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  1. Why that mate? I bet you still use ug steroids?
  2. I know eyes will be rolling.. Accutane

    f**k off lol
  3. I know eyes will be rolling.. Accutane

    Iv seen loads of threads of you talking about accutane so agree you have experience with this, just thought i might get dry lips or something. Although i will say you told others head and shoulders ec done f**k all for you then recommended to me lol! front isn't that bad, just a few here and there, i will give the ugl stuff a go for now as thats what iv got.
  4. 3rd day on 20mg, i am none of the wiser, i know its early days but surely there should be something showing me i have just took a “powerful” medication? i will ofcourse ride with it, but cant help but think because i got ug its not as good, main reason i ever got it was because accutane seamed a fair price but i now realise Pharma accutane cost a absolute bomb! £1 a pill! More than any steroids, and most steroids you dont have to take daily
  5. Pharma is well expensive and ug is cheap, hell of a difference, pharma 50 tabs for £50 or ug 50 tabs for £20
  6. Ah is that what it is, iv got some ug accutane tablets. In hindsight surely tablets work faster? Curious as to why pharma do caps but not ug
  7. Mate do u know if there is much difference between the capsules or tablets?
  8. No gyms open, not quite sure what todo with myself, have no equipment at home or accsess to any. Iv gone from training 5-6days per week for last few years to all of a sudden stopping. I wonder if anyone has invented a all in one fitness gadget that you can train all body parts with one piece of kit, nothing iv looked into but right now could be a good.
  9. Accutane dosage recommendation

    After speaking with elchapo he said wait a week after last antibiotics to start accutane. he see my back and agreed accutane was best option. nearly all businesses are closed so cant get laser now so was thinking of starting now, was going to wait until after the laser session but coronavirus has continued to f**k another thing up.
  10. Accutane dosage recommendation

    You also dont listen mate lol, iv already said i had acne before using steroids! And have done for years, i am also off all steroids and half way through a pct, i will probably just start on 20mg per day.
  11. Accutane dosage recommendation

    What! I couldn't find the last thread and dont think i asked specifically about dosage
  12. Accutane dosage recommendation

    Thats crazy, that would make it 80mg per day and from what iv heard so far 20mg is probably the best
  13. Accutane dosage recommendation

    4-6months? U serious? Surely this is a fast acting drug and i thought around 4 weeks normally sorts the acne out? also how were you doing 10mg per day when they come in 20mg tabs, were you just halving the tablet? is every day necessary? And is there a best time to take them
  14. So would like to start accutane for the first time but am aware they can have harsh side effects. what dosage could be the best to start with that will be effective but not so harsh?
  15. Gyms shut just started cycle?

    Thank f**k i started my pct just before this drama, perfect timing