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  1. Hcg fu**ing kills

    Always go to sleep around that time, genuine question, yes tren is causing all these problems, your a life saver...
  2. Hcg fu**ing kills

    Guys iv still got a fair size lump from this injection in my belly, its been 9 days?? Surely this aint right?
  3. Yeh man, many many years natural, made some good progress over the years but i defiantly got to a stalemate, some may disagree and say eat more, train more/less so many other countless possibilities but trust me the body is only capable of so much and i reached my full potential natural.
  4. So my weights have gone up at a steady pace and iv never hit these numbers off gear so how do i suppose to stick to my current workout when im coming off cycle? i could understand for hypertrophy i guess you would just start doing a couple of less reps or drop weight a little with more reps but i cant help but think that for example my bench is going up 2kg every couple of weeks “just an example” and if i stopped what im using that progression is not going yo be possible?
  5. What was it like for maintaining muscle? Did It just turn you into a skinny individual? Did you have muscle to loose? Or were you just really fat and the only goal was to loose weight?
  6. Yes coming off is my main priority atm but its hard when going to the gym is really the only thing positive going for me and as been on blast for quite a while its the tren that is really getting me down that gym, i think when i stop it all as to no surprise everything is going to go downhill and the one positive iv got going for me is also going to be gone and that for me is a very bad thought. Have you guys ever thought of coming off with a taper? I know the norm is either your on or your off but just thinking as its been so long it could be necessary? i forgot to add that i have recently had a long session of laser tattoo removable that absolutely killed and dont know if thats contributing to it as im on a lot of meds that i dident mention to the laser tech lol
  7. So guys im slowly trying to come off my blast of tren and test atm it feels like im really getting a lot od side effects which iv never really encountered and was thinking if anything can help with these so im on 400 test and 300 tren a per week which im slowly decreasing (i was on 800mg test and around 400 tren) currently using for sides: nolvadex, hcg, and nac. current symptoms i seem to be getting: my emotions seem all over the place like id watch a movie And start feeling all weird like the lady on the tv was my misses and i want her back but know i cant (f**ked up i know) i keep waking up with my quilt so wet yet i dont really feel wet on my skin but when i wipe the quilt i can literally feel the moisture and the hole quilt feels damp like its been raining with the window open! Weird as f**k. Im always sleeping with a tshirt and jumper on as how cold it is so even if i was sweating loads it wouldn't even be-able to get through this thick fleece to get to the quilt... any help from you guys who think this all sounds so normal and common would be very much appreciated wit.
  8. Hard life eh pal lol... what your probably find with women is they start the i love you bull s**t to get you all loved up with them then ditch you like a sack of spuds as much as i like sex from my experience women are so manipulative and f**k with your head i can never be f**ked with them, longest relationship has probably been 6 months for me.
  9. Why is everyone still commenting on this, valentines is over zzzzzz
  10. Test c vs test e

    I spent far to much time looking into a question like this like you are doing right now and its safe to say pretty much f**k all in it, they are both long esters and who gives a f**k about a few days difference. only thing that makes me choose cyp instead of Enanthate is its much better for post injection pain, people could well disagree but iv tried fu**ing hundreds of the both of them and im certain on that.
  11. I thought it was a myth with tren but my dick is defiantly smaller and feels like a dead sack of spuds its normally a live wire Its serious question lol
  12. What gear you on mate? Got some bad boy traps going on there
  13. Your on the wrong forum bud... gamecare is your best bet “get it”
  14. Is this board dead?

    Not at all... try other forums like tmuscle and musclegurus then your know how long paint takes to dry hah
  15. Eddie Hall Backflip

    Oh ok tell that to all the other more dedicated strong men doing it all their life and not just while their going through puberty, Plenty of other athletes who ate a few extra pies and had heath problems but dident stop just to make a documentary about poor me.