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  1. Fight over game of pool

    Ooh you bitch.
  2. Using POF

    In my day we had good old fashioned "chatting them up" down the boozer or in the clubs. Once you got 'em laughing you were laughing.
  3. Steak steak steak

    Had some beautiful Rib-eyes from ASDA last night - got them just perfect!
  4. Strange thing just happened

    Maybe we should enter you into the World Premature Ejaculation Championships and see where you come.
  5. Strange thing just happened

    To be honest it would be pretty difficult to get more premature than that....
  6. Best movie you ever seen!

    Forgot to mention Full Metal Jacket in my list earlier - absolutely love that film.
  7. Fight over game of pool

    Nice to see @BLUE(UK) and me quietly and confidently cracking on with our pints in the foreground.....
  8. And in what will no doubt be a great display of irony, I bet you a pound they will all be wearing masks. (And later asking mummy for some asprin for their imaginary headaches). PS. Don't know about for anyone else but at the bottom of this thread for me is an advert to buy masks online.
  9. Anyone know this clothing brand logo?

    Could you take a better quality photo of the logo then reverse image it on Google?
  10. Youtubers

    Could I have them too if I send you a dick pic? (Won't be mine but you'll never know for sure).
  11. Youtubers

    How are you watching stuff on Netflix for free?
  12. Whatsapp ..... WTF ?

    Your first action on the forum is to revive an 8 year old thread to say that?? Welcome Scott - you’ll fit in perfectly!
  13. Best movie you ever seen!

    Once Upon a Time in America Once Upon a Time in the West Man on Fire Godfather 2 Watchmen
  14. Best Joke ?

    I bet you’re a right laugh to go for a pint with.