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  1. Competing ....

    Top tier powerlifting like Eddie? He isn't and never was a powerlifter
  2. Good strongman gym in midlands?

    Strength Asylum has loads of logs including a 100kg Slater log and has 2 full sets of stones
  3. hip thrusters

    Waste of time and half the people I see doing them can't even do them right anyway
  4. Road to 5 plates

    Probably beneficial for strength? It either is or isn't. Concluding a study with conjecture ffs. Probably bollocks
  5. Deadlift PB

    Was it your coach who taught you that little figure 8 fingertip deadlift trick as he does the same
  6. Hit a 4 plate bench, 5 plate squat and 6 plate deadlift and then we're talking
  7. Lastnight Struggle... 6am

    Smoking crack and pretending to be an IT expert are probably 2 passtimes best enjoyed separately
  8. Ouch

    In the other video the guy folds under 550lbs. Everyone will have a breaking point but noone knows what that will be until you get flattened
  9. juiced celebs

    Just looks like he went from eating 2 meals a day to actually eating. Also who the f**k is he?
  10. Powerlifting comps

    WSM is tested correct. But they are tested for recreational drugs and screened for health issues, not tested for steroids. Hence Pudz being DQ'd when it turned out he was coked up in 04. What that has to do with cheating in powerlifting I don't know? It certainly doesn't make it right.
  11. So guy is 80kg, a PT, on gear and just managing to pull 200kg. Well f**k me that's embarrassing
  12. People questioning if you're on the juice...

    There's a few folk on here who'll be telling anyone who listens they use gear just to try and get folk to believe them
  13. Why would someone who'd cheated on their mrs out someone else who cheated on their mrs...