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  1. Real vd fake gear

    For me, on a test only blast, I generally notice more fullness in my muscles after about a week and a half or so. Shortly after this I notice increased libido, which increases to the point where I'm tormenting my missus 24/7. Strength and weight gains kick in after about three weeks or that. All in all, after about four weeks or so you should be in no doubt that it's working. Bear in mind I've never only been on 300mg a week of test. My cruise dosage is lower and my blast cruise is higher. My first cycle was 500mg test.
  2. There was a thread recently about Hygene AAS. Only a few weeks ago. The few who commented on said it was good. I'd imagine they'd be a safe bet considering their GH gets decent reviews and they've been around a while. Never heard of Kalpa.
  3. Sphinx

    You'd wonder about someone's ability to run a cycle, train and eat effectively if they can't even use google properly.
  4. I think it all depends on a number of factors - how far past your own natural potential you are, how long you've been on gear etc. For me, I always lose strength when coming down to a cruise. Not much, but a noticable decrease. For example, my five rep max on a blast might become a three rep max on a cruise. I haven't gained strength on a cruise in a long time, if ever. Most important thing is to keep to your current regimen even when coming off. You'll find out the answer quick enough.
  5. Eddie Hall Backflip

    Met him once at a seminar, years ago - think it was shortly before his second appearance at WSM. Didn't find him remotely amiable, seemed like he had a severe chip in his shoulder. Also received unintentional laughter for a story he told us where he said his eyeball popped out of his socket during heavy squats, and he pushed it back in. That experience dented my opinion of him ever since, although maybe we caught him on a bad day. No doubting his feats of strength though, and his does come across genuinely funny in his YouTube videos.
  6. Ione pharma

    I assume we're talking about Inone pharma, not Ione? Just started their test e and nandro cyp for my blast. 600mg test e and 400mg nandro cyp per week. Too early to measure potency but oil is very smooth.
  7. Best labs for legit clen

    Not sure if it's still around but the one and only time I used clen was by Primus Ray Labs. Had no reference point but it felt potent to me, my hands were shaking like I had Parkinsons.
  8. You're a cynical bunch here aren't ye haha. If it bothers ye that much to pick them up some flowers and a card, maybe ye are with the wrong one. I always get my missus something for Valentines. Nothing too extravagant as our anniversary is only a couple of weeks later. It makes her happy and doesn't take a lot of effort or break the bank so I don't mind.
  9. If I could go back in time, I'd never have started using AAS. Seriously. Me at 20 years old when I first started using, and the current version of me 8 years later are two completely different people. I've matured, seen a different side of life and value things now which I never thought I would. Things such as family - financial security and longevity are also important in that respect. However, I've been on so long that my usage has also become a part of me, and my training regimen is ingrained into me. If I came off I'd feel I was losing a part of myself or that I've wasted the last 8 years for nothing. I was off gear for close to six months before and couldn't shake that feeling. I do think that once you take a big enough bite of that poison apple, there's no going back. The compromise I've reached is I've become more sensible in my usage. I was absolutely reckless before, didn't give a s**t. Now, its reasonable dosages for moderate duration and lengthy cruises. For example next blast is 600mg test and 400mg deca for 12 weeks and following that with a 16 week cruise. I see my GP regularly as well. I don't feel I get any joy out of my usage anymore, like I did when I first started training. My advice to anyone is always don't take it, and if you've only one cycle under your belt, OP, quit while you're ahead and don't go deeper down the rabbit hole. Just my opinion fellas.
  10. bulk powders fined

    I think it says it in the link mate. Anyway I read it was their best selling whey protein, protein bars and a few others
  11. Empty empty

    Only used mast once and it was Neuro Pharma. I was also taking deca and test at the same time so I'm unsure how effective it was but I felt great during that blast, my best in a long time. Take from that what you will
  12. NP is good stuff, put a good amount of size on with my last blast of NP test400 and deca (800mg test and 500mg deca per week). Was also probably the smoothest gear I've used. Last tren ace I used was ROHM, six months ago or so and it did what I expected. Both labs are good but personally would go with NP
  13. DG Topics and opinions

    If I remember correctly, there was a time when people were claiming that threads about Nexus were being unjustly deleted as well. At the end of the day, for arguments sake lets say I had a thread deleted which was about a certain lab, I wouldn't take it as a personal affront to both me and the lab. I'd just be like 'oh well'. Its not that big a deal. What's important is that you are happy with whatever lab you are using. If you want to pass that knowledge onto other users, good on you, but it's not the end of the world if others don't agree with you. So what? I've had so many people approach me IRL asking advice on gear - where to get and how take etc - and my answer is always the same; google is your friend. That's what I had to do when I started. I don't feel any moral obligation to advise on protocol or what labs are good or whatever, except when I feel like it. My own usage is more important so that's why I dont give a s**t if threads are deleted or people don't agree with me that XX lab is good.
  14. DG Topics and opinions

    Something happen him? I remember him posting here when I was a lurker
  15. 501kg deadlift?!??

    I know winning WSM is a massive accomplishment, but to me, being the first to deadlift 500kg on a regular bar will be the reason he'll always be remembered. It is mind boggling. And to refer to 501kg; when Eddie lifted 500kg he broke the record by more than just one kilo, he smashed the record the pieces.