". I got a letter (thought it was my endo appointment) saying regardless of my 9 previous blood draws, their 1 test shows i've got perfect levels. If i could go back to just before their blood draw, i'd have stopped up all night drinking alcohol and eating sweets. Good luck in your journey mate
  13. F##k the NHS off!!

    Cheers aqualung, i'll have a look into it.
  14. F##k the NHS off!!

    Maybe. I don't know if i've got the fight in me to go through it all though. And i know now i've seen their attitude to testosterone hasn't changed (went through all this before in 2013), that if i score low, i'll just get repeatedly tested until i score above the lower limit. They're a bunch of cnuts, my wife gets treatment just as bad for her hypothyroidism, the endo's in Birmingham are retarded.
  15. F##k the NHS off!!

    The endo hasn't offered to see me, it's the bell end gp. And i'd be wasting my time. Endo's have the last word, and from what i can see they're all frigging idiots. Endocrinology seems to be the path that special needs medical students take. Basically, if they can work out whether a number is higher or lower than another number - they're in! As for private companies, i'd love to. Unfortunately i'm in debt up to my eyeballs, which will get worse once the banks new overdraft charges they're kindly bringing in come into effect.