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  1. Time of from the gym and how often do you train?

    I try to train at least 3 times a week, usually end up training 5 times. Whenever I'm sick or just really not feeling well I listen to my body and take some days off! I think it's really important to give your body time to heal whenever your sick!
  2. I made some nice Beanburgers!

    When I see the vegetarian recipes I always feel like it's just not possible to eat enough protein while being on a vegetarian diet. It's not that I don't like vegetarian food or that I need meat or something but it makes reaching my protein goals just so much easier!
  3. Correct macros/ calories ?

    I used my calorie counter app Yazio to calculate my macros. I think that the numbers it calculated for me are quite accurate as I also checked it on some other pages. You can find it here in case you want to check your macros, too: https://www.yazio.com/en/calorie-counter There are quite a lot of apps like that available and I think most of them are quite accurate...
  4. Hello to the other side :)

    I'm Karen, 31 years old and also new to the forum!
  5. New to the forum

    Hi Silvester! I'm Karen and I'm also new to the forum. I just started with building muscles. So far I love it and hope to learn some new things, too!
  6. Girls

    I'm here, but I'm still quite new to this so I probably rather need advice myself
  7. Swimming?

    I definitely agree that it's true! My doctor recommended to start with swimming to me after an injury. I didn't have any problems with it. Now I go swimming once or twice a week as an addition to my weight training and I feel like it's a great combination. Actually my favorite kind of sport for cardio training