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  1. There's a suicide thread not far away for those struggling with this one. (It's a bit more upbeat).
  2. Worlds strongest man 2021

    Based on form at Strength Island, I reckon it'll fall very similar: 1. Oleksii 2. JF 3. Tom
  3. Worlds strongest man 2021

    He was competing in Strongman Champions League year before last. Still competitive but unlikely to make much of a dent at WSM.
  4. Best joke you have ever heard

    My wife's got a really big fanny. Although to be fair, when it comes to cunnilingus I'm still a bit wet behind the ears.
  5. So the WHO put out some updated guidance to the world as a back-hander to us so we could shift a load of masks (even though we still had to buy a load in) and then criticised us about our approach to vaccine use because of politics?? This is nonsense my friend. I much prefer discussing bodybuilding with you.
  6. Ok, so explain why they've just heavily criticised us for buying up more vaccines for autumn boosters and told us we should be donating them to 3rd world countries instead?
  7. Best joke you have ever heard

    So it turns out kicking a pregnant woman's stomach is only cute if it's from the inside.
  8. Yeah, that can be the only reason the World Health Organisation issued its guidance so the UK could shift its spare masks.
  9. Best joke you have ever heard

    Decided to get me and the wife a pizza to share so I could surprise her with the old knob through the pizza box trick. “Ewww, that's disgusting - it’s all covered in cheese!” she screamed. Sadly she’d caught me before I got chance to put my knob through the pizza box.
  10. On the 6th June last year it was the WHO who declared there was new evidence to support the use of masks particularly in situations where social distancing may be compromised. This was particularly linked to the identification that the disease may be present in some people without any obvious signs (NB. They were asymptomatic). They added that they should be used within a range of measures. The UK was satisfied by the evidence and chose to implement the recommendation from 15th June.
  11. Anyone on here from warrington

    I’ve seen Gordon compete as a junior all the way through to the over 50’s. He was an exceptional poser. His missus (ex missus?) competed too and would always get the hall filled with wolf whistles. She was an incredibly sexy woman and won both Britain and Universe bikini titles. Wes had great size and shape. Never seemed to get really cut but it was a really powerful looking physique. I always liked Roy Duvall and saw him compete and guest pose many times. Sad to say it but he did look out of place at that Olympia. He was far too white for that stage and that lightning.
  12. Anyone on here from warrington

    Here he is on the front of Bodybuilding Monthly from February 1987....
  13. Anyone on here from warrington

    Wesley Imundi, Doug Thomola, Eddie McDonnagh. Graham Brogden. Considering it was just a regional show they all went on to do very well nationally and some internationally. Do you remember Gordon Pasquill’s wife Bridget? She was incredible.
  14. Don't know about that but I think he's been battling injuries for a couple of years. He's judging in this comp but he's so encouraging and throwing out lots of tips and prompts to the competitors. Nice to see even though I know it wouldn't be allowed at the elite level.
  15. Don't know if anyone took a look at these shows but they are really enjoyable to watch. One thing that really jumps out is just how bonkers, and how genuinely nice, Martins Licis seems to be. He's very entertaining.