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  1. Banded leg extension 4x25 each leg Squat [email protected] Face pull 1x17 and 4x16 Strict press 1 x12 and 2 x 10 @ 37.5kg Heel raised goblet squat 3 x12 @ 25kg Incline db press [email protected] x2 Side raise 3 x [email protected] 5kg each side Shoulder db press [email protected] Row/ straight leg deads/shrug 3x15 of each, more of a grip exercise than anything else. Just a mess around to see what exercises i'm going to train next week.
  2. Straight leg deadlift 3x12 @60kg Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Meadows row 4x12 and [email protected] 22.5kg each side Banded leg extension 4x20 each side Side raise 3x10 @7.5kg each side Rushed workout as my oldest son was working himself at bed time.
  3. Backs feeling half decent, so going to start logging my training again, basically my plan is just to enjoy myself, so no goal at the moment. Banded leg extentions 4x25 each side Squat 5x10 @ 40kg Strict press 2x12 & 1x11 @ 30kg Face pull 5x 16 Pull up 5x5 @ +3.5kg Belt squat 60kg x 50 reps big leg pump Tricep press 4x15 @ 7.5kgx2
  4. Put back out at work yesterday, can hardly walk so no training for a while again.
  5. Push and pull session Tri set 1 Bench press with 3 second negative [email protected], [email protected] 85kg pb, [email protected] [email protected] = pb but 10kg lighter in bodyweight Incline DB press with 3 second negative 3x8 and 1x6 @22.5kg Flys with 3 second hold 2x8 and 2 x6 @ 15kg Triset 2 DB row with chest support with 3 second negative 2x8 and 2x6 @ 22.5kg Pull up with 3 second negative [email protected]+5kg [email protected]+10kg 2×[email protected]+15kg Reverse fly with 3 second hold 2x8and 2 x6 @ 5kg Weight down to 85kg, going to do a water cut to see how i feel and how it effects me, if all goes well i may compete in some u80kg comps next year.
  6. Cheers, i've just been eating my normal diet, he gets me to use my fitness pal, protein and fat has stayed consistant throughout dropping weight and he adjust's carbs each week on results and how i'm feeling. For loosing the weight hes got me doing lots of tri-sets keeping the same exercises in (normally 2 compound lifts and an isolation lift for the same muscle group) but dropping reps every couple of weeks so weight on the bar keeps going up. Also has a lot of re-hab stuff in for my back at the moment like hollow holds and diffrent types of planks and stuff. For gaining strength he had my doing loads of eccentric training, i'd deffo recommend him for anyine looking for online training.
  7. Going to restart my journal. Been having a bit back trouble resently but pain has just about gone now, been focused on getting into shape these last 7 weeks, couple more weeks and will be focused on getting stronger again. I've been using Dean Maden from strong lean fit for online coaching, which has made a big diffrence in my training. Progress so far in weight loss
  8. Been ill all week and still don't feel great today so binned planned session. Squat 1 @ 130kg beltless pb Belt on 2 @ 140kg, lost balance on first rep so did a second. 1 @ 150kg Fail @ 160kg fell forward on way back up, didn't feel too heavy but didn't what to fight it. Strict log 1 @ 67.5 3 × 1 @ 72.3 3 @ 77.5kg pb
  9. Squat 6 x 5 @ 105kg Strict log 6 x 5 @ 65kg these were hard. Good morning 3 x 13 @ 60kg Banded leg extension 3 x 20 each side, love these they seem to have sorted my knee right out. Face pull 3 x 24 Pull apart 3 x 24
  10. Banded leg extension 3 x 20 each side Squat 5 x 2 @ 105kg Front squat 3 @ 107.5kg Strict log 5 x 2 @ 65kg Row 3 x 8 @ 95kg Every thing felt heavier than it should have today.
  11. Banded leg extension 3 x 20 each side, right knee has been sore recently and these really helped, going to do them at the start of every session. 2" deficit deadlift 2 x 5 @ 150kg Fat grip chin up 1 set of 7, 2 sets of 8 Hammer curl 3 x 10 @ 30kg Side raise 3 x 11 @ 7.5kg x 2 Roll out 3 x 7
  12. Squat 5 x 5 @ 105kg Front rack 3 x 20 sec hold @ 60kg Push press 5 x 3 @ 60kg Incline log 3 x 5 @ 67.5kg Fat grip chin up 12 grip slipped then 5 straight after
  13. Squat 5 x 2 @ 105kg Strict log 5 x 5 @ 65kg Skipped assistance work as i was fairly ill last night and still felt like crap.
  14. My right knee and left hip are feeling a bit beat up at the moment, putting it down to working on uneven ground this week! Missed last workout so trying to get two done this weekend. Squat 5 x 4 @ 105kg Front squat 2 x 3 @ 60kg unplanned deload on these Strict log 5 x 2 @ 65kg Row 3 x 8 @ 90kg
  15. Cheers mate, glad to see your back logging again.