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  1. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Every women is different too. My previous partner couldnt have given two shits about me being muscular and she hated the fact I trained because it made her feel like a slob. My fiancee loves it though, she says it makes her feel protected. Her previous were all skinny or slobby. And I got her into going to the gym and now she loves that too. It depends on the woman. But in honesty, I would say most women are indifferent to muscle when it comes to chosing a life partner. A one night stand though..
  2. Rohm Labs

    Always wondered, how exactly is Rohm pronounced? I assume the H is silent. And is it an acronym?
  3. Libido taken a hiding

    I thought you had been taking ROHM all this time! So all those fu**ing threads were for nothing?
  4. Inone and pharmaqo

    It's a good compound mate. Haven't heard of many who have used it though, surprisingly.
  5. Inone and pharmaqo

    I'm not sure if Inone still make nandro cyp? I took it for 10 weeks (as stated in the deca thread) and I found it really good. Kicked in about half the time as nandrolane deca. Forgot about it then, and about a year or so later went looking for it again and couldn't find it. As you said I'm surprised more labs don't make it, as I and many others hate waiting that ridiculously long kick in time. To answer the OP, Inone is a quality yet very underrated lab.
  6. But Mike Ermantrout on steroids mate
  7. Yes, he lectures me everytime. But still he takes my bloods with no problem.
  8. Dark Ghost ?

    Using the injectable oxy and sust at the moment. Smoothest gear I've used. The oxy is lethal stuff. Some TNPP400 and test prop on the way next, expect the same.
  9. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    They don't make nandrolone cyp anymore either. Haven't seen any other lab making that.
  10. Nexus , ROHM or Inone ??

    Out of those options, Inone.
  11. Never tried calves, but I had to take a few days off work after my last bicep injection about a year ago. Couldn't lift my arm, the pain was exhausting.. and I spent a whole year limping 6 days out of the week from quad injections.
  12. Injectable Orals

    Look above to El Chapo's comment. In summary, more is absorbed through injection
  13. Sis?

    Not heard great things. Have you tried ROHM?
  14. Injectable Orals

    Are you on any injectable orals at the moment? Really enjoying the oxy so will probably stick with that
  15. Injectable Orals

    The biggest issue with orals for me was lack of appetite and nausea quickly setting in as soon as I began eating. Clearly wasn't benefiting me then. I read your thread in regards to reducing sides from orals, but seeing as I have no issue pinning regularly, decided to give the injectable orals a try.