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  1. hey guys so 1st cycle I know most people say don't inject quad but all vids on youtube doctors inject quad , what do u friendly people think
  2. Break ups

    going through the same mate was with my partner 8 years its tough but u got some sound advise here from some , focus on yourself don't rush to meet someone else and try your best to forget and move on and if its meant to be after your girl is more stable hopefully she will realise that u helped her through this depression and you will come together again , chin up mate
  3. ive asked this before and get mixed opinions but is 250mg a week test e to low
  4. ai for a 250mg a week test e

    hi thinking of running a 8 week test e cycle at 250mg a week , would be my first cycle would I need a ai to run with that to balance estrogen or at that dose not needed , what do u think thanks
  5. sarms or test

    ok so looking to maybe strt a test e cycle never used gear before but someone at my gym said about sarms , whats your opinion and experiences with sarms and would they be a decent option to use over test for muscle gains , thanks
  6. Antisocial Gym Users

    same here love it when I get there and its empty
  7. BOTOX and cheek fillers etc

    haha yea , not me tho natty lifter but again up to the individual
  8. BOTOX and cheek fillers etc

    creams all that stuff is cool few little treatments but injecting s**t in your face, naa man , women are on this lip filler s**t too most look bullshit to me , up to the individual if it makes them happy crack on
  9. hey there so I suffer with depression and anxiety and last 2 days eaten like s**t for as in not a lot as it suppreses appetite , whats your take on muscle growth and anyone else like to share there experiences with depression and anxiety
  10. hi there not been training to long and was wondering can u still put a fair amont of size on in your mid 30s
  11. that was a great topic mate really interesting views , from someone whos thinking of doing a cycle
  12. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    this lady is fire