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  1. That was my standard PCT before I started B&C. Always worked.
  2. New addition

    I have something similar in my own home gym, but it doesn't have the chest support and instead has a support for your feet, so when you're doing it, it essentially feels like a barbell row. However I feel it hits my upper back better so I do it along with barbell row. Nice addition. Free weights are always top for me, but I love machines for the back.
  3. Real sorry to hear that mate. It's a sobering message though. Living a certain lifestyle eventually catches up with you, sooner or later.
  4. The New ROHM

    I was always curious what they did different to other labs who didn't have the same longevity? Quality aside. Dragon Pharma is another lab that's still around which was available when I first started using. I can't think of any other labs that are still around since when I started using.
  5. SIS LABS 2020

    Jesus no it fu**ing isn't. It's actually never been this easy!
  6. The New ROHM

    They are legit. They look the exact same as mine. Stop worrying
  7. Isn't that the lab which made the only bunk gear that @swole troll ever tried? Their halo wasn't it? That's the only time I've heard of them.
  8. I noticed some fairly radical changes ib my appearance and strength during my first cycle mate. Everything kicked in during the 5th week. Although now, blasting and cruising and having been on so long, test has much more subtle effects.
  9. I've heard they are starting up again. Hopefully, they were probably the best lab I've used. As potent as most legit labs mentioned here, but the smoothest oils I've ever used. Never even got pip with their rip blend.
  10. I ran Sphinx about two years ago and was really underwhelmed. The tren was really cloudy and 'dirty' looking and the test definitely felt lacking too, but can't be positive on that. Could have just been unlucky but didn't go near it again after that.
  11. I remember Eddie Hall sneaking out of a seminar 6 or 7 years ago to have a Malboro Red. He told me that they all sniffed some coke before a truck pull at Worlds. Not sure if he was pulling my leg?
  12. Met him at a seminar a few years back, really cheerful, friendly fella. Not one bit surprised that Novikov won, the lad is a phenom. Can see some interesting battles between him and Tom Stoltman down the line in years to come. Also delighted that JF Caron got his podium.
  13. It's not a question of rights. I've no power to stop somebody using, nor would I even if I could. Everyone is autonomous in their own right. Just for those who have size and strength as their goals, a little bit more knowledge and repsect of gear would actually benefit them, and if they gave the same amount of attention to training and diet as they do to what labs people are using. Thats all.
  14. It doesn't matter at all mate, no. It's just irked me occasionally. I guess the lack of respect that a lot of the newer, younger users have for gear is really just shortchanging them in terms of their gains and health. But yeah, it's not a major issue.
  15. Sorry in advance if I sound like a grouchy c**t. I don't mean to, but it's something that has been irking me with a while. I've been running gear with close to 10 years, and since I first began using, I've seen a lot of changes, in particular with the average gear user. When I started using, taking gear was still very much niche. You kind of had to be part of a club, around here anyway. Gear was elusive, it felt like you had to put your years in training naturally in order to be accepted in to the circle and then it became obtainable. Might sound ridiculous, but its literally what happened me. I'm thankful of it though, I laid my foundations with training and nutrition, and I had a certain respect for AAS when the time came to take them. I noticed a change literally around the time Instagram appeared. Within a couple of years it seemed that gear became (almost) mainstream. Whatever, but it looks like that had a major impact on the type of people who started using them. It wasn't predominantly dedicated weightlifters (stromgmen in my case) anymore, but now predominantly gym newbies who hadn't any sort of established gym or eating regime but hopped on the gear wagon anyway. For guys who have a good few years of usage under their belts, it's very clear to see in gyms everywhere. Actually, look at the amount of s**t threads that have popped up in UKM now versus ten years ago when I was a lurker. People asking the most basic of basic questions. Nobody wants to put in any research anymore. It's like there's no grind, people want gear as the largest, most significant slice of the pie. It's a shame. There's a lack of respect for AAS now. Anyway, my gripe is over. Whats your take on this? In particular looking for opinions from people with 10+ years of experience.