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  1. Betapharma

    Well Alpha pharma is gone ?
  2. TTM.

    Yeah, makes no sense. And even if it's only a typo, that's very shoddy
  3. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    I generally do incline bench after a few sets of flat. Hitting 160kgx7/8 on flat, and generally will do 2 sets of amrap of 120kg on incline. Generally get 10-12
  4. Adding tren to deca and test

    Know the feeling mate. I've never had a temper. It was more like a crippling combination of paranoia, anxiety and depression. f**k that s**t. It's not fair on the other person. On the plus side, we know to keep away from certain compounds or stacks.
  5. Adding tren to deca and test

    This. Came very close to permanently fu**ing up my relationship with the missus. No amount of gains are worth ruining personal relationships, the positive ones anyway.
  6. Adding tren to deca and test

    I did it once, foolishly. Can't remember what dosages. I'm a very chill fella, but my head got f**ked up bad. I didn't realise how bad until I came off to cruise and my head got back to normal. The gains were good but definitely not worth the mental sides.
  7. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Gyms opening is only a pressing issue for a small minority of people - meatheads like us in particular. The average gym bunny is probably equally as happy to do kettlebell workouts at home, or go for long walks as they would be to workout in a gym. For most, it's the effect the lockdown has had on socialising that has been the most affecting thing. Pubs reopening will ease that. With that said, I don't understand why the gyms reopening would take place later than say, the pubs reopening. Makes no sense. Here in Ireland, practically everything reopens from Monday - gyms and pubs included.
  8. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Everything officially reopens from next Monday in Ireland - gyms, barbers, hairdressers, pubs etc
  9. Talking Strongman

    That YouTube channel has provided me with hours of entertainment. Taylor was a fu**ing unit.
  10. When I first started scouring these forums 10 years ago there was hardly any of it. Just a bit of banter and piss taking. I gleaned a lot of really good info from this forum back then
  11. I've been lurking on this forum since 2010, but only became a member a year or so ago. Definitely a different vibe to this forum since those days. Seemed like there were more serious lifters about, and so much good information. Not that there aren't knowledgeable ones posting currently, but being honest the balance between s**t talk, trolling and actual good, solid information has tipped towards the former.
  12. Talking Strongman

    Taylor was jacked as f**k back when he won. Did he retire early, or get injured? He kinda fell off the map
  13. Do you fart in front of your wife?

    You've obviously tried that before if you know that it doesn't work?
  14. The gym group new coronavirus measures

    If 45 minutes isn't long enough, you're not training hard enough. It was long enough for Dorian.
  15. Gyms reopening.

    Average size town, by Irish standards. Population of maybe 5 or 6 thousand people. Well a lot of people tried to book in but couldn't, the demand is high. Plus you ca only book a maximum of two sessions per week