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  1. Interesting website

    Chanced on https://fitnessonsteroids.com/ and found it really interesting. It’s a series of articles looking at sportsmen, celebrities, fitness stars etc and asking the question ‘did they take steroids?’ They break it down with photo evidence and critiques. I didn’t always agree with them but it was definitely an interesting read. Thought some of you might want to take a look too.
  2. Attenborough or Trump?

    Really can't believe this hasn't already happened. A real missed opportunity on the state visit to UK for our Muslim terrorists to have made themselves that little bit more/extremely popular.
  3. Attenborough or Trump?

    I don't think global warming necessarily equates to nice sunny days....
  4. In terms of climate and the environmental issues who's opinion do you trust most? Are we in a climate emergency or can we keep pumping as many gasses and pollutants into the atmosphere as we like and it'll all be fine? Do you think when our kids are all grown up and have their families it'll all be absolutely fine even if we do nothing? What's the muscle-heads take on all this?
  5. Anyone suffering from depression should cheer right up once they realise they are not in this car.... (You’re welcome!)
  6. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    Absolutely agree with this. 10 years ago these contests were taking place in car parks and sports halls. Incredible how the sport has come on in this country and definitely down to these guys!
  7. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    Yeah, I was only noting how odd they look - wasn’t saying they weren’t real. On the other hand, the amount of gear he took would probably put a set of abs on pretty much anyone!
  8. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    To be fair they are very strange and like those false ones fat fellas get as implants....
  9. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    You guys should get watching the Strongman Champions League World Series shows on Freesports (Sky and Freeview). They're showing a contest a week from last year's shows. Really good watch.
  10. Meat / chicken everyday

    That's the longest "I don't know" we've seen here in quite a while.
  11. Britain's Strongest Man 2020

    Thanks for heads up @Test-e. Been thinking of joining that site and watching some of the event streams. Will probably sign up this evening after watching that.
  12. NEW Women's Fitness Motivation Video

    My take home from watching the OP video is that even though I’m 58 and bald, I definitely need to grow a ponytail so I can lean forward then flick it back over the bar in slow mention when I am squatting. Giving myself a bit of semi just thinking how cool I will look.
  13. The biggest guy in the world

    What he’s really saying is I’m too fvcking lazy to walk from a normal parking space to the shop and my mummy told me that I’m such a special little boy that I should be able to park right next to the shop and even though I’m a midget I’ve come up with this being massive delusion as an excuse for it. Sorted.
  14. The biggest guy in the world

    er, nope.