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  1. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    I don't have a problem eating over 4000 cals a tbh, it's been a bit harder over the last week because I'm not working now so not burning anywhere the amount of cals a day, I'll probably drop my cals now cuz all I'm doing is shitting more that I'm not working, plus I can't train until I've finished my home gym in a few weeks. Once that's plastered and painted no doubt I'll have trouble getting hold of gym equipment, every man and his dog wants some type of gym equipment now lol
  2. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Alright lads, upped the cals by 300. I made a mistake when working one of my meals so I was actually on 3900 cals but now on 4200 cals. I've upped morning cals because that's when I felt the most hungry. Gained 1lbs this Saturday. On week 5 of test and npp. I had some bloods done because my sex drive is still low so I was thinking with me using a new supplier the raw ingredients might not be that great but testosterone came back high so no problem with the gear so not sure why I've got a low sex drive with my estrogen levels being OK never had this problem before... Definitely shaping up now I've lost 1.5cm from my waste so fat percent going down
  3. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    I'm a carpet fitter mate, I'm going to wear a fitbit for the rest or the week and see what I'm burning while I'm working, I have been busy today sweated for most of the 7 hours I've worked today so it could just be that I do need to eat more lol
  4. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Is that normal for a 11.8 (165lbs) guy any calorie calculater I use on the net the max I've found for my size, age and weight is 3800 calories a day im now 400 over that don't know where I'm putting it because I'm only shitting once a day ? if I put all my day food into the nutra app this is what it gives me
  5. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Forgot to mention I've upped dosage this week 600mg test 500mg npp
  6. Alright guy, just wondering if anyone as any info for my strange body... Basically over the last 3 years I've only been training a few times a week and having a few weeks off here and there also on a trt doseage of 150mg to 200mg test E per week, I'm on this because I'm now nearly 37 and nearly 16 years of cycling as f**ked my natural test up its below average for a man of my age. So 6 weeks ago I decided to stop being lazy and put some size back on so I bumped my calories up then 2 weeks later I started 500mg test and 300mg of npp (I home brew my test and npp) I'm now on week 4 of the cycle tomorrow. Since starting the cycle and since I put my calories up my weight went up 4lbs this was the first 2 weeks then it stopped so I've slowly been upping food intake and the scales have not moved until today, I've lost 3lbs... So I'm only up 1lbs in 6 weeks, I'm now up to 4200 calories a day with 420 carbs and 350 protein this should be more than enough for me to be gaining weight even without gear, I've never had problems with gaining weight in the past. I'm booked in at the docs today to have my thyroid checked but I don't think it's that, any ideas? This is my day to day food diary... Meal 1 100g oats in water or almond milk 2 scoops whey protien 2 pineapple rings 1 omega 3 1 vitamin b complex 1 berocca Meal 2 200g raw weight chicken breast 300g potato Brocoli Meal 3 4 turkey sausage 2 wholemeal wraps (30g carb per wrap ones) 1 digestive enzyme Meal4 200g beef mince 200g rice Peas and sweetcorn Training Bcaa, glutamine, creatine mix . In 1 litre water 1 omega 3 Post workout meal 5 200g salmon fillet or steak fillet 300g oven chips. 1 fry light egg 1 digestive enzym Meal 6 200g greek yogurt Mix in 1 scoop whey Use water to mix to the consistency u like 2 bags of snack a jacks Stats are.. Age 37 Weight now 11.8 Hight 5.6 Not sure bf but I'm lean with all abs showing (please see pic from 4 weeks ago) I don't do cardio train 5 times a week Cheers ??