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  1. fair enough! edit - this was all i could think of after reading that!
  2. Thanks for the tips I'm backint off the TBOL to 25 in the next week or so I picked up some clomid for PCT, + multi vits, + herbal (ashwaganda, tong kat... if that's not just witchcraft) I've seen in-store 'pct' supp's... are these a cash grab or worth considering?
  3. Update, FWIW! How the F%^& do people manage to keep eating! coming to the end of 3weeks, 2kg up total, but I'm so F%^&%^& sick of all this food
  4. so... i have the stock for a 2nd cycle... so there goes "just one..." but i'm gonna creep down this slope slowly!
  5. vanilla Tbol, just basic I don't know the lab...which I know is dumb, but I figured I'd roll the dice and see that and lifting whilst watching Dolph and JCVD duke it out for inspiration!
  6. 3 days in @50 feeling pretty ok - sick of all this eating already, but gotta force it down haven't measured anything since pre, except for my heart rate/// day 1 and my head thought i had some arrhythmia going on... just paranoia!
  7. this is a test run (pun intended...) basically, i have m.s - weak legs, limited range and i'm not getting much support from the nhs in terms of physio, and who has time when you've gotta work/look after kids etc I'm a home gym-er, but that's slow progress when you've gotta balance all the work/life stuff, it's either workout or sleep, and they're both necessary for building so, my aim is about seeing progress in strength/endurance - looks aren't my concern here
  8. i thought that nolva was a pct option for tbol?... re labs... i've not purchased yet, but i can't see that on the bottle... I'll have to ask
  9. cheers for all the advice/pointing out the traps... decision made..oral tbol, couple of days @ 25 to see how i respond, then 50 for a couple of weeks, before reducing again to 25s...then nolva for a few weeks as pct the fam' is out of the country for a month so no childcare responsibilities, meaning work, home, train, eat, basically daily I'm thinking of digging out some Arnie classics to have on in the background while lifting!
  10. thanks for the prompt response guys! quite a bit to digest here but i'll go through it all.
  11. Hi all, and thanks for clicking. I have a question about whether there's a point in 'just doing a single cycle' (famous last words right?) Post cycle, will any gains made be lost? I've not cycled before but am at a point where I'm considering it - kije, balanced on the edge, reading everything and figuring out my next step. Cheers!
  12. thanks dor the info - i've just taken another look at the results sheet, i'm 212 out of a range of 198 to 600, so apologies for the initial inaccuracies... I'm definitely going to seek out the studies/data sources you've referenceed, they appear to be solid support for my case. cheers
  13. just for a chuckle... my levels came back as serum 12 and free 200... which is a whole 2 points above the l;ow marker GP is still telling me i'm depressed and that it's psychological Anyway, I've pushed this 'up the chain' to my neurologist (MS perks), so hopefully she'll be able to put some weight behind my plight!
  14. cheers - i had the blood tests, just waiting on results... and then will start to 'play the game'!