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  1. I was on accutane for 2 months, i have been off it now for around 10 days but i am still getting nose bleeds and my spots are continuing to get worst, although i am not getting sore lips any more. i know for certain my spots would be much better if i never used accutane.
  2. It was my first time using accutane mate so not a pro on the sides but i did get sore split lips and nose bleeds so i presume they were doing something, i had ug and pharma sometimes took it twice a day and most of time with food
  3. I knew someone would comment! i always get fat round my love handles lol looks fu**ing gay and they also grew in lockdown
  4. No mate i come off cycle around two months ago, i know it would have improved but as iv always had acne i wanted to try accutane as i will be back on cycle one day it will just continue
  5. Its been two months now on accutane, started on 20mg and later increased to 60mg, my spots have got worst and new ones are appearing daily! it is only and has only been on my back which is kind of strange but im getting really concerned that im just going to be left with scars as iv never had so many spots. I have actually just run out of accutane so i think i will just stop now, personally i cant believe the results iv had from it!
  6. No dramas guys just asking for feedback, i know the old locals have to comment lol, thanks for any help, Enough.
  7. Ur other half? Last bite enjoy.
  8. Just genuine advice, im probably overthinking it, no bitching! Always used a gym, never had a apartment bigger than one room! Working out at home Has never worked for me, i train to heavy. probably never will, thats just me, i need weights and static movements to keep my fat ass stable.
  9. Sasnak as always trying to stir trouble. Grow up.
  10. barely been on here for months let-alone making threads. Been training many years, i dident drink for over a year, been on creatine all my life. comment somewhere else yeh, this reply ends here, all the best.
  11. U made some sense before ur later comments, all the best.
  12. I want to go back on cycle as soon as i can get back to the gym but i am i admit really unhealthy and fat as since the lockdown my exercise has decreased rapidly!! And iv been drinking loads of beer. so i will be fat but as soon as gym opens i am stopping booze which will help burn the fat at gym. iv obviously been on quite a few cycles but iv never really been that lean beforehand as steroids make me well hungry and i was on some meds that increased my appetite. but my next cycle is going to be very different as i am off the meds now, aswell as appreciating how important the gym is and i gave experimented with quite a few compounds.
  13. I was on test for around a year high dose and tren for about 3 months, i started pct around 6 weeks ago. iv been on cycles before but not so long and not so high dosages. now i went to the gym a few times at the beginning of pct but that was it really until coronavirus closed the gyms, i havent really done anything but some cardio so i will never really know how much my strength and performance ec decreased... not good as i think that knowledge would be invaluable for my next cycle, itching to get back on when the gym opens, quite chuffed i managed to get off it all after so long on it. so not sure if not being able todo my heavy lifts at gym was a good thing for my motivation. safe to say i will be going back with high body fat and zero muscle and strength whether i was on gear or not, that dreaded feeling when you know quite a few are still training with weights at home ec, will go back and they will look the same or even stronger...
  14. @ElChapo no reply bro? Help a brother out, been on it for nearly two months now and it just keeps getting worst! Up to 60mg now “am 80kg” and i haven't seen any positives, side effects have been very sore lips and nostrils, not one spot has decreased, i just keep getting more nasty red ones that dont pop.
  15. Alcohol while on accutane?

    Really... U are such a good influence! I drink first time for over a year then drink again tonight! All because i cant go to the gym!! I held out doing crappy exercises at home for a month but am now realising how valuable the gym was