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  1. Godparents what a Con

    Maybe have a "go bag" ready just in case they do snuff it so you can disappear at a moment's notice.
  2. Remember that horrible Izal toilet paper? It was all there was in the school toilets. Essentially a roll of greaseproof paper that just smeared the shite around rather than cleaned you up. Truly dreadful stuff.
  3. Godparents what a Con

    The beauty of being an ardent atheist is you can politely tell anyone who asks to fvck off and remind them that you don't believe in that shite. Saved me a Bob or two over the years.
  4. FREEDOM!!

    I remember as a kid my mother used to cut mine and she was fvcking terrible at it. Luckily, by the time I was about 14 I had a part time job and could afford to go to a barber. Maybe I'm even luckier these days as it started thinning a couple of years ago and I decided head shaving was the way forward.
  5. Let’s be honest.

    It took 60 years for Britain to pay off its World War 2 debts and while we were paying it, I think it's fair to say that each decade was still better than the last in terms of development, standard of living and wages. Most people didn't even realise we were paying off a phenomenal debt. Aside from the rights and wrongs of it, I am sure we will get through this.
  6. Let’s be honest.

    Well that's me crying myself to sleep again tonight.
  7. Reading & Leeds Festivals

    Interesting to read the organiser singing Boris’s praises for leading the world in getting the vaccine out.
  8. Or maybe he’s been volunteering as a marshal in a church hall hoping to pick up one of the spare ones at the end of the day? He didn’t like it though. He.........................loved it! What a cvnt he is. If Carlsberg made Covid-19 it would have had him.
  9. Actually Cowell won’t have been eligible as yet nor will many in government.
  10. Don’t know about Cowell but the Queen and Prince Phillip had it at the beginning of January. Get yourself booked in Vet! Covid-19: Queen and Prince Philip receive vaccinations https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55602007
  11. In what way were you (sorry, I mean in what way was he) treated badly?
  12. Will We Meet Targets

    Have a friend who works at the local hospital and he was telling me that things have eased up significantly over last 7-10 days. ICU particularly now has spare capacity (which is how they should run so they can respond to emergencies). Hopefully big inroads into vaccinating elderly and vulnerable is having an impact. If it is just seasonal variation then at least it's a bit of respite. Fingers crossed it's the former.
  13. Hamilton

    I liked David Mitchell's line.... "Why would I pay to watch traffic?"
  14. FREEDOM!!

    Exactly. Most people are already volunteering incredible amounts of personal information just through their mobile phones and through social media. If this were a scam it's a ridiculously expensive one for minimal gain.
  15. Need a new series to watch

    Best one I've seen in a long time is No Man's Land. About a guy who thinks he's seen his dead sister in a news report from ISIS occupied Syria and sets off to see if it actually is her. In French, English, Kurdish and whatever language those ISIS fellas talk. The version I downloaded had English subs for the non-English parts already hard coded. The story really pulls you in.