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  1. Can anyone do a bodybuilding show

    The brother of the guy who made that video was an excellent bodybuilder and had a couple of documentaries made about him by his brother. His name was David Pulcinella and also wrote an excellent book I highly recommend: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CIXMWQM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_7MP679F5SGPNHTZG2PC8
  2. Whilst most do an excellent job, I have met many doctors I disagreed with over the years, I have had numerous professional arguments with them and there are some who are simply total pillocks. So unless that guy is able to back up what he is saying with evidence then it’s simply an opinion piece in my view. Regarding vaccinating children, to be honest I want to see more of a case laid out. If there is a proven link between children and infections in older and vulnerable adults then it might be a sensible way forward. But I don’t think we should rush into it until that case is definitively made.
  3. Could be a blessing?
  4. I don't know who he is but he claims to be a doctor. Odd then that he is so surprised that vaccine has been the response to a viral epidemic. Equally odd that he claims the vaccines are for one type of Covid-19 varient when there is clear evidence and data to say they have been effective against all varients to varying degrees thus far. That of course, may not always be the case and the possibility of needing booster shots has been discussed from the get go (along the same lines as the annual flu shots). I totally disagree with him that we will see physically enforced administration of Covid-19 vaccines. I wonder what his evidence for this claim is? There's pretty much no need - look how many have taken it voluntarily despite the best efforts of the anti-vax crew and their lies, memes and promises of a swift death. He has exaggerated the number of adverse reactions and number of deaths. I guess on YouTube though no one really holds you to account for anything you say. We know there are people submitting vast amounts of adverse reaction reports just to try and disrupt the roll out. Wylde put a meme up last week encouraging people to send in as many yellow slips as they can (that's the UK's adverse reporting system). So in summary, I would steer clear of YouTube and seek out more reliable and verifiable sources of information, such as: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html So that's my opinion as requested. If won't be long before you hear exactly the opposite from other members so I guess you pays your money and you takes your choice. My advice though is to seek out evidence rather than opinion.
  5. Plex / IPTV

    Cheers. Yeah, I know Plex can handle it - it's my Synology NAS that can't. I see there are few people selling Plex subs with 4k content on eBay and Reddit etc and was just wondering a. If anyone had experience of them, and b. If one Plex account can handle 2 servers (one mine and the other whatever these guys are selling).
  6. Plex / IPTV

    I remember someone on here not too long ago saying they got all their stuff through Plex and I really like the way it is organised and use it a lot already but for my own stuff. I have a NAS with all the shows and movies I've downloaded off torrent sites but that won't play 4k - 1080p is best that can handle. I'm keen to see how Plex works out connected to someone else's servers that can handle 4k.
  7. Plex / IPTV

    Thanks a lot. That's a good tip. I was using the site's own search function.
  8. You're the only one who has repeatedly claimed lockdown would NEVER end....
  9. Plex / IPTV

    All it found was your post telling me to search IPTV uk muscle! Lol.
  10. Nice that @wylde99 might be getting an extra 4 weeks before he is proved wrong though.
  11. Plex / IPTV

    Seems the forum search function is buggered. In one of the IPTV threads that crop up now and again, someone mentioned that rather than IPTV they get their content through Plex. If anyone has got a good Plex provider going would they mind posting it up or dropping me a line? Cheers.
  12. Oh dear. Just enough brain cells to use Facebook but not quite enough for Google.....
  13. The best physique of all time?

    To be honest others will know better than me. I just know they didn't exist before use of those things became widespread.
  14. The best physique of all time?

    That's possibly the common denominator for every bodybuilder in this thread. All steroid built. No GH or Insulin. Not a bloated gut in sight
  15. Worlds strongest man 2021

    Injured in a car accident (hip I believe). Which is why he didn't compete last year either. Re. 2021 WSM: Taking to Instagram, he explained that the reason he is not competing is because he is still dealing with lingering problems from this injury, and is currently undergoing stem cell treatment to repair things. However he did reveal that he has his sights set on competing at the he Arnolds Classic World Final and the Rogue Invitational in the fall.
  16. Worlds strongest man 2021

    Not till Christmas for us as usual. America get it in July and different countries around the world show it at different times. You can buy a pass to watch bits and pieces and backstage stuff on Facebook but not full events. WSM makes its money by selling the event as a TV package.
  17. Worlds strongest man 2021

    WSM kicks off next week. Groupings are out and a chance to take a look at how the final may shape up and who the casualties are likely to be. Group 1 Graham Hicks Maxime Boudreault Travis Ortmayer Brian Shaw Aivars Smaukstelis Group 2 Mark Felix Johnny Hansson Trey Mitchell Evan Singleton Tom Stoltman Group 3 JF Caron Robert Oberst Eythor Ingolfsson Melsted Luke Richardson Mikhail Shivlyako Group 4 Adam Bishop Terry Hollands Jerry Pritchett Konstantine Janashia Chris van der Linde Group 5 Gavin Bilton Kevin Faires Oleksii Novikov Luke Stoltman Bobby Thompson
  18. This is just random underlining! Did you think people wouldn't spot the NHS England bit?? Were you thinking that GP practices should vaccinate up to 60 million odd people with no access to recompense at all?? The task would financially ruin pretty much every GP practice in the country. And why are you underlining the bit about those who die or are on end of life care?? Those are being detailed as the only cases where a GP practice will be recompensed for having given just one dose. Which is just common sense if you think about it.
  19. Global Warming

    I do pretty much agree with the bits I have quoted. But rather than 'odd' I see deforestation on the scale it is being progressed as idiotic beyond words and making a bad situation a lot worse. There are some governments turning a blind eye to this because it makes money today and let the scientists worry about tomorrow. And some just inept when it comes to arresting the issue. But along with a number of other issues, deforestation is certainly doing the planet no favours at all.
  20. Global Warming

    Not following this at all. Are you saying that the blatant stupidity of deforestation is proof climate change isn't real? Or that the loss of 1.3m km of Co2 converting forest land has made no difference to the chemical make up of the atmosphere?
  21. Haha. Half way through the very first sentence and it’s more than obvious you couldn’t have written this in a month of Sunday’s.