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  1. They are not made up. It has been made clear they are a count of those who have died of the virus in hospital. That doesn’t make them sh*t. They are useful even if you concluded they are only indicative. An article about why community deaths are harder to count is here; Coronavirus: Why the UK death count is an inexact science https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52103808
  2. What are we watching?

    I just watched 1917 this afternoon and it’s absolutely brilliant. What those lads went through in WW1 for our country was incomprehensible to a generation overwhelmed by a request to just stay indoors.
  3. What are we watching?

    2nd season of Narcos Mexico came out not long ago. Can't wait to make a start on that.
  4. Sars 1 vs Sars 2 footprint/spread

    9m deaths by abortion?? Is that counting the embryos, feutuses or the pregnant women?
  5. Eddie Hall Surfing

    Yeah - looked great in a leotard didn't he?
  6. What are we watching?

    What are you watching on it?
  7. What are we watching?

    Totally agree on this - excellent throughout. I like to wait until I have the entire series before I start on it.
  8. What are we watching?

    I said out of the ordinary.
  9. Eddie Hall Surfing

    Are you referring to the unfortunately named Mr Universe, Olev Annus?
  10. What are we watching?

    So, many of us have got a bit more time on our hands just now and it’s a chance to get a bit of telly in. Anyone got any out of the ordinary recommendations? Freesports (channel 64 on Freeview) has been showing the 2019 Strongman Champions League World Series (a new one every Saturday repeated through the week) The UKTV streaming app has some Ultimate Strongman competitions from 2016 The All5 streaming app has both Giants Live and Strongman Champions League shows from previous years (lots of them). Amazon Prime has a few bodybuilding documentaries And my non-muscle recommendation is Jett on Sky boxsets - crime, violence, sex and great story to keep you hooked. It’s brilliant.
  11. The drive in

    Just get some really good music on. Training at home does take a bit of discipline but having a plan, setting targets and listening to some brilliant music whilst you do it means it can actually be enjoyable and worthwhile.
  12. Prince Charles out and recovered?!

    Just thank your lucky stars your not a resident or staff member in a care home in Spain, Italy or France. Coronavirus: The grim crisis in Europe's care homes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-52094491
  13. Radiation exposure similar to Corona symptoms

    Given most of those diagnosed are over 70 is it so surprising many are found to be infertile afterwards?
  14. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    Just texted my brother-in-law whose a postie too. He concurs - absolute bollocks about the 60% pay!